Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rainy Day

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again,a little wet and damp but enjoying every moment!

We were up good and early this morning, about three thirty to be exact. Holly heard a burglar outside the window and decided to woof him away, I joined in and by the time Old Two Legs woke up the burglar had run off, so we told OTL to go back to sleep again 'cos we were 'On Duty' and he was safe!

The Missus didn't see it that way and went into 'Grumbly Mode' and showed off!

There's no pleasing some people!

We went with OTL in his car to take the small car in for a service and MOT, then as we were so near, off to the New Park where we ran and chased the ball all the way around the swimming hole.

I went for a paddle and Holly just got her paws wet, (she's not really into this swimming lark)!

Off we went with TM to do some shopping and Holly, OTL and me stayed in the car waiting for TM.

OTL switched on the heated seat for me so I can get dry 'cos he forgot the towel to dry me down.

We got home just in time for lunch and horror upon horror, OTL left us with TM while he went off to do some work!

When he came back after a couple of hours, we ran down stairs and welcomed him home, he got down on his knees and I jumped onto his shoulders and licked his ears, Holly stayed on the floor and licked his glasses off and cuddled him under his chin. (He likes that!)

Then off we all went again to pick up the small car! TM went home while OTL took Holly and me back to the New Park again, for more ball chasing, or Mullering as OTL calls it!

On the way there we could see a very big black cloud and it had loads of rain falling from it, OTL says it was going away from us but when we got to the park we could see it was in fact coming towards us!

Storm's heading this way!
So, it was a quick run and chase and run and chase the ball, a wee and then another ball chase until we got to the Swimming Hole where OTL tossed the ball in for me to swim out and get it, trouble was, it sank!

I could see it on the floor but my legs were not long enough to get to it and I didn't fancy diving that far down, so we left it to the fishes to play with.

I can see it but it's too far down!
There was another dog called Oscar who was chasing me and he was just getting on my nerves, woofing and sticking is nose up my tail without being invited, so I woofed at him and when that didn't work, I growled and snapped at him.

I'm warning you, Keep Away!
His owner soon got the message and he was put on his lead, that will teach him to be more polite next time!

We headed back to the car and got back just in time, as we got in after OTL had given us a rub down with the towel, the rain just poured down, I mean, it even washed the dried seagull poo off the bonnet of the car!

On the way home OTL switched on the heated seat again and put the towel on the seat and I had a lay down on the towel. It was great all warm and cuddly. It soon dried me off and I was just right by the time we got home.

Chicken tonight, plus a bit of doggy food and later we mugged OTL for some short bread.

By the way, nearly forgot, Holly and me also got a carrot each!

Serious fun!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly