Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sun Shine Day

Hello Woofers!

It's us again with some sun shine!

What a wonderful day today, sun shine and a little cloud. Holly and me have been in the garden catching up with our tan. Then we go and find out what Old Two Legs is doing up in the office.

The Tesco man delivered a big tin pot for The Missus, she says it's a 'Cast Iron Casserole Dish' and it's for cooking super Casseroles. OTL says it's made of cast iron just to make sure she doesn't destroy it when she cooks with it. OTL reckons that TM is the only one he knows that manages to get the cooking pots to glow cherry red when she's cooking!

We think he's living on borrowed time!

We went for a walk down by the Sea Wall and we saw some fishermen getting set up. Holly reckons that they would have some sandwiches we could mug, so, bold as brass, up she goes and woofs at them!

Oi! Gotanysandwiches?
It was so embarrassing, all they did was laugh!

So, she went up to the next fisherman on the beach and asked the same question!

He just laughed as well!

Holly was not a happy puppy. We had a game with the ball OTL had brought with him and we played chase up and down the wall. 

We walked along the beach and I decided to go for a paddle, I left the ball on the beach and pretended to swim, Holly blew Raspberries and called me a cheat for not taking my feet up of the bottom!

It was then that I had a brilliant idea, I would try some surfing, but I didn't have a surf board. I had a good serious think and decided that I would surf in on my Tummy!

Surf Babe!
Holly had a good laugh and said I looked like a drown pussy cat and nothing like a Surfing Doggy!

You wait, I'll get better and show her when we go to Scotland for our holidays!

As we went along the beach, we came across a man having a look at the empty sea shells trying to work out the best bait to use for fishing, Holly and me crept up behind him and went BOO!

He just turned around and said 'Woof' to us, which had us all laughing!

We decided he was a 'Nice Man'

Holly was saying she felt hot and a little tired and as OTL and me played 'chase the ball' Holly was slowly walking up the path like a Princess, well, that was her description!

Holly strolling up the path, all lady like!
Tomorrow we're off to see The Boys, so it's an early night for us.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly