Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oh No! Not the Vets Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had an early night last night 'cos Old Two Legs was tired and we also had to get up early this morning to get everything done before Mr Brambles appointment with the vet.

At six, OTL was in the office and had removed the food bowl so Mr Brambles couldn't have any food before his operation. That didn't please Mr Brambles 'cos he likes to have his breakfast while watching OTL thrash around the office getting nowhere fast on that soppy rowing machine!

It was good and sunny this morning so we all went to the beach and had some fun digging and playing chase. Once again, Snowflake managed not to wee over OTL's arm as he carried her early on in the walk. Mr Brambles on the other paw just wanted to go the opposite way to where us and OTL were going, typical ferret!

By the time we got to the beach Snowflake was awake and off to dig a hole or two, Mr Brambles was investigating every lump of sea weed he could find. I think he was looking for food 'cos he hadn't had his breakfast this morning!

Any food here?
Holly said it was a good job there were no Wormy Men or Fishermen around or Mr Brambles would have mugged them for their sandwiches!

Seen any Wormy Men around?
We got back to the car without one rabbit showing its tail and soon we were off to the vets. We were a little early so we sat in the car looking at the Bozo's in the kennels next door. They were woofing to be let out and running up and down their pens. In a way I feel sorry for them, left in the kennels while their owners go on holiday. That's where we are lucky 'cos OTL and The Missus always take us away with them and I know that OTL is trying to work out how he can take the ferrets away on holiday as well!

Back home we had another super Chicken meal that just slipped down with little chewing and it was so moist and tasty!

That OTL sure cooks a mean meal!

It was getting towards one when we couldn't stand the waiting any longer and OTL telephoned the vet to find out how Mr Brambles was doing. He was told that Mr Brambles had come out of anaesthetic and was awake but a bit dopey! Holly said that was his normal state!

It was decided to leave him resting until three before collecting him. We all reckon he will be starving when he gets back so OTL has put his food bowl next to the bed so he doesn't have to exert himself too much!

After getting the good news we went out for our midday walk along the Sea Wall. The sun was shining and there was a bit of a breeze blowing but we didn't mind 'cos we were happy that Mr Brambles was OK!

Sunshine Today!
 Holly and I were playing 'Chase' and the idea is to hide and then jump out and shout 'Boo'!

I hid at the top of the steps behind OTL who was walking up the steps.

Getting ready to BOO!
OTL was interested in a Curlew that was doing a good impression of a Wormy Bird!

A Wormy Curlew!
 Around the corner what did we see? Digging for all they were worth, yes! Wormy Men!

Holly called out to see if they had any sandwiches but they both ignored her, that only got her excited and she jumped up and down woofing and calling them 'Wormy Bozo's'!

A Pair of Bozo Wormy Men in front of the Whirly Gigs!
Back home we had a little time to kill before picking up Mr Brambles and Holly and I fell asleep and you know what? OTL sneaked out to pick up Mr Brambles on his own!

Well, we were impressed with the scar he will have, it's enormous! Mind you, he wasn't in a very good mood when he got back. For a start, he has to be kept separate from Snowflake 'cos she might lick his scar and infect it. OTL put them both together to begin with, just so they can say 'Hello' and she gave him a lick on the ear and snuggled up to him but he was not in a good mood, so OTL blocked up the door in the cage and he is upstairs and she is down stairs!

He has had a bit of a rampage around but OTL stayed with him, OTL says it is possibly the anaesthetic upsetting him but OTL started giving a little Ferretone to stop him running around and then after a while put him back in the upstairs part where he snuggled down into the ferret bed and crashed out!

OTL had got a freshly washed bed out so that there would be no nasty stuff to infect the wound.

Snowflake then did the same downstairs and at the moment, peace has been restored 'cos we have two sleeping ferrets!

OTL has got some medicine for him to take but we are not sure how we are going to get it down him, it's OK for the nurse to say 'once a day and this is how you use a syringe to get it out', getting it out is not the problem, getting it into him is!

Still, OTL does have a way with us and if there is a way, he will find it!

So, both ferrets are snoozing, so OTL is going to creep out of the office and make some dinner for himself and we may just mug him for a bit. (Gammon Steak, again)!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Sore but OK!)