Friday, 4 May 2012

Do Parakeets Taste Like Chicken?

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It was good to see Mr Goodes is feeling better, but we still don't know if he looks like a Panda!

Hey! Guess what? Yep! No rain today!

No Sun either but at least we kept dry, not counting the puddles we walked in!

Holly found a Whelk Shell and asked Old Two Legs if he could make it fit her 'cos she fancied being a Hermit Crab for a day!

Holly The Hermit!
I said that she would look daft and anyway she was too big to fit in properly and on top of that, she didn't have the legs for it!

Holly called me a Spoil Sport and No Fun and a Rat Bag as well.

That was when the fight started!

OTL got all upset and shouted at us both to 'Act our age!' then he threatened to take us home if we were naughty again!

So, we behaved ourselves, for two minutes!

We went on a bit further and came to where a Fisherman was setting up his fishing tackle, Holly went up and woofed a 'Hello' and 'Caught anything Mister?'

All he did was to shout 'Clear Off!'

Old Misery Guts!
OTL told him that she was just saying 'Hello' but the Fisherman turned away and ignored us. OTL said we should not expect everyone to think we are friendly if we bark our 'Hello' 'cos people don't always understand Doggy!

OTL also said that he was a Misery Guts as well!

So Holly had a wee on the steps where he was, that will teach him!

We saw the Kestrel again looking for mice and voles and this time we could hear him calling!

Here! Volly, Volly!
OTL says that one day he will come down with his big lens and spend all day on the Sea Wall photographing the birds!

Boring or Wot!

After lunch we went out with OTL and visited The Forest again!

Off we went sniffin the sniffs and hunting squirrels, OTL was doing his normal thing, walking along looking at the trees for the Jay so he can take a picture of it.

Then suddenly he spotted a couple of birds high in the tree but they were not Jay's.

Well it's not a Jay!
 OTL said that they were Rose Ringed Parakeets and that this was the first time he had seen them in the woods.

OTL said they were looking for a house so they can build a nest and raise a family, then sure enough, one of the birds was inspecting a hole in the tree trunk to see if it was big enough for them and the eggs!

This is not big enough! I said I want Five Bedrooms!
Holly was sitting beside OTL and we knew just what she was thinking.

She was licking her lips and saying Mmmmmm?

We watched them for a little while until they flew away.

We also saw some Nuthatch and a big Mistle Thrush who was sitting on top of a tree singing!

I spotted several squirrels but the were not interested in playing 'Chase' with us 'cos we play too rough!

Squirrel Spotting!
It made a change to get back into the car with muddy paws instead of being wet all over. Mind you, OTL still didn't like us climbing onto his lap for a cuddle, I mean, what is a little muddy paw now and again!

Back home to a chew and a snooze before dinner.

I think OTL plans to go out over the weekend, if it doesn't rain, to visit Canterbury Marshes.

Now that would be fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Plus Muddy Paws!)