Friday, 2 May 2014

We sort out a Husky and OTL sees another Ethereal Thingy!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We had some fun this morning with both of the Two Legs!

First of all I got Holly to do her 'I Wanna Get Up on The Bed' woof at about two thirty. Then after Old Two Legs had got back to sleep again, I jumped up and crept up the bed and gave OTL's ear a good lick!

That was about three thirty!

Then, at about four fifteen, I got the feeling that I really needed to go out for a wee, so I stood downstairs and did my 'I Wanna Wee' whine that always gets The Missus to elbow OTL to tell him to get up and 'Sort Daisy Out'!

This morning, OTL was right across the other side of the bed, so her elbow couldn't reach and TM had to do the 'Sorting Out' herself!

Of course, by the time they had to get up, Holly and I had taken over the bed and were stretched right across in the best positions!

Great fun!

Down on the beach it was a bit windy and certainly not the weather for riding on OTL's arm, according to the ferrets!

They both stayed in the ferret bag and just stuck their heads out, asking every so often, 'Are We There Yet?'

.......Are we......?
 Down on the beach OTL got all excited again about this Ethereal Thingy Wossit and to be honest, we couldn't work out what the silly old duffer was talking about!

Another Ethereal Thingy
 I was more worried about the wind that was blowing in off the North Sea. It certainly was a bit chilly and my hair was being blown flat onto my nose as well!

Now this is just Too Windy!
We were all heading back to the car when Holly and I spotted a big Husky and his mate the Doberman heading up behind us, off the lead and looking to see what we were up to!

What was worse was the Two Legs wasn't anywhere to be seen!

Holly and I took up our Defensive Positions in front of OTL while he gathered up the ferrets into his arms.

The Husky was the first to arrive and totally ignored our woofing and instead had a sniff of our tails!

Then he wandered over to OTL who did the 'I'm a Big Two Legs and You Will Obey!'

As the Husky stood in front of OTL looking at the ferrets, OTL held up his paw in front of the Husky and woofed in his best voice..........'NO!'

Then he kept his paw there sort of blocking the Husky's face!

It's the same thing he does when he wants us to 'Stay'

Well, it worked until their owner came up and put them both on leads, and it was then that Holly and I did our 'Now Woof Off You Bozo's!' woof, from the safety of six paces behind OTL!

You don't mess with us and OTL!

Lunchtime was a little damp and a bit windy! When we got down to the beach there was an 'On Shore Wind' (Technical Stuff!)

The wind was blowing the waves right up into the air!

Large and Splashy!
OTL said that there was no way I was going to be allowed in for a swim.

Whoa! That looks Wet!
Does he think I'm stupid or summat?

Swimming? In That!
Over the holiday weekend we will have a neighbours woofer to take out on our walks, so that means the ferrets will have to go on a walk on their own!

The woofer is a spaniel type called Daisy!

Now, you know what sort of confusion there is going to be with two Daisy's!

Auntie Sheila will be doing the feeding bit and we will be doing the exercise bit!

By The Way, the ferrets are getting a petition together to protest about being left behind just so a woofer can be walked!

Summat about being 'Not Fair To Ferrets!'

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.