Sunday, 9 November 2014

And Back Came The Rain, Then It Went Away Again and I Went Swimming!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have returned again!

We had another peaceful night, Holly's tummy seems to have settled down, although Old Two Legs still has to inspect every poo us woofers do!

And I include the ferrets as woofers as well!

Poor OTL, I know he has to have a hobby but Poo Inspection?

Any way, off we went this morning, in the dry, to the car. Drive off down the road and the rain started. When we got to the Sea Wall, it was still raining and OTL hadn't brought our raincoats!

Out we got and ran down the path expecting short, productive, run before heading back to the car.

Just as we got to the rabbit field, it stopped raining!

In fact it didn't rain again until we got to the car again!

We have got some strange weather!

Down on the beach Holly and I started digging a hole but gave up after the ferrets came over and said it was orientated wrongly!

What do they know about holes?

Then Snowflake decided that 'In The Bag' was better than 'Walking on the sand' and in she went!

She stuck her head out when we got off the beach and OTL put her back on the ground so she can have a wash in the wet grass.

That was OK until she was clean and fresh, then she got OTL to pick her up again 'cos she wanted a cuddle, to get dry!

Sneaky Ferret or Wot?

Back home it was Doggy Scoff on the menu, Holly and I had a taste but decided that we would try some mugging first!

I got into the office just as OTL was giving the ferrets their 'Treat', Malt Paste Nibbles which are rather tasty and very crunchy! They help stop the ferrets from getting hair balls and other stuff.

I love them!

So, I mugged three from OTL while the ferrets were chomping away on their treats!

OTL finished cleaning out the poo pots (after inspection) and declared that 'Every Thing was Normal'!

Lunchtime came and the sun was out, so off to the Sea Wall again. Like yesterday, the tide was in and right at the top of the tide as well!

It was sunny, it was warmish, there were no big waves, I felt brave!

I went in swimming!

Well, there were some Two Leg Bozo's on the beach throwing stone in the water.

Sunday Bozo's
And I did ask OTL if I could go in!

Come On,Throw The Woofin' Stick!
Then I was in!

OK, it wasn't all warm but then again it wasn't freezing. OTL found a stick and I had a few splashes before it was decided I'd had enough and we should carry on the walk!

A bit further up the Sea Wall we met up with Charley who said that there was no way she would go in swimming and Holly said that I was just too daft! 

You won't catch me in there!
I didn't care, it was fun!

Back at the car I got a good rub down with our towel that OTL keeps in the car, for wet days and swimming days!

Then we were off to the town to get a couple of cartons of Lactose Free Milk for the ferrets. They had drunk the last of their milk this morning and if they don't get their morning milk they show off all day!

There's just no living with them!

We are off now to watch the F1 Racing, stretched out on the sofa with a nibble or two and woofing at the screen!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.