Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A New Kettle for The Missus!

Hello Woofers!

Yes, here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty the Mad!

It's been another one of those days that Old Two Legs gets caught out, again!

Today started off OK, we were up good and early but today OTL decided to leave Eric at home and take out both Miss Wendy and Monty, in the travelling cage, together!

Well, we were expecting screaming and howling and blood up the walls but surprise, surprise, not a sound!

Does OTL know something we don't?

Well, OTL reckoned that two and a bit weeks together in a much smaller 'Holiday Cage' may have taught Wendy and Monty to get on with each other!

It seems to have worked, we have had the odd squeak from Wendy but there didn't seem to be any real force behind the squeak, if you know what I mean.

Once down on the football field they were even walking together!

Careful! I'm getting twitchy!
 As the pair were walking together Holly and I decided to teach them some of our 'Walking Secrets'.

Now. Holly went on an advanced tracking course a while ago and learnt some of the 'Indian Sand Warriors' methods of hiding their paw prints in the sand. You see, instead of walking side by side, having a chat, the Sand Warriors walk in line and that way anyone tracking them wouldn't know how many they were 'cos all the tracks would be mixed up!

Clever Woofer is our Holly!
Come on, keep in line and keep up!
Monty thought it was a great lesson in tracking but little Wendy was more interested in sniffs and having a wee on the paw prints!

Around eleven, Miss May and OTL headed off to the vets to have Mays sore eye looked at again. She still keeps the yey closed most of the time but since having the drops in her eye she seems a little better but not cured.

OTL and the vet discussed the options on offer from keeping on with the drops, or maybe a Jel to wipe over her eye and finally removal of the eye!

OTL decided to keep on with the drops and see what it was like when the drops run out.

Back comes May and OTL, may gets another drop in the eye and heads off to bed.

By now, it's time for our second walk of the day and just to stop him rattling on the cage, we took Eric along with us!

That gives May time to get some sleep in before he comes back!

We were down on the grass path sniffing the sniffs when the wind changed a little and we got the full force of the Southend Sniffs, you know, Fish & Chips, Kebab & Chips, Sausage in Batter & Chips, Whelks & Chips, Winkles & Chips and Crab Meat & Chips!

Eric and I had great fun identifying each sniff as it rolled off the sea and across the grass!

Oh! Get that one! Rock Salmon & Chips!
Seeing how I have a very sensitive nose, I was soon far ahead of Eric who got fed up and marched off pretending to be a Sand Warrior!

Try guessing how many of me there are!
Well, that was all OK and we arrived home to find The Missus getting her High Heeled Wellies on ready to go out shopping. It seems she has decided that it was time we had a new kettle and a new electric toaster!

I mean, as OTL says, there is nothing wrong with the ones we have but TM just wanted the electric stuff to 'Match'!

Holly and I decided to stay at home 'cos doggies are not allowed into the shop and it was just too hot to stay in the car!

OTL came back, crying 'cos TM waltzed around the shop pointing to kettles and toasters then marched off to the checkout.

She had OTL's arm half way up his back while at the same time she was fishing his wallet out from his very deep pocket!

We do hate it when OTL comes home crying!

Delivery will be three to five days so we will have to use the old ones until them.


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty.