Friday, 20 March 2020

Look! No Limp!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret again!

Good news! No limping from Holly today, just a bit of a wobble on the butt as she goes from sniff to sniff!

This morning it was a cold wind that blew us around the sea wall. You know, we didn't meet any of the gang, I suppose they had got out early, or were still in bed!

Young Eric has been in trouble again, he has been pinching the smoothies again. Old Two Legs spotted a smoothie when he was looking for Miss Wendy. She had been for a run around and ended up asleep in the 'Pinny Box' after chasing Eric all over the place.

Mind you, Eric crept into a warm spot behind all the boxes and wouldn't come out until OTL got Squeaky Chicken out and tempted Eric out!

Lunchtime looked like being fun, the sky was blue with just a little cloud, OTL picked up the camera, hoping to get some shots on our way around the walk but on the way to the sea front the rain started falling and the wind got stronger so the camera was left in the car and after tucking his head into his big coat, we all went for a walk in the howling wind and rain!

Not the best walk we've had this year!

This afternoon has been spent woofing at anyone who walks past the house, not very many of those. Seems like the village has gone to sleep and won't wake up until Summer!

OTL clipped Miss Wendy's claws and said that Holly and I will get our claws trimmed tomorrow!

You know, I had almost forgotten about the promised bath and hair cut!

Miss Wendy was asleep when the trimming started but soon woke up and demanded she gets a slurp of Ferretone before allowing OTL anywhere near her claws! 🙀

Now, what shall I demand when OTL approaches me with those nasty nail clippers?

See you all tomorrow!