Monday, 28 February 2011

Soggy Sunday

Hello to you all,

D&H back again!

We've had some fun today, we got Old Two Legs up good and early this morning, in fact it was still dark, so it must have been early!

We just felt like a midnight woof and there was something making a noise, mind you, it could have been the central heating starting up again!

OTL took us for a good walk across the fields this morning and we were jumping in all the puddles, up to our knees, it was fun even if it was wet.

We said hello to the horses and they said hello to us. On the way out a woman ran up the path past us and was puffing and blowing like she had something wrong with her, OTL said she was getting exercise, jogging along the path. We thought she was not going to last until the next turning on the path.

We have runs and chase each other all over the place but I'm sure we don't sound like that!

The Missus and OTL took us over the New Park this afternoon. There were loads of other dogs there, we saw big dogs and little dogs and some a bit bigger than little dogs but not as large as big dogs! We woofed and chased a few and got chased by some of the big dogs.

Holly wanted to go swimming in the lake but TM said that if she did she would have to walk home 'cos she was not having a wet dog in the car!

Sometimes TM can be no fun at all.

We had lamb mince again for dinner, it was great, you know I could really get into this uncooked meat stuff, but the rice gets a little boring, especially when it gets cold!

Wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow?

See you soon,


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Weekend is here!

Hello all you D&H fans!

Here we are again, and, it's Saturday!

It must be the weekend 'cos it's raining!

We woke this morning to The Missus crashing and banging her card making stuff around. So that means she's off to a card making day with her mates.

We had our little 'after get up snooze' with Old Two Legs while he tried to get a Saturday morning snoozett in bed. We sort of crashed out resting against him but could not really get back to sleep, TM was making SO MUCH NOISE!

How can paper and card make so much noise!

We had some fun in the morning, after TM had gone, we chased around the house after breakfast and Holly and me were given half a carrot each. We both had a chew then Holly started grumbling that I was going to pinch her carrot!

Not that I was going to, but you just can't tell her!

So, I hid mine under the blanket in my day bed and went off to see what OTL was doing.


He was trying to catch up on his magazines and books that he claims we don't give him time to read. So, I jumped up on his lap and then climbed up onto the back of his chair and gave him a cuddle and a lick on the ear.

He just loves that!

We couldn't go out for an Adventure because of the rain, so we had a game with OTL called, Hunt The Rawhide Chew.

We would let him see us with the chew, up stairs in his office, then we would both run out as though we were playing chase, run down stairs and make our 'Awful Barking and Growling Noise' as though someone was at the door. Down would come OTL, see us sitting all quiet and peaceful looking out the front window, but without the chew.

OTL would say, 'Where's the chew?' we said nothing, he would then start looking for it, we said nothing, he starts to look behind the sofa, we sneak up stairs with the chew that Holly had been laying on all the time.

OTL, he's still down stairs  looking for the chew 'cos he knows TM will give him stick 'cos he shouldn't allow us down stairs with the chew.

We are up the top of the stairs, looking through the gap at OTL, he's getting desperate now, 'Where's the Chew?' he calls out.

We give it a shove and drop it through the stairs!

And then run like mad!

He is so easy to trick!!!!

See you tomorrow,



Saturday, 26 February 2011

Friday & Carrots & Holly & Line Dancing & Pylons!

Hello there!

Daisy & Holly here again.

I must tell you about Holly and her carrot. We have been given a whole carrot each over the last few days and while they are OK, one a day is a bit much for me.

You can have too much of a good thing. Well, everyone except Holly. She just loves crunching up a big juicy carrot. She will carry it around the house with her, lay down and have a little chew, fall asleep cuddling it, wake up, have another crunch and take it onto the next snoozing place.

That's OK by me, what ever floats your boat!

Just lately, she has taken to believing that I'm going to take her precious carrot away from her and eat it myself. She keeps doing the 'Low Down Growl' every time I am near to her and sometimes even when I am not!

She's getting too possessive with her carrot!

Old Two Legs took us out on an Adventure today over to The Lakes, we had great fun chasing the Moor Hens across the paths. We said hello to a load of other dogs, all out for their afternoon walk.

There was a very nice King Charles Cocker Spaniel called Tuppence, as opposed to Two Pence!

Hello me Old Cocker!
OTL took us on a long path alongside the river, me and Holly ran ahead sniffing out all the good sniffs.

There was a time when OTL was playing about with his camera, taking pictures of a Pylon, yes, we think it strange as well.

Anyway, as we waited for him to catch us up, Holly and I decided to practice our Line Dancing and we were going great guns, doing the Side Stepping Front Paw Kick.

We did not see OTL creep up on us and it was only when the camera shutter went that we realised he was there!

Line Dancing!
So, just to get our own back, here is his Pylon!

There you go, which is the daft picture now?

See you tomorow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Sun has come back!

Hi All!

We've been good guard dogs, last night, well, about three in the morning, we both heard a noise out side the house. So, being Super Guard Dogs, we flew downstairs, barking and howling and woofing and snarling and making a BIG noise!

The Missus was proud of us and came down stairs after us, barking and howling and woofing and snarling and making a BIG noise. We thought that she could scare off any burglars on her own and didn't really need us!

Holly mentioned that TM seemed to be barking at us, but I'm not sure. Anyway, we had scared off whoever it was outside and went back to bed, all very proud of ourselves!

We woke up a little late but Holly said, just look at the day light out there, all covered in sun shine and fluffy clouds!

We just love it when the sun comes out, it makes everyone feel better!

Over the fields there were loads of new sniffs to be investigated and Holly reckons she caught the sniff of that big old dog fox we saw a while ago.

As the sun was shining, Old Two Legs took us for a long walk around the Flood Defence Sea Wall. We had another run on the sandy beach and he took some movie pictures with his camera. Trouble is, he has lost the computer lead to download the video!

What a Plonker!

The rest of the day was spent drying off and filling the house with the sweet smell of Thames Estuary Mud. TM says we need a good bath, I reckon another run on the beach will do it!

See you tomorrow!



Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mid Week Fun

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again, wet and bedraggled!

I thought that Spring had arrived, but the sun has stayed in bed and the rain has just been pouring down all day.

We don't mind the rain, as long as we are in doors dry and warm and looking at the rain through the window.

It is a different thing if you have got to go out in it, just for a wee!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, across the fields as normal. On the way there I decided I really didn't fancy a walk in the rain, so, I hung back and put on my 'please, let's go back' look. Holly said I was a wimp, OTL said I was silly, and I said I wanted to go home!

No such luck, I got dragged up to the fields, marched across loads of cold wet puddles and abandoned by both of my favourite people. I was not a happy puppy!

I mean, I'd had a wee in the garden and left a little pile for The Missus to find on the kitchen floor this morning. Why did I need to go across a wet cold field?

We got back home, OTL gave us a good rub down with a warm towel, then a brushing to make us look like little puppies again, instead of drown rats!

Breakfast was another bowl of raw lamb mince, rice and grated carrot, you should have seen us.

Straight in, up to our ears and chomping away like we had not been fed for weeks!

All you could hear was our name tags rattling on the bowl!

The morning just slipped away under a super snooze on TM & OTL's bed. You know it can't get much better than that!

OTL had a lot of work to do today, so we never got to go on an adventure, not that it worried us too much. Warm and dry is better than cold and wet!

See you tomorrow, the suns coming back, promise!



Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday with Old Two Legs

Good Morning All,

Daisy and Holly back again.

We had a good nights sleep last night, no OTL crashing about looking after Holly or me, just a good old fashion, get into bed and zonked out 'til morning type of sleep!

Holly was up early to supervise The Missus in cooking a chicken and some boiled rice.

OTL was woken up with a good 'ear licking' from both Holly and me.

He said 'Hello Girls', then rolled over and went back to sleep!

TM has gone off to baby sit The Boys, Half Term and all that, so we don't expect to see her all day.

That means there is always a possibility of an Adventure with OTL.

After our breakfast of which Holly tried to gobble it down too quickly and got indigestion, we had our normal 'After Breakfast Snoozett' in OTL's office while he got on with some work.

Around eleven he went down stairs and got a carrot out of the kitchen. Now, carrots have never featured on our list of 'Good Fun Food' so we were not too sure what they tasted like.

OTL made a game of not letting us have the carrot, so we mugged him good and proper until we got a carrot each. It was good fun, the carrot was all crunchy and tasted sort of OK, so we started to eat it.

Holly kept on trying to get my carrot and grumbling even when I didn't try to get it back! So, OTL chopped some smaller bits off and we had a crunch of those, then set about the larger bits.

Holly has really taken to the carrot, she keeps taking a small piece with her on her wandering around the house, so she can crunch is as she wanders!

I'm not sure if we would like these every day but once in a while they would go down a treat!

Carrot Crunching!
It got to midday and we just fancied a stroll, so, we started our, 'we wanna walk' bark and ran around the house woofing and growling, OTL got the idea!

Off we went, first of all through the football field, then the golf course and onto the Flood Defence Sea Wall. We went through the field with the Heifers in.

Holly got all big and brave and woofed at a couple of Heifers, I joined in with a helpful woof or two, then we ran away 'cos they turned around and looked at us!

It was fun running up and down the grass bank of the sea wall and OTL took us to a small sandy beach where we just raced up and down the beach at top speed, at least twenty times, it was, GREAT!

Sort of reminds me of the beach we run on when we go away on holiday. Loads of sand, loads of beach and OTL don't mind us digging holes!

Holly says she is feeling better, her tummy is not giving her so much trouble and she is feeling brighter. She is certainly gave the carrot a good mullering!

So, fingers crossed, everything is going OK!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday's Adventure

Hello to you all,

Daisy and Holly here again!

After last nights fun and games, Holly woke up this morning feeling much better. She said she was starving, but that's not unusual for Holly!

Today she has got to starve so that her gut has a chance to kill off those nasty bugs. So, she is taking her medicine like a wimp, she Hates it!

We had a cuddle with Old Two Legs this morning before we went out for a run with The Missus, well, we run and she follows!!

We reckon we have heard a bird called a Cetti's Warbler in the trees, but we are not near any reeds or ponds and you just don't expect to see a Cetti's Warbler on the edge of a football field!

TM fed me my breakfast and she had to make sure Holly was not in the kitchen with me, so Holly sat in the lounge giving one of her best 'Little Dog Lost and Hungry' looks that would melt stone!

It didn't work, she has to go without food today.

At lunch time we went with OTL to the Sea Wall again and we pretended we could smell Fish & Chips on the wind. It was fun showing off our super sensitive noses to OTL, until he pointed out that the wind was coming from behind us and all we should smell is farm smells.

Curses, foiled again!

Sniffin' for Fish & Chips!
Sunday afternoon was all sort of relaxing here, just slobbing about on the sofa and getting cuddles from TM & OTL.The best bit is when we roll over onto our backs and get our tummy tickled, now that is serious fun!

Holly thinks that as she has had no food today her stomach will seize  up and never work again!

It will  be fun to see what happens in the morning when she gets her breakfast, if her tummy has stopped working, will I get all her food as well?

I don't think so!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Saturday Bird Watching in the Garden

Hello Everyone.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

The Boys have come over to stay for the weekend, so Holly and I have had a load of attention, stroking and cuddles. Especially Holly, 'cos she is still not very well.

It has rained all day today, so our planned trip to do some bird watching was cancelled. Old Two Legs came up with the idea of bird watching from the French Windows into the back garden.

Well it was a sort of success, he opened the doors wide and hung some camouflage netting from the curtain rail and we all sat behind the netting and looked at the birds that came to feed in the garden.

That was fun for a while but even the birds don't like the rain, so they cleared off down the beach cafe where there is some shelter from the rain and they can get a cup of tea and a seed roll!

It was then that Thomas had a good idea, 'lets take some indoor photos'

OTL got the camera stuff out and we had some fun taking pictures, here they are!

OTL took this one.

Holly, Thomas & Me
Thomas took the ones below.
Me Waving at You!

Having a rest.
Choc Drops on OTL's Head!
This one was fun 'cos OTL put some choc drops on his head to see what we would do, Holly kept her eye on the box of chocs and I made a grab at the ones on his bald patch!

We think Thomas did very well taking those pictures, it was a good day.

Holly was not to well last night, OTL stayed up with her most of the night because she was not only poohing but being sick as well. I had the same horrid tummy upset but Holly doesn't seem so bad.

But she says she still feels rotten!

A bit of TLC from OTL, medicine and a cuddle from TM and she will soon be better.

If it has stopped raining we may go out for a walk along the beach on Sunday, get some fresh air and smell the Fish & Chip shops along the coast!

Bye for now.

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's Friday, so that means the vets for Holly

Hello all,

Daisy & Holly back to you again!

We had a restless night last night, OTL and me stayed up late to let Holly get to the garden for a pooh.

After all that staying up stuff, there was another little pile in the kitchen for TM to clear up this morning!

Old Two Legs got Holly an appointment at the vets and I had to wait for my breakfast until Holly left with OTL!

At the vets it was crowded with other dogs and cats, I suppose they were all there to get wormed. Holly thought it was a good idea to have all the cats in boxes, she said it was sort of like a McCat Takeaway in a Box, but without the French Fries!

The vet did his normal thing, inspect her all over, tummy and teeth and eyes and, yes, stuck a thermometer up her bottom!

OTL and the vet agreed that Holly had picked up the bug from me and she was not as bad as me but still in need of some TLC and medicine, around the same price as mine cost.

I think that we should take OTL to his vet and get him wormed, he goes a funny shade of white every time he gets our bill from the vet!

OTL took us both out to the Sea Wall for some 'fresh air'. We got here and the wind was blowing and it was certainly 'Fresh'!

Holly said she could smell the Kebab shops from down the coast!

Kebabs Up Wind!
Now this super sensitive noses that us dogs have is not going to do Holly any good 'cos she has got to starve for twenty four hours so her tummy can settle down and get rid of the bugs she got from me.

That's going to hurt, she does love her food!

I'm giving her lots of cuddles and letting her into my day bed any time she wants, well, it's the least I can do!

If Holly is up to it, we are off to do some bird watching tomorrow, down The Marshes, and we will be taking The Boys as well!

Fingers crossed for sunshine and Holly feeling better.

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

Friday, 18 February 2011

Thursday means it's nearly the weekend!

Hello fans,

Daisy & Holly here again.

You will be glad to hear that Holly is feeling a little better this morning and has been eating and drinking, which is always a good sign!

Last night while we were asleep, she didn't make it into the garden, and did not bark to go out, so TM had a little clearing up to do this morning on the kitchen floor!

We got Old Two Legs to take us out for a run this morning over the football field which was OK, not so 'rush about' as over the fields but we didn't want Holly to wear herself out!

I let her sleep in my day bed with my blanket over her, the blanket gave me a feeling of security and comfort, it seems to work with Holly as well.

Mind you, if we can find a coat from TM or OTL, that's much better, it's the smell as well y'know!

Holly with my blanket!

OTL has to go out today so it is TM who will take us out and she has promised to take us down the beach, if it's not raining.

There might be some serious smells we can roll it!

Well, we never made it to the beach, Holly has not been herself and spent most of the day curled up with TM on the sofa.

We made a big fuss of OTL when he got back 'cos we missed him and missed the games he plays with us.

OTL stayed up late again with Holly and made sure she could get into the garden when she needed to and about two in the morning we three went to bed.

OTL has said that it looks like Holly is off to the vet in the morning, more thermometers up your bottom time!

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

Bye bye for now,

Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Poor Holly!

Hello All,

Daisy back again!

Thanks for all your get well cards!

I'm back and eating almost as normal again, I still feel 'delicate' but I'm on the mend.

Holly on the other hand has not been well yesterday. Very upset tummy and in need of running out to the garden every couple of hours.

Old Two Legs has got some medicine for her and is trying to get her to take it with a small bit of food.

He's tried getting her to lick it off his finger, on chicken, small crust of bread and even in a small spoon of ice cream. Holly was having none of that. So, in the end he had to squirt it down the side of her tongue so she'd swallow it!

Holly was not impressed with that, but understood that OTL was trying to make her better.

After a long night of back and forwards to the garden, Holly, me and OTL felt it was safe to go to bed at two thirty this morning!

After we woke up this morning Holly says she feels much better and even enjoyed a chicken and rice breakfast! I know the vet says we should have 'bland food', but I just love this stuff. Do you think The Missus could feed me on this 'bland food' all my life?

TM has decided that she will not take us to meet The Boys from school today, just in case we have an 'accident' on the path outside the school, very embarrassing!

That of course means that we stay at home and have games with OTL teaching him to sing more doggy songs and we get to go out for a walk and say hello to the Neddy's again!

Hello Neddy's!
 See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tuesday is Food Day!

Hi to you all again,

Holly here to keep you updated on Daisy.

Today is a real red letter day for Daisy 'cos yesterday she was not allowed any food because of her tummy upset. So, you can imagine, she was getting a little peckish.

In support for my sister yesterday, I was off my food as well. Not through choice, but TM has given me some new 'super' food the vet recommended.

Trouble is, it looks like rabbit dropping! It is seriously Yuk, only if I am starving would I eat that stuff.

Vets may know how to stick a thermometer up your bottom, but they know nothing about tasty food!

We got a little chicken and rice first thing this morning and Daisy got a dollop of her medicine as well.

It was good getting a little food, at least I didn't have to listen to Daisy's tummy rumbling away, not like I did last night!

It was a terrible noise, gurgle, rumble-rumble, burp, all night long!

After breakfast and a good brushing from OTL, we settled down to an 'after breakfast snooze'. That should last us until lunch time when we will be going out with OTL for a walk in a park with a big lake and lots of ducks.

Now, I've tasted the duck fillets OTL gives us and they are not too bad, trouble is, the live ducks are just too fast when I try chasing them. Maybe the packaged duck is better, not so much running about!

We left the ducks alone and instead dared each other to cross the river on a pipe, Daisy said she could, but saw no point! I said I could, but OTL was calling me, so I didn't have time!

Pipe Walking Declined!
We both got soaking wet 'cos of the rain and now my tummy doesn't feel too good, I hope I haven't caught what Daisy has!

See you tomorrow!

Holly & Daisy

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Long Monday Morning

Hello to you all,

Holly here again.

Daisy has been causing us some concern here, last night she went to bed early, followed by me at about eleven, as normal.

About one in the morning Daisy was sick again, then the poohing started and she made a mess everywhere! Old Two Legs had to get up and clean it all up and just as he was about to head back to bed, yep, Daisy did it all over again!

Poor OTL, he spent the rest of the night clearing up after Daisy and keeping close to her to make her feel sort of safe.

He also had to look for the signs and rush her out to the garden before she made a mess, sometimes he made it and sometimes he didn't!

Well, about six this morning it all took a turn for the worse and it was decided that a visit to the vet was the next step.

Daisy was a sad looking puppy!

Off went OTL with Daisy tucked under his arm and he got her into see the vet straight away.

The vet decided that, after examining her tummy and inspecting the pooh Daisy had dumped on his waiting room floor, (Daisy can always put on a good show when necessary!)

He said that she had picked up a bug or something that had bit her back with a vengeance!

She's got some medicine to mix with our water and some other stuff to stop her poohing for a while.

And OTL got the bill!

Daisy will get better soon but OTL may not, Daisy said his face went white when he saw how much it was, he said to the vet that he was only paying for Daisy and not for everyone else this week!!!!

Daisy has spent the day curled up on the sofa feeling all sad and sore and I stayed next to her to keep her company.

Daisy asked me to say hello to everyone and she will be back again as soon as possible.

Luv to you all,

Holly & Daisy

P.S. If you want to see what sort of job me and OTL did on TM's cards, click on this link:-
Hand Made Cards by Eileen

Monday, 14 February 2011

Poor Daisy!

Hello to you all out there in Blog Land!

Holly & Daisy here again, and just for a's Holly doing today's blog.

You know us puppies like to stick our noses into all sorts of places if we reckon there is a good sniff to be sniffed? Me and Daisy are champion sniffers!

Some time yesterday Daisy found a super sniff over on the fields, where OTL takes us in the morning, and, Daisy, being Daisy, decided it was too good to share and kept it for herself. Also she had a taste as well! A sniff is OK, but to get the real flavour, a quick lick will tell you loads more about the sniff.

OTL understands that, you should see him with a new bottle of Single Malt Whisky.

Sniff, ........sniff........taste............another!

He knows how to sniff does OTL, a Master Sniffer!!!!!

Well, getting back to Daisy, she had a sniff and a lick and it has got it's own back. Last night she was sick, then she got the runs, all over the carpet! She has not been a happy puppy today.

Most of the time has been spent curled up in her bed looking at her tail!

I've tried to make her feel better by singing some songs and telling jokes but that didn't help.

So, OTL and me have been giving her cuddles and I have been licking her nose and ears.

OTL says he don't mind brushing us and wiping our grubby bottoms but he draws the line at licking our noses and ears!

These Two Legs have no sense of adventure sometimes!

Well, this afternoon Daisy is feeling much better, she has had some chicken and some strips of beef that TM cooked today.

So, she is on the mend and I reckon she'll be back to her normal self by tomorrow.

I have been helping OTL with some photography today. He has been taking pictures of TM cards for her and I have been sitting on his lap and offering some helpful advice on how to do it!

I told him how to set up his lights, what do you think?

Lighting By Holly!
Soon, I will get his Camcorder out and take some pictures of us and see if we can get that on the blog! Real moving pictures instead of these snaps OTL takes! Now that will be one up for us Puppies!

See you again soon,

Holly & Daisy

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday with OTL

Hello Everyone,

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been with Old Two Legs today, keeping close and looking for signs of 'Walkies' whenever he moves!

We went out first thing and met an enormous Greyhound who told us he really only came out with his owner for a quick wee and to keep him happy, he'd rather be back home curled up in front of the fire!

I suppose you get like that when you get old. I hope OTL doesn't get like that, who would take us on our Adventures?

It was a little dodgy in our house today, Auntie Karen (one of the cat people) arrived with loads of card making stuff, that means we have to watch out for glue, glitter and bits of peel offs sticking to our fur!

This card making can be very dangerous for us puppies!

We said hello to her but kept an eye out for sticky card bits!

Later on when she left, you know, I heard her say to OTL that they had not even completed one card!

They had been too busy gassing to make a card! Some things never change!

Because it has not been nice outside, Holly, OTL and me have been playing chase today, in the house.

Holly gets one of the rawhide chews and runs down stairs with it, then TM chases her up stairs, Holly then drops it in the day bed, I run down stairs with it, TM then chases me upstairs. Holly and I then jump onto OTL's chair and he protects us from TM who wants to take our tails away!

It's good fun and we get a little exercise as well running up and down stairs, not as much as if we were down the park but we stay warm and dry!

Let's hope the rain goes away on Sunday, then we can go on an Adventure!

See you tomorrow!



Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friday's Adventure

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again after a funny Friday!

We got up good and early today 'cos Old Two Legs couldn't sleep very well, seems his back is still giving him pain. Holly has offered him one of her worming tablets but OTL doesn't think it will do any good!

Getting up early means we get to go out for a longer walk, which is OK by us!

After our walk we were dried off and fed, with chicken and brushed. You know, it's the best way to start the day!

We did some bird watching from the back window and we are sure we saw a Chiffchaff feeding on the rockery! A new 'Life Bird' for us!

We had to go out with OTL and The Missus to South London, a long journey through roads crowded with trucks and cars all going nowhere fast. OTL says the M25 was blocked due to an accident so everyone was trying to get through London on the normal roads.

We were going the other way so we could drive past them all, sticking our tongues out and blowing raspberry's! A couple of times we saw them laugh and stick their tongues out at us!

We had fun singing songs and trying to teach TM how to sing in 'Doggy', but she's not that good really and only joins in on the chorus, and, at the end!

OTL on the other hand, he can sing in 'Doggy' but gets all the words mixed up and he sounds terrible!

But we love him doing it 'cos it makes us laugh so much!

Must go, TM has just called us for dinner, guess what?

Yep, it's Chicken again, it's Chicken again!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hunting Snowdrops

Hi to you all!

D&H back again with another tale of Adventure and Daring from the two best puppies in the world!

Well, that's what OTL tells us we are, when he is brushing us.

When he gets to our tails he tells Holly she has a 'Designer' tail and mine was made for a 'Princess' .........that's me, Princess Daisy!

We got up this morning we went out with OTL for a walk over the fields and it started to rain, no sunshine today!

Maybe it would be a good idea to have our breakfast then curl up in the day bed for some serious snoozing!

No such luck! OTL decided to go out, so, he calls out, 'Who wants Walkies?'

Silly question, in a flash we were in the car and wondering where we are going, The Farm, Riverside Park, New Park, The Farm or The Woods?

We decided to go down the woods to see if the Snowdrops were out yet but on the way the rain got heavier and we changed our minds and went onto the New Park instead!

We said hello to a couple of nice dogs and all of us wished it would stop raining!

Good morning girls!
We had a run around and a sniff or two and slowly got wetter, on the bright side, there was no mud!

Wet but no mud!
Now we remembered that OTL was looking for Snowdrops so he can photograph them, so we kept looking for them. Holly said that they may be in the swimming pool, but I didn't think they grew in water, woods yes, but water, no!

This looks wet in here!
We ran around all over the place looking for these Snowdrops and raced back and forth to OTL with what we thought were Snowdrops but he said it was grass but thanked us for our efforts.

Can't find a Snowdrop anywhere!
Getting back to the car we had a good shake to get the rain off but OTL says it would be better if he was to wring us out like a couple of dishcloths!

The warm air heater went on when we got in and the sweet smell of wet dog was with us all the way home!

We spent the afternoon snoozing in our day beds until it was time for dinner.

Serious Snoozing
 Guess what's for dinner?

It's chicken again!

OTL says we have too much chicken and we will be sprouting feathers and laying eggs soon!

He's such a Wag sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

A trip down the river on 'The Smelly Nelly'!

Hello All,

D&H here again!

Getting up was a slow business this morning, I suppose it had something to do with the late night. You see Old Two Legs normally gets our beds from the office and sets them up ready for us to go to bed when we feel like it, around eight is normal, then we are woken up at ten for a wee in the garden before settling down to a proper nights sleep.

Last night the beds were not down, all of which means, we did not get our normal quota of snooze time, so we over slept this morning!

After breakfast we retired to our day bed for an 'after breakfast snooze' and to catch up on our over night sleep as well!

Around midday, OTL had to go out to deliver some stuff, so, we tagged along for the ride and guess what? Yes, we went to the Riverside Park again!

We met a real full pedigree Bichon Frise who was just like Holly and me but not quite, if you know what we mean!

A Bichon Frise looking at Holly!
Just along the path we came across a Black Poodle that fell in love with Holly and would not leave her alone, OTL had to put Holly on his shoulder to rescue her until his owner could get him on a lead!
Friendly Poodle
Holly kept close to OTL for a while until the poodle had gone away and she felt safe!

Holly Watching Out
 After a while she was back chasing me all along the shore line and we got covered in smelly mud!
OTL called us both Smelly Nellie's but we didn't care, it was too much fun! We found an old shipwreck and played and being pirates. I was Captain Daisy and Holly was the First Mate and the ship was called 'The Smelly Nelly'!

The Smelly Nelly sets sail!
On the way back we met a family of Jack Russell's out for a walk and blow me down, one of the lads fell in love with Holly and kept chasing after her! She knew what to do this time and ran straight up to OTL who tucked her under his arm!

Holly gets chased Again!
After they had gone, we went for another run along the shore and got more mud on our paws. I was sure that the car would really smell on the way home and it did! OTL had to leave the window open just to let the smell out!

Daisy with muddy Paws!
We had to have our legs and tummy washed before we went to meet the Boys from school. Well, we have to look our best to greet them at the school gates!

See you tomorrow for some more fun!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sunshine Tuesday

What a Glorious Day Today!

It's Daisy & Holly saying hello again and a special 'Hello' to Denise who has joined our band of followers!

I got up this morning and looked outside, the sun was just getting up. All the clouds had gone away, so had the wind. It was warm, just like Spring is here!

Holly and I took Old Two Legs for a run over the fields, he is still walking like an old crock, his back is still hurting.

Holly said we should take him down the vets and get him wormed, and that would sort him out!!!!!

It was the thought of paying the vet with our doggy biscuits stopped Holly going to The Missus to suggest it!

This morning, we have been tearing around the garden, saying hello to the birds, then we went in and did some 'play fighting' on OTL's bed, then we did some running up and down the stairs.

I think the spring is super, it certainly makes me feel good!

We went for our 'Adventure Walk' to the Riverside Park, it was great running around woofing at the other dogs and running, I mean, really running, in fact I was running so fast OLT and his camera couldn't keep up with me!

I felt like Super Dog!

Super Dog Daisy!
Now, it's not often that I run so fast, but the sun was on my back and I felt super good!

Holly and me investigated the shore line and found loads of new sniffs, even better than when we were down here last.

New sniffs for us!
We went into the sea grass and both got muddy paws.....and legs...almost up to our tummies! It was OK really 'cos we washed it all off later when we went for a paddle in the water!

Here be Mud!!
We were chasing about so much I didn't see the patch of thistle type plants, OTL calls them 'Burrs' and I ended up with them all over me. Like, over my muzzle, my ears, my throat, all down my legs, my tummy and finally, on the underneath of my tail!

I did my 'Help me OTL' pose, you know the one, I hold my front leg up and a whimper and look at him all sad and sorry like. 

It never fails!

We spent the next twenty minutes with him sitting on a lump of rock and me draped over his leg, having these burrs pulled out of my fur.

It was not very dignified nor was it funny! 

Holly thought it a grand laugh though and said I had been sticking my muzzle where it should not be stuck and that I should keep my nose out of the bushes, and all my other bits as well!

After OTL had finished, I felt much better, so I chased Holly all around the beach and into the water up to her tummy, just to teach her she shouldn't laugh at me!

Look, no burrs!
We headed back and sang 'Salty Sea Dog' songs in the car all the way home.

I hope the sunshine stays for tomorrow, we could go to the woods to see if the Snowdrops are out yet!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Windy Monday!

A Happy Monday to you all!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Old Two Legs was still struggling to get out of bed this morning, you know, even after we jumped on the bed and gave his ears a good licking, he was still moaning about his back!

We had chicken for breakfast this morning, it was lovely. The Missus cooked it for us first thing, but the wait for it to cool down was sooo long, well it seemed like that to us!

OTL has been working in his office today and we have been keeping guard down stairs ready to bark at the postman or anyone else who passes the front of the house!

It was very hard to keep awake with our tummies full of chicken, but we try!

One of us stands guard while the other has a snooze, then,, when it gets too much to stay awake, the sleeper is woken up and the guard goes to sleep. Sometimes it all gets confusing and we are both awake guarding or both asleep snoozing.

Guard Duty!
This guard dog business is not as easy as you may think!

Lunch time came and went before OTL said he was taking us out, this time he said he was going down to the beach because the tide was almost in. Off we went in the car and we woofed our way to the beach car park. 

OTL was almost right, the sea had come right up the beach and we only had the sea shells to run on, or the sea wall. That was OK with us, we can run anywhere!

Running on the beach
  Mind you, we nearly got into deep water. We were just about to jump over the breakwater when I noticed there was no beach on the other side! We had done that before at Leysdown and ended up very wet puppies!

Who nicked the beach?
A bit further along the beach Holly suggested we go for a swim! She said that we should both race into the water together..................................She must think I'm stupid or something!

Last one in is a wimp!
All she got from me was a Raspberry!

Raspberries to you!
She will have to wait until it gets warmer for me to have a swim or a paddle in the sea and I will want to take OTL with me for safety!

See you tomorrow,

Luv  Daisy & Holly

Monday, 7 February 2011

Poor Old Two Legs

Hello Again!

Daisy & Holly back to see you!

Sunday has been a bit 'uneventful'! You see Old Two Legs was mending the caravan water heating system yesterday and spent a long time doubled up under the seats.

Now OTL is not what you would describe a 'Terrier Size' he's sort of 'Irish Wolf Hound' and as you know, they don't fit into small places.

Nor does OTL!

So, this morning when he woke up he made such a terrible noise! He was complaining about his back aching.

We tried jumping up and down on him to make him feel better, but it didn't, all it did was make him even noisier!

He made such a song and dance about getting out of bed that we thought he'd never make it!

The Missus had to take us out for a walk across the fields and to say hello to the horses. We told them about OTL and his bad back and they said that we must be very careful and not jump on him 'cos that made it worse.

We didn't tell them about how we woke him this morning!

So, today has been sort of, slow, Holly and me have been amusing ourselves by chasing each other around the house while OTL groaned all day.

We did hear him say that it wasn't hurting so much this evening so, we didn't feel too bad about mugging him for biscuit at tea time!

It's Mugging Time!
He still made a noise when we both closed in on him, but we had our paws on his stomach and that's no where near his back!

He really can be a wimp some times!

We hope he gets better tomorrow, I mean, we need our long walk down the New Park and if OTL don't take us, who will?

Bye bye for now.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday and we are still working hard!

Hello People!

Have we been busy puppies today.

First of all there was the 'let's get The Missus up early' barking song! We started that at about four in the morning. Then after that we rushed up to Old Two Legs to tell him how cold and wet our noses were! He loves that, hee hee!

Seeing that it was just gone six, we decided a small 'after wake up snooze' was what we needed and went back to our day beds for an hour!

TM was down stairs playing on her computer because she could not get back to sleep again.

OTL just turned over and went back to snoring.

Later, after breakfast, TM went off with all her card stuff in the car, off to visit Auntie Karen for another 'one card day' we reckon!

You know, that poor old car is wearing its tyres out carrying all her stuff!

OLT had to do some work in the caravan, so we stayed in the caravan with him and made up some new caravan songs! OTL said they were very funny and can we teach them to him!

We tried, but you know the trouble we have with OTL, he keeps getting the woof mixed up with the howl, and as for the Grumble-Grumble-Woof, he has no idea just how important that bit is!

When we got to the New Park, Holly said hello to a dog with very long legs, Holly said she would like legs that long, I thought she would look silly!

Hello Long Legs!
A bit further on we came across a load of dogs jumping in the swimming pool. Holly thought about going in but decided it was too wet!

At the Swimming Pool
On our way out we met up with a doggy we had seen before and exchanged some info on the location of some super smells!

I'll tell you where the best smells are!
We got back home all tired and worn out, but not so tired that we couldn't woof down a super dish of chicken and biscuits!

It was good to see TM again when she got back home and guess what?

Not even one finished card!!

I bet she spent all day gassing to Auntie Karen!

See you tomorrow


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Visit to Uncle Stuart

Hi Everyone!

It's Us again!

Today we have been out visiting and getting in trouble. ( It was Holly's fault really)

After getting up this morning it was all very exciting waiting for Old Two Legs to get ready and get us in the car then off to see Uncle Stuart, via, the Doggy Shop with the wonderful smells!

We had been out first thing with OTL for a run across the fields and Holly found this very old rat skin that had been on the path since before Christmas, well, she just had to have a roll on it 'cos she loved the smell.

I found some fox wee in a ditch and told Holly about that, so, we both just had to roll in that!

It was a Real Pong!

When we got back home it was a brush, breakfast, then off to the car.

The Missus said that there was a strong smell of 'DOG' in the car, well, what do you expect, we're dogs!

Then she got a sniff of Holly's back and declared it was her making the smell.

Then she sniffed me, that was it, I was the culprit!


TM said that we just had to stop at the Doggy Shop!

In we went all excited about the smells and we went straight to the shampoo section, and that was strange!

OTL & TM had a rummage around and came up with a tin can, OTL took the lid off and then squirted some cold smelly stuff from the can, all over our backs and sides!


TM said we smelt much better and almost like perfumed puppies. 

We still got another squirt when we got to Uncle Stuart's place, 'just to make sure' said TM!
TM, OTL and Stuart went out for a bit of lunch. While they were out Holly found a real 'Haggis', she began to nibble bits off it, like the label and a tuft of fur, but it didn't taste very nice so she left it in our day bed.

When Uncle Stuart came back we felt bad about it and had to tell him and say we were very sorry. 

Holly said she would never chase another Haggis, unless it was cooked and served with Shortbread and a glass of Malt Whisky!

Sorry Uncle Stuart!
 We were really sorry and felt terrible because he had brought us a rawhide chew each,  we are going to start on them tonight when TM & OTL have gone to bed!

TM is off to her mate Karen's to play at making cards tomorrow, (Karen is one of the 'cat people'). We are expecting to go out with OTL for a long run in the park. 

I hope he gets all his work done early in the morning, I think we will wake him extra early, just to make sure!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 4 February 2011

A Hard Day being a Puppy!

Hello You All!

We have been Busy Busy Busy today, we got up late, again, Old Two Legs was ready to go out before us this morning!

The social circle up on the Field, so many smells, so little time!

Then it was a spot of lunch and then away with OTL to the New Park for a two hour run!

We met a sneaky Alsatian who pretended to be a horse and crept around the back of the notice board and went Boo!

He almost made me jump out of my fur!

We had a game of 'Chase' with him, he chased and we ran away!

Then this very old large hairy sort of sheep dog came by and said 'Hello Youngsters' and we said hello back and told her where a good smell was and she thanked us and said that her nose was not as good as it was when she was our age.

Here's a Smell
We went all the way around the Orchard and I climbed onto a ball of wood which Porky Puppy Holly could not get up on. So, I teased her calling her a Lump and Short legs and she went potty trying to get me!

Queen of The Castle!
 When I finally jumped down she tried to chase me and knock me down, no chance! I'm much faster than Holly at running!

Holly showed off, she would not share any smells with me and when OTL stopped for a sit down on seat she jumped up beside him and sulked!

Holly having a Sulk!
OTL called her an Old Grumble Guts and tickled her tummy and then her ears, she soon began to laugh and jumped down to chase me again!

Holly running after me!
We both fell asleep going home, we were tired little puppies.  The Missus cooked us some liver tonight, it tasted wonderful.

Big full tummies meant that we spent most of the evening having our 'after dinner snooze' only to wake up in time for a wee in the garden before going to bed proper!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to see Uncle Stuart in the afternoon, he's never met Holly, this should be good fun!



Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday Wonderland

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again with more tales or should that be tails?

We had a busy day yesterday, after our morning walk across the fields with Old Two Legs, we got back to a fine breakfast of Puppy Food.     YUK!

No, don't get me wrong, puppy food is OK when your stomach walls are knocking together and even OTL's old boots look appetising, but we have grown accustom to a more refined diet. Chicken, Liver, Beef, Lamb is what we really love and chicken heads the list!

I think The Missus is trying to skip cooking for us 'cos opening a tin can is easier and it gives her more time to play at card making!

Soon we may have to hold a protest meeting and even discuss strike tactics!

No more cuddles, no more lick on the nose to wake them up, that will make them think again!

OTL had to go out in the afternoon to do some work, he dropped us and TM off at the Boys house so we could go and meet them from school. We do enjoy meeting all the other dogs outside the gates and when the Boys come out they make such a fuss of us!

OTL came back to pick us up and he drove the car back home. It was good fun trying to teach TM the songs, she could not remember them and kept on singing the same bit again and again! OTL did not help, he was singing a different songs all together!

We're off to see what we can find to eat, maybe OLT has got a bit of Duck Fillet left?

See you soon,



Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We've Had A Lazy Day Today!

Hello to you all,

Holly and me have been lazy puppies today, we got up late, it was gone seven before we woke Old Two Legs.

You know, the old 'cold wet nose in the ear' treatment.

Then we went back to bed for our 'after getting up snooze'!

OTL had some work to do today and when he went out he left us behind!

We spent the day looking out the window for him or sleeping in his office. Mine you, when he did come back, he got a serious 'welcome back' from Holly and me.

We jumped onto him from the chair and his glasses went flying, we nibbled his ear, licked his nose and generally made a big fuss of him!

By the time he got back, it was too late for us to go out for an adventure, so we had a walk with him across the fields and around the back of the golf course.

On our way we shouted 'hello' down the fox hole but got no reply, maybe they were out getting a Kebab or Fish and Chips!

There were no rabbits around either, we think they were out shopping as well!

We heard the man from the dog kennels shouting at his dogs as he walked them across the other side of the field. I bet he has trouble with those dogs, I mean, I'd run off if I was shouted at like that!

When we got in, OTL gave us some 'Duck Fillets' which we just LOVE! They are strips of dried duck and they taste super! We sometimes get chicken fillets and they are just as yummy!

I suppose OTL gave us those because he felt guilty about leaving us at home all day with The Missus, while he went on an adventure on his own!

Tomorrow we are off to pick up the boys from school, that should be fun, we always make a fuss of them when they come out school. This time we can tell them about our day at school and how we are too clever to need to go back!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yipee It's Monday

Hello Fans!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

It has been a lovely day today, the temperature outside has gone up by two degrees and the sun has been shining all day today.

Makes you realize that Spring is just around the corner!

We've had  good day today, The Missus took us out for our morning stroll across the fields this morning and we have had chicken for breakfast again!

Old Two Legs has been busy in the office doing some manufacturing, so we spent the morning standing guard at the bedroom window, just to make sure no pussy cats crossed our garden unchallenged!

This afternoon we went down to the New Park again, we sung the new songs on the way down and OTL even managed to get the correct chorus this time.

Other than that, his singing is terrible, he woofs when he should howl and howls when he should woof!

Still, he does try, and it gives us a good laugh!

When we got there the first doggy we met was Jock, a West Highland Terrier, we seem to meet loads of these. We said 'hello' and had a little run but he was finishing his walk and didn't want a big game of 'Chase'

Hello to Jock The Westie
On we went, sniffing the path to see who was in today.

It was a gentle afternoon and the sun had just started to go down.

Late Afternoon
We went past the place where the cows and sheep were kept. I wanted to have a go at being a sheep dog but the sheep said she didn't feel like a game today, and went back to eating the grass.

Wanna Play Sheep Dogs?
Holly got ambitious and said she wanted to herd the cows but the cow said they were called 'Heifers' and Holly could, go away!

So rude!

Heifers R Us!
We went past The Guardians again and that was good fun 'cos we got up on the seat and pretended we were Guardians as well. OTL said we would make good Guardians if we could keep awake!

The Guardians of Kent and Us!

Holly said she could stay awake if she wanted to but standing up all day would be a bit difficult!

Guardian Holly!
After all, she liked using all her four legs to stand up on!

We tried to get OTL to sing us some new songs on the way home but he kept on forgetting the words again, he's not very good at songs unless he has them written down on paper in front of him!

See you all tomorrow!