Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Getting Sorted Out and Becoming Aunties!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

You know, going away on holiday is great fun but all this tidying up afterwards is a real 'Pain in the Tail', we have been working away this morning getting the garden sorted out and then there is our beds to re make after hunting out all the chews we hid there!

After our walk along the Sea Wall, Holly was complaining of an 'Itch' by her ear, so Old Two Legs had a look and yes, another tick!

We think this is one of the 'locals' 'cos it hadn't gone in too far and was all wriggly when Old Two Legs removed it.

The tick was last seen swimming like mad, going down the plug hole in the kitchen sink!

That was him sorted!

Another thing has happened while we were away, Mrs Sparrow, who built a nest in the bird box has laid a total of five eggs and so far, two have hatched and are getting to be big sparrows!

The nest box is still a complete mess and it is hard to see the chicks but every so often the grass gets moved away from the camera lens and we get a glimpse of a couple of mouths open wide and screaming to be fed!

We were thinking up names for them both, Holly thought that Itchy and Scratchy would be good but I said that those names have been used so many times before!

We were watching them get fed when the perfect names just sort of got said!

Gob & Mouth!

Snowflake says that she knows she can't eat them, but, just what do they taste like? Purely academic interest you know!

Yeah Right!

When we took Snowflake to the Health Spar she weighed 970g but today when OTL put her on the postal scales she was down to 830g!

We think that it was a combination of lots of exercise and she was off her food 'cos she missed us all!

Snowflake said she only missed OTL 'cos he gave her treats, like Ferretone and raw beef bits left over from the meat used for his curry!

I suppose that now she is back home she will be stuffing her self silly again and living the posh life again!

Maybe she was looking at the birds 'cos she felt 'Peckish'?

We met up with young Bryn down on the Sea Wall and he was showing off his new hair cut, looked really fit he did!

Bryn, looking good!
We told him that we were due for a 'Shampoo & Set' next Friday and would soon look as posh as him!

We had a chat about the really mucky foam on the tide but he said he had heard it was normal for this time of the year!

Normal for Spring?

On the way back to the car we spotted a big, very dark grey looking snake wriggling into the grass, it was a very dark  colouring but we didn't see any markings on its back 'cos it was just too fast!

OTL reckons it might have been an adder, so we're going to keep our eyes open for him in future!

We chased a couple of rabbits but to be honest, they were so far away that we stood no chance of catching them, but we've got to put on a show, just to keep them on their toes!

Lambs Liver tonight, so we're looking forward to that one plus the scraps of beef from OTL's batch production of curry.

Snowflake doesn't get it all you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake. (The Thin!)