Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunshine, Gardening and The New Park & a Doggy Rescue!

YooHoo Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

The Missus was up at the crack of dawn, or even earlier, to watch the F1 from Korea. We went down with her, had our mooch around the garden and then straight back up stairs to Old Two Legs who was still snoring!

It was a super snooze and OTL even stayed in bed an extra half an hour!

So, we were a little late on parade down on The Sea Wall, so we didn't see anyone else.

It was me that first spotted it, someone has filled in the Sand Rabbit hole! Holly says that the Sand Rabbit has gone down the hole and shut the door!

Who's filled in the Hole?
While we were investigating the hole and giving it our full attention, OTL wandered off and took this picture.

Now, we're not going to tell you what it is yet, you gotta guess and no cheating by skipping to the bottom of the page!

Back home we got our morning brush and some of our Puppy Choc Drops before tucking into a super big bowl of Lambs Heart, one of our favourite meals!

Poor OTL, after he did his chores, he was out in the front garden doing some autumn pruning type of gardening, which means he was cutting back all the bushes and trees.

After he filled up both of the Wheelie Bins with all the branches and stuff he announced that he couldn't do any more gardening 'cos he had nowhere to put the rubbish, clever OTL!

That means he can watch the F1 racing on the TV!

Well, that's what he thought, 'cos at one thirty, just when the race was half way through, the repeat, that is, I got the feeling we should be out for our lunch time walk.

So I woofed, then I jumped up at him, then I whined and then I woofed again. He got the message!

Out we went and the first place to stop was the garage for some more petrol for the car and do you know what is near to the garage? Yes! It's The New Park, with the Swimming Hole!

In no time at all we were in the park and heading for The Swimming Hole!

On the way down there OTL was throwing the ball for me to chase. One throw took it down hill for quite a distance, so I had to stand guard over it until he arrives. (I don't do this retriever thing)!

So, there I am standing there when this sort of sheep dog comes bounding over and says it's his ball. Well, I'm not having any of that, so I stood over the ball and said, in my best 'Don't mess with me' voice, 'This is My Ball!'

No! It's My Ball!
'Oh, sorry, my mistake'! says the sheep dog sort of doggy and off he goes! I was quite proud of myself!

When we got to The Swimming Hole there was one other dog splashing about and OTL was throwing the ball for me.

Then he did it again, too far out for me to get it! 

I was getting upset 'cos that's one of my favourite balls!

Too Far, Again!
 Then I heard the other dog say 'Don't worry young lady, I'll get it for you!' And with that, there was a big splash and in he went!

I'll get it!
 It didn't take him long to get it and bring it back for me.

Holly says he is a Hero!

After a while we left the Swimming Hole for a run and walked around the back of the Swimming Hole, sniffin the sniffs and chasing my ball.

We saw a Dab Chick (Little Grebe) dabbling around in the water, so we gave it a couple of woofs, just to say 'Hello'

Dab Chick Dabbling in The Water!
It was then that we heard a man calling to his dog and OTL looked over the Swimming Hole to see a Spaniel type trying to get his ball that had blown through the fence that keeps the dogs away from the ducks.

I want Me Ball!
The water was deep and he was pushing away at the fence while the man was calling him to leave the ball alone.

Then somehow he got under the fence and got his ball, trouble was, he now couldn't get back!

I'm can't get back!
The man had to climb over a couple of fences until he was able to lift the bottom of the fence to allow the dog to start swimming back to the shore!

I'm Free!
Back he came and got back to shore, he said he was a bit tired and needed a breather, but he still had his ball!

Still got me ball!
 After a quick shake and a roll in the grass he was off after his owner for the rest of his run!

That was one lucky doggy, but his owner did say that he had visions of him going in after his dog, had he not got free!

There's a big dog over there!
 Off we went back to the car and I was dry by the time we got there. On the way back there was this enormous dog woofing at another dog, so we decided to keep out of the way, too much excitement for today!

Now.............did you guess what the picture was?

Did you look at the bottom of the page and cheat?

Are you sure?


Your not telling Porkies are you?

OK, I'll believe you this time!

If you're really sure!

Did you guess what it was?

Bet you didn't!

Here is another shot.

Yep, it is a load of rain drops on a bench!

'Rain Drops keep falling on my Bench'!

OTL is looking through the television programs trying to find out when the F1 Highlights are shown so he can catch up on who won!

Do we care?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly