Friday, 30 November 2012

Frosty or Wot!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

This morning we went out with Old Two Legs for our normal walk but before we had gone out the door, he had put our coats on! Now that means only two things, Rain or Snow!

Well it was a sort of snow, OTL called it frost but it was still wet and cold!

Down on The Sea Wall the sun had already got to most of the frost and melted it away but there were patches for OTL to photograph still!

First Frosty Patch

We carried on sniffin the sniffs and I even had a go at catching those mouses that run around in the grass, without any success, they are just too fast and sneaky!

Sniffin the Sniffs!
OTL was still playing with the frosty bits!

Another Frosty Bit!
On our way back home we spotted an old Heron standing in the middle of a field, in front of the Power Station.

I've Lost Me Puddle, It's GONE!
He was looking around and mumbling away good and proper.

Seems he has lost his puddle!

With all the rain a big puddle appeared in the middle of the field and loads of frogs and toads and stuff like that were swimming around in it and he was having a great time picking them out, like eating a bowl full of nibbles!

Now the puddle has gone and he seemed right put out about it!

Holly called him a Grumpy Old Heron but he just said Hurummmpf, flapped his wings and took off!

Back home to Lambs Heart and Biscuits and a snooze!

OTL got a phone call to tell him that his cameras were all 'Spic and Span' and were ready for collection, so, lunch time came and we were off to collect them and have a walk!

After we had collected them we had a sniff and decided that the closest  park would be The New Park, so off we went, singing our 'Car Songs'!

Well, this time when we got there OTL showed me a ball he had brought along, a brand new shiny orange rubber ball that bounced all over the place!

Holly and I were chasing it and most of the time I got to it first but OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs, pretended to throw it, I would chase off down the path and he would throw it just in front of Holly so she had a chance of getting it before me!

As normal, there were loads of other dogs in the park and we chased a few, well two, and got chased by some others, about ten!

It was all good fun except OTL said that I couldn't go near the Swimming Hole 'cos it was too cold!

I kept on jumping up at him to show that I wanted him to throw the ball.

Holly, who doesn't do balls, kept her eyes open for other dogs who wanted to play 'Chase The Ball' as well, like big hairy Labrador's who are just total Bozo's for a ball and a Two Legs to throw it!
Watch it! There's a Bozo heading this way!
 OTL has got wise to the 'Retriever' type of dog, 'cos they are the ones more likely to pinch our ball, so he keeps it in his pocket when they are around!

Back home and OTL has got meat pie and chips for dinner, correction, OTL and us have got meat pie and chips tonight, except we don't get any chips!

Tomorrow is the weekend, so OTL plans to clear the leaves out of the gutters and sweep up the rest in the garden, providing it doesn't rain or snow or he gets called out or it's too cold or he can find a reasonable excuse not to do it!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chilly Start

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

This morning The Missus got up early, waking everyone else up at the same time, so we got our 'Early Morning Wee' a bit earlier than normal. Now that was not so bad, but when we went out into the garden it was Cold!

Holly said it was almost cold enough for frost!

Back inside we ran up stairs to Old Two Legs who was still fast asleep, snuggled up in his nice warm bed. We just had to tell him about the chilly morning, so we walked all over his head with our cold wet paws and gave his ear a lick!

He was not a happy puppy!

Out on The Sea Wall Holly suggested that we do some jogging to keep warm!

A Gentle Jog along the Sea Wall.
OTL said that if he tried to jog bits would fall off him!

Yuk! What a thought!

The sun was trying to break through the clouds over Sheerness and Holly reckons that it would get better around lunch time.
Here comes the sun!
We spotted the Wormy Man heading for the shore, so that means the tide was on the turn and would soon be lapping at The Sea Wall, if it didn't fill his boots first!

It's Behind You!

I thought it would be a good idea to go to The Forest at lunch time 'cos we haven't been there for a while 'cos of the rain and mud and wet leaves and falling trees and...............!

OTL said that as long as it didn't rain then he would consider it!

So, lunch time came and we didn't mug him too much but when we got into the car, we both started singing our 'Squirrel Chasing Song', just as a gentle reminder that there are no squirrels on The Sea Wall!

We both woofed with delight when we turned right instead of left, that would have taken us to The Sea Wall, 'cos right hand turn means The Forest!

Before long we were off the lead and attacking the first interesting sniff!

This one is really good!
OTL had brought his cameras with him but they were left in the car 'cos he was taking them to be cleaned, so all he had was his very old Nikon Coolpix 4500 which is a 'Point and Shoot' type of camera he has never got around to putting on eBay!

So, off he went, trying to remember how to get into the controls and muttering to himself!

Where has the colour gone?
Not bad but it lacks colour of  the leaves and he can't find the 'Vivid' control in the menu!

Holly and I were off chasing the squirrels when we could see them, we could hear them 'cos they were calling us names all the time!

Over here. No, over here!
We were ducking and diving all over the place, sometimes we spotted one in the tree and sometimes we heard two doing their warning call at the same time!


OTL was still playing with the camera, the flash kept on going off every time he pressed the shutter and he was getting the Grumbles 'cos he didn't want the flash to go off!

Too much Flash, not enough colour!
I was all alert for any noise and OTL's camera kept going 'Bleep' every time he took a picture and he couldn't find the control to turn it off!

More Grumbles from him!

Mind you, he did get a good one of me in 'Alert' position!

Do I Look 'Alert' or Wot?
Holly found a tree that had got blown over during the storm and suggested we make a slide out of it.

So she sat down and said 'Look at Me Sliding!'

Then she had to ask OTL to have a look and see if she had any splinters under her tail!
Can you see any splinters?
It's at times like that when you find out who your real friends are!

OTL has been trying to get to grips with his toy that he got from the U.S.A. and as he can't find any live insects to work with, he has been practising with dead mosquitoes he finds on his window ledge.

The ones that have given up the fight to get through the glass window and are laying on their back with their legs in the air!
Another one bites the dust!
Those hairy fan things must be some form of  'Tasting' antennae to detect your breath at night!

Not sure what's on the menu tonight but you can be sure we are going to get some of it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's The Middle of The Week, Already!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

Today has been one of those 'Lovely' days when nothing much happens and yet there seems to be a lot going on, if you know what I mean!

We found out yesterday evening that we liked Venison dipped in eggy yoke!

I'm not a big lover of venison but when it is dipped into the yellow yoke, it tastes wonderful! We even had The Missus dipping bits in the yoke for us!

Do we know how to train them or wot!

This morning we got up and listen as hard as we could, we couldn't hear any rain pouring down the windows, so that's a good sign. A few dry days ahead?

When we got down on The Sea Wall we saw some blue sky for a change!

OTL spotted three Marsh Harriers over the bit of marsh land that doubles as a sand pit.

Three Marsh Harriers!
That put him in a good mood!

We just headed off for the Rabbit Hunting Ground where we found that the Marsh Harriers had scared off all the rabbits and left us with nothing but the sniff!

Nothin' but the sniff!
As we got onto the path we spotted a Wormy Man who was leaving it a bit late 'cos we saw the tide chasing him back into the shore!

Run! Wormy Man, Run!

We even spotted a Curlew and a Black Headed Gull who were leaving it late as well, but when the water got too close they just flew off!

I'm a Curlew, not an Ousalum Bird!
We got around the corner and what did we see?

It's the Wormy Man!

Yes Girls, I beat the Tide again!

He had made it back but had eaten all his sandwiches, Holly spotted that straight away and decided there were sniffs that deserved her attention rather than a sandwich-less Wormy Man!

Is that Another Ousalum Bird I see before me?
We spotted them again and I asked about the Ousalum Bird, so Holly recited the poem for me. Well it wasn't a poem, more like a Limerick, any way, it goes like this!

The Ousalum Bird is a pretty bird
See it hop from bough to bough
It makes it's nest in a Rhubarb Tree
And whistles like a cow!

We all had a good laugh about that but the bird watchers didn't turn around, they must have seen something very important!

Another Ousalum Bird?

Lunch time was just great, we started of sniffin' for rabbits then I decided we should go and hunt Marsh Harriers, in the sand pits!

There's a Rabbit here, I'm Sure of it!
So off we went and got half way down the muddy path before OTL decided we should have a walk on the beach instead, cleaner he said!

Me? Grubby?
We weren't muddy or dirty, much!

So, to make up for being called back, Holly and I had a dig in the sandy bit of the beach, before OTL chased us off, still talking about sand in the car!

Sharing a Hole With Sis!
Holly said that she wasn't really grubby, just a little dusty around the edges!

A Little Dusty around the Edges!

Yeah! Right!

I did suggest we might go for a swim or 'Deep Paddle' to wash off the mud but she said she had got 'Attached' to her mud and was going to hang onto it for now!

You can dream if you want to, this puppy's not for paddling!
Not sure what we have got tonight, sorry, what OTL has got tonight but it's got to be better than the 'Doggy Scoff' we got served with today!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Damp Tail Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Last night was fun, we wound Old Two Legs up good and proper!

After mugging him for some of his dinner, we let him get settled in his big comfy chair, put his paws up and relaxed enough to enjoy some television.

I sort of sidled up to the chair and looked up and gave one of my 'Little Whines', you know the

'I want something and I'm not going to leave you alone until I get it' sort of whines!

As soon as he looked at me, I looked up to where the ball was resting, next to his whisky!

He tried to ignore me but I was not going to give up, I whined some more, but with a little more passion behind the whine.

Well, after about five minutes he gave in and got the ball down! We had a good game of 'Chase The Ball' and Holly joined in and even left her carrot on the sofa while we ran all over the place chasing the ball, we even had The Missus chasing Holly 'cos she was chewing lumps out of the ball, Holly chewing lumps out, not TM!

Who needs television when you got us!

This mornings walk down on The Sea Wall was a farce! 

Since waking up it has been raining on and off, so, when we went out, the rain had stopped. OTL, being all clever, took our coats and one of our towels with us in the car, Just in case.

We got down to the car park and look, no rain! So, off we went, woofing and running through the wet grass chasing the rabbits!

We got down to the sea front and it started, little drops of rain.

We didn't have our coats on.

We trotted along, sniffin the sniffs and looking out for the sea gulls.

The rain drops got bigger.

Holly starts to grumble, 'I'm getting wet' she says, so was I!

It's getting Wet!
We get to the bottom of the steps that lead back to the car park.

'Stuff this for a game of Chase', she says, 'I'm off back to the car!' Off she went without even looking back!

Stuff This, I'm Off!
I stood there for a moment, looked at her, then at OTL, then headed off to the car as well!

Wait for me, I'm coming as well!
Back to the car, jump onto the parcel shelf while OTL stands under the back door giving us a dry down with the towel!

Back home to another dry down and Chicken & Biscuits for breakfast!

Lunch time came and we were wondering if the rain was going to hold off while we have a run.

We got all dressed up in our coats and off we went, Holly was a bit reluctant at first but climbed into the car in the end and off we went.

When we got there, the rain had stopped, well almost stopped, just a few spots now and again. Holly and I went off hunting rabbits but there were none stupid enough to come out in this weather!

No Rabbits here!
Along the path we had our sniffs but the rain had washed most of the good ones out to sea!

OTL was all 'Clicky Clicky' with the camera trying to get a 'Moody' shot of me but I was just too damp to pose properly!

No, I'm not in the mood to 'Pose'!
 At that point Holly came striding by, 'Come on, keep moving!' she said and OTL took a picture of her!

Come on, keep moving!
 I jumped down onto the beach and found a soft spot to have a dig, well, I haven't had a dig for a few weeks, what with all this rain and stuff!

Coo Eee! Rabbits!
 OTL chased me off the hole 'cos he said that the rabbits had all gone away and I would end up with sand in my fur and get it all over the seats in the car.


He does get all Showy Off sometimes!

 We bumped into Max on our way back and he and Holly exchanged notes on the days sniffs and what we could expect to get tomorrow.

He did tell us about a couple of Two Legs a bit further on who were looking out to sea through a telescope and scribbling things into a note book!

and there's a couple of TL down there acting suspiciously!
 We had seen this couple before and they were only looking at the birds but we didn't bother to go into details 'cos Max has enough trouble understanding his owners anyway!

Aha! The Lesser Spotted Ousalum Bird!
 Holly said that they were looking for the very rare Ousalum Bird who flies in ever decreasing circles until one day, Poof!

Holly says that there are not many left in the wild and the only ones she knows of are kept in a zoo with one leg tied to a post to stop it flying around!

Holly knows these things!

 She said that she knows a poem about the Ousalum Bird and one day she will tell it to me!

OK, off down stairs now to find out what OTL has got for dinner and will we like it?

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 26 November 2012

He's Done It Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

It has never ceased to amaze me to just how sneaky these Two Legs can be!

You know, you can sniff a chocy biscuit on their fingers and you offer to lick it off and they pretend that they haven't been near the biscuit barrel, just how daft do they think we are?

Just like this morning, there we were gently getting into the day, Holly was rolling onto her back in her bed, trying to forget about waking up before midday. I was cuddled up to Old Two Legs and chewing a bit of Rawhide chew that I had found at the bottom of the bed!

There it was, all warm and snuggly and set for a day of walks and rabbits and rats and other stuff as well!

We went out for our morning walk and looked at the sunrise over Sheerness, all the best places!

and a bit of Blue Sky as well!
Then I got attacked by a young Terrier called Charlie, who didn't like my cold wet nose under his tail!

Charlie with a Bad Attitude!
You know, he threatened to bite my tail off next time and I had to jump off The Sea Wall to get away from him!

Ooo, he was an angry young woofer!

Of course, he was all over OTL who tickled him and gave him a stroke as well, the creep!

The sun was getting up and the clouds were being chased across the sky by the wind and making holes so the sun could shine through!

So, OTL just had to get the camera out for some photos!

Look at the rain!
That was OK until we spotted the rain!

Off we went, running back to the car and luckily we managed to get back before the rain started!

Back home we had a super brush and some Doggy Chocs as a treat!

We could sniff the chicken that was cooling off and The Missus was tearing into small pieces for us.

Now, OTL says, 'Go on, into the kitchen and see what TM has for you' well, we know what she has, chicken and biscuits, does he think we have lost our noses or summat?

Still, we didn't take too much notice 'cos our eyes and noses were on TM and our breakfast!

We heard OTL go upstairs and only gave it a passing thought as he closed the kitchen door.

There was a bit of a 'Thump' from upstairs but we didn't pay too much attention, knowing how OTL is always dropping things and making a noise!

But then, as we were just getting into our breakfast, you know, 'Tail Up, Nose down', it was then that we heard the front door open and close!

He has sneaked off without us!

He has gone!

We rushed to the front window but by then he was half way down the road and heading for the hills!

Well, that was really sneaky, sneaky, sneaky SNEAKY OTL!

It didn't stop us eating breakfast but instead of having a snooze in our day beds in his office, Holly and I got up on his bed and snuggled down into his fleece that TM had put there, just for us!

So, we spent the morning snoozing and the afternoon as well until he came back.

Well, we forgave him and he got a good licking and woofing when he walked through the door this afternoon, just to show him we missed him, just a little bit!

Now, what has he got for dinner tonight?

Well, he has got to pay for being so sneaky!

Or is that us being sneaky as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Sun's Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a super sunny Sunday!

It was good to poke our nose behind the curtain and see the sun shining onto the pond this morning  and even better, it has stayed like that all day!

We were out first thing with Old Two Legs, the tide was in and there were a couple of fishermen there teaching the worms to swim!

We woofed 'Hello' and they laughed at us and one said that he would put us on his hook to catch the fish with!

I can't see OTL allowing that for a start!

There were no other dogs on The Sea Wall but we did sniff some of the locals who had been down there before us!

Yep! Billy and young Toby were here!

There were no birds on the beach because the tide was almost fully in so we couldn't even woof a hello to brighten their day!

Some times the sniffs get 'Joined up' and the one you think it belongs to in fact is only an 'addition' to the original!

Its Oscar, but how did he get it up this high!
We had a few 'Odd' looking sniffs and OTL said that we had been sniffing too much and were all 'Sniffed Out'!

Not that Holly and I worried about what he thought, we were OK doing our own thing!

Rat or Rabbit or Squirrel or Sea Gull?
 OTL was more interested in watching the ships go by, he really should get a life and join us in investigating the sniffs!

We are Sailing, We are Sailing!
 Then Holly says 'I've got a feeling that The boys are visiting today'! Now, say what you want but when Holly gets these feelings, I normally listen!

The Boys are Here!
Well, we got back and it was just twenty minutes later when the door bell went and guess what, yep, there they are!

Holly went POTTY!

So did I!

They stayed for a couple of hours and then they were off again. Busy, Busy, Busy!

Holly and I are settling down to watch the F1 racing and looking forward to OTL getting dinner 'cos he's got curry tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Day of Wet Tails and Damp Paws!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Today has been one of those 'Snoozy Days', you know, a day when all your plans have to be put away for when the sun shine comes back!

We were up good and early this morning, we had to, The Missus was up early finishing off collecting all the bits for her 'Master Class' and making so much noise that we expected the neighbours at the end of the road to complain about it!

Even Old Two Legs wrapped his head in a pillow and groaned!

Mind you, he does that most mornings!

After we waved TM good bye, we set off for The Sea Wall and guess what?

It was raining!

It was also very misty out to sea and we saw something very strange out there, towards Essex, where everything is strange!

It looked like a very low ship, like one of those rubbish barges, but it seemed to have sort of lattice work holding a shed up in the air. 

Holly said it was part of an oil rig, on its side heading out to sea to drill for worms!

I thought it was some sort of crane jib being towed along by a tug.

OTL didn't seem to know what it was, so, being all 'Mr Clever Chops' he took a photo of it and showed us what it was, 'cos he can zoom right into the middle of the picture with his super duper doggy do dah camera!

Strange ship!
Yep, we understood straight away, it was Southend on Sea pier!

It was all the mist behind it obscuring the land, that's what confused us!

Back home for some Lambs Heart and biscuits and a snooze while OTL gets going doing some printing and framing of his pictures. Some of the Glencoe trip and others of flowers and trees.

Someone has asked to see samples of his work and who knows, they may even order some for their shops!

That  means he could be famous and have to go away and do 'Signings' of his work for people who buy the pictures and of course we would be just as famous as we would have to accompany him everywhere 'cos we are his 'Personal Body Guards'!

That of course meant that we didn't go into the garden to chase OTL around and play ball and jump into the piles of leaves or chase the cats.

All because OTL was working, oh, and also because it was pouring down with rain!

Our lunch time walk was very short, we jumped out of the car, rushed across the grass, had a quick wee and told OTL that we wanted to go home again 'cos it was too wet in the rain, even with our coats on!

You know, it was so wet and rainy, he didn't even take his camera with him!

So, the afternoon was spent snoozing in our day beds while OTL was 'Manufacturing', that was until TM came back.

We gave her a good 'Welcome Home' lick and settled down to a cuddle after mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

We have plans for tomorrow, depending on the rain, it involves Rabbits and Squirrels and Rats and Mouses and sun bathing by the pond.

As we said, it depends on the rain!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 23 November 2012

We Oh So Nearly Got It This Time!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Today we have been very good, Old Two Legs has been doing some printing today and that always gets him wound up. First the colours aren't quite right, then the printer runs out of ink, then it takes too long to pump the ink around the system, so he ends up with pictures where everyone looks like the colour of plums!

Oh, you should hear him getting 'The Grumbles' when it doesn't go right!

We almost got it right today.

On our morning run Holly found a good sniff, in fact it was so good that reckoned that the rabbit was still there in the grass!

I Know Your there, Show Yourself!
 I said that there was no way a rabbit was going to stay still and let a dog get so close and suggested she has been sniffing OTL's printer ink again!

Then, just as I said that, out flew the rabbit!

Well, Holly went right, I went left and we closed in on it and the speed of light!

The only problem was, this rabbit was going at Warp Factor 29.75~!

OK, we've got it trapped now!
 Some how and I really don't understand how, that rabbit got to the hole before us and with a bob of its tail, disappeared down the hole!

We stood there and Grumbled and Woofed and even blew Raspberries, but it wouldn't come out again!

Come out you coward!
 We had to go back home and tell The Missus haw we missed out on a Rabbit Stew for breakfast.

So to celebrate, she gave us Doggy Scoff!

Our walk down The Sea Wall after lunch was fun. Holly spotted some Gulls sitting on the breakwater waiting for the tide to go out.

Look! she said, if you swim out and catch them, there is enough for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner and Supper!

A Days Supply of Food!
 I did suggest that she might like to swim out, or in her case, she could pretend to be a big ice berg floating down the Medway!

That didn't go down too well!

OTL spotted the Egret flying along the shore line and said that it looked like two birds birds.

It took us a moment or two to work out what he was on about!

One or Two Birds?
 Holly found this super sniff on the sea wall and pronounced it was Worm.

So we reckon that either the Wormy Men had left their bucket on the wall and the worms got out and ran away, or, the fishermen had put their worms there  while they were fishing and forgot about them!

Mmm, Wormy Sniffs!
 Back home OTL spent all afternoon clearing the pond of leaves and trimming the tree in the garden, he was getting too upset with the printer and took it out on the tree. Poor thing is almost as bald as OTL!

Saturday tomorrow, TM is off to do her Master Class in card making. We think it is either Pan Pastels or maybe Blending or something like that!

See you tomorrow, we're off to mug OTL for some shortbread as he has decided to get the whisky out to help him forget about the printer!


Daisy & Holly