Thursday, 3 July 2014

So, Who is for a sea weed wrap?

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been very hot today, in fact so hot that the ferrets have spent most of the day on their 'Chilled Blanket' the one Old Two Legs has wrapped around a frozen block of something from the freezer!

Mind you, we haven't missed out on the 'Cooling Down Stuff' but more of that later!

This morning we were out a bit earlier, so we missed most of the usual woofers and we had the beach to ourselves.

Holly and I both decided to have a rest while the ferrets were playing in the sea weed.

Miss Snowflake says that if you lay down on the sea weed it is very cooling and most restful!

Well, whatever turns you on!

We said we preferred the beach 'cos we like the sand and as the tide had just gone out, it was still wet and damp, which was cooling as well!

We're the real 'Beach Babes'!
Mr Brambles was doing his 'Where's Me Head Gawn?' trick that we have seen so many times that now it's not even funny anymore!

Miss Snowflake was rolling on the sea weed and saying it was 'Really Cool'. We weren't sure if it was the sea weed that was cool or the act of rolling on it!

You don't know what your missing!
Back home we had some chicken and then headed off to the office for a well earned snooze before lunchtime.

OTL had spotted some more Soldier Beetles on the Thistles and this time he took his big camera and a tripod but forgot half of his flash system. So, he had to try to make the best of it with what sun there was.

Plus, the beetles weren't being very helpful, they kept on moving under the flower heads 'cos it was too hot!

OK, it's just too hot for all this stuff!
Remembering what Miss Snowflake had said this morning, I decided to try a Sea Weed Wrap and plonked myself down on the sea weed just off the beach.

Now, this looks like a good spot to try out this wrapping thingy!
 I will admit, it was rather good!

I could get used to this you know!
While I was 'Chilling Out', Miss Holly Dog wandered a bit further along the shore line until she ran out of sea weed.

Now, Holly Dog was as hot as I was and she has a thicker coat than I do, so, she was looking for a 'Cool Spot'.

She found one.

In the muddy pool of water just off the beach!

Well, Holly is not your normal Water Dog but today she decided to try a 'Mud Bath'! 

It cools yer bits off a treat!
That was it, I ran up the beach to where she was and we had a great game of 'Chase' along the muddy edge of the beach!

You know, OTL didn't even try to stop us! Not that he could have done anything without getting wet and muddy himself!

Come on OTL, Catch Me If You Can!
When we finally finished, we headed off to the car park. I said that I wanted to sit in the front seat on the way back and Holly said it was her turn 'cos I sat in the front on the way down here.

OTL said we were both going to sit in the back 'cos we were heading for a hose down as soon as we got home!

Hose down? Us? Why?

It's just a splash or two!
 Holly reckons that it will dry off in no time and we didn't need a wash, not really!

I don't know what the fuss is all about!
We had to go into the house, by the back gate and before being allowed in, we both got a good soaking with the garden hose!

I wonder if we will be allowed to play in the mud again tomorrow?

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.