Monday, 6 May 2013

A Bank Holiday Like Wot it Used to Be, (According to OTL)

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Now we know that Old Two Legs is as old as the hills, and maybe a bit older, but he was telling us about when he was a youngster and how wonderful the weather was on Bank Holidays. We are just amazed that  he can remember back that far!

Well, he says that today has been the best Bank Holiday for many years, maybe he is right, we can only remember back three years!

We were going down the Forest but because it has been so hot, we decided to go down on The Sea Wall and enjoy the sea breezes.

Now, that's OK by us, including Snowflake 'cos she hasn't been down the Forest yet!

This morning we were kept on a 'Short Lead' 'cos OTL said he was fed up being pulled all over the place by us three! So we got taken to the very middle of our walk where we turn to go home and then it was Snowflakes turn to decide where we went, we went ever where, past the Rabbits, along The Sea Wall, around the back of the Rabbit Bushes, behind the Car Park and finally back down to the Rabbit Bushes!

I don't know about her but we were worn out!

Back home to Doggy Scoff  and a snooze while OTL finished off the big car.

OTL came back in and started to clean out Snowflakes house. He was vacuuming out all the old Ferret Nuggets from the second floor in Snowy Heights when he heard Holly doing her 'Warning Growl', hey up, thought OTL that's not like her. So off he went to investigate.

I was on top of the bed looking down onto Holly's bed on the floor. She was curled up inside her bed, having a well earned snooze, except that she was being woken up by a ferret licking the inside of her ear!

Snowflake was giving it some stick, slurp, slurp, lick, lick!

Holly was doing the 'ifyoukeeponlickingmyearlikethatI'mgoingtotakethattoungeofyoursandshoveitwherethesundon'tshineSavvy?'

I think that OTL got to Snowflake just in time and Holly got a 'Good Girl' and a stroke from OTL.

OTL said that in Ferret Land, ear licking is a way of bonding. Holly said that if she does it again she will bond Snowflake to the back of the Rag and Bone mans horse and cart!

Lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall again and it was so crowded, loads of people, all over the place!
Too Many Cars!
Too many People and some were Cooking Food! 

That was just too much for Holly, she said that they should be banned from tormenting poor little doggy's like us!

Cooking Food!
No matter where we went we couldn't get away from them!

Oh No Not More Of Them!
OTL and Holly were playing on the beach chasing Whelk Egg Sacks around, I decided that OTL should throw the ball, and I told him so, trouble was, he had forgotten the ball!

Oi Where's The Ball?
 As we got to the end of the Sea Wall where we turn around and head back to the car, we spotted a really Big Wobbly Bozo Type dog, sniffin along the mud and trying to look like he knew what he was doing, obviously a tourist, so we stood there for a while watching him!

Yo Bozo!
 OTL told us off for staring at him and said that one day we would get a good woofing at for being such rude puppy's!

As Holly says, 'He's got to catch us first!'

I found a Super Sniff to roll in, so I waited for OTL and Holly to get ahead and had a seriously good roll before OTL spotted me and chased me back to the car calling me a 'Smelly Nelly'!

Do I care?
This is really Living!
 Because it was a bit warm this afternoon, OTL had this brilliant idea, well, he thought it was good!

He filled a big tray full of water, it was sort of luke warm and into it he put a couple of Snowflakes favourite squeaky toys. The tray was in the shower and we wondered what he was going to do.

He went and got Snowflake and put her in the shower and squeaked the toys a couple of times.

Snowflake sort of jumped over the side to get her toys and went head first into the water!

She jumped out very quickly!

Then OTL picked her up and lowered her, tail first, back into the tray. Well we decided that Snowflake was not into swimming or water, we could tell that by the way she jumped out of the tray and went flying towards OTL who picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and dried her off!

Snowflake said she doesn't do water or swimming or getting wet!

Ho well, I'm the only one who likes a paddle!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (still with a damp tail!)