Friday, 1 March 2013

Funny Friday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again.

You will be glad to know that Snowflake is enjoying her new bed. First of all Old Two Legs put her sleeping blanket in the new bed to show her that was where she sleeps now.

So she threw the blanket out straight away!

Next she did her Ferret House Moving thing, that's where she gets behind things and heaves them around the place until she is satisfied they are in the correct position, (sometimes up side down!).

Finally, with the bed at a forty five degrees angle, the bed is now resting on the floor and her poo tray, she climbs in and falls asleep!

This morning OTL cleans Snowy Heights out and replaces the bed so it is flat on the ground and comfortable for her.

When she went back in there after her run around the office, she was worn out 'cos OTL had been playing with her, having a 'Chase the Ball' game.

What he does is to get her squeaky ball, give it a squeak and she rushes up, grabs the ball and runs off to hide it, then OTL squeaks the next ball and off she goes again.

When OTL runs out of balls, he grabs the first one  from the hiding place and gives it a squeak and off she goes again!

A game like that can go on until she falls exhausted onto the carpet and refuses to play any more until she has a drop of Ferretone and a slurp of water!

Before we left for our walk, we had a look at Snowflake and there she was, exhausted and curled up in her new bed!
A bit Tired, but I'll Be Back!
 Down on The Sea Wall it was raining, so on with our coats and off for a run!

We played 'Chase The Ball' 'cos it was the new ball and it bounced so high we sometimes lost sight of it!

Holly soon got fed up 'cos it just flew through the air and sped off down the path, too fast for her!

I carried on and at one time I tried tricking OTL into believing I had found another ball in the hole on the beach!

Look! I got another ball!
The rain started to get heavier and with wind blowing as well the wet started to dribble down out necks and up under the coats!

Come on OTL, get on with this walk, we want to go home!

So that was it, the ball back in his pocket and off we go!

Holly was leading the way and as normal, was in a hurry to get back, food was calling!

Come on you two, I'm Starving!
On the way we spotted some Two Legs walking along but without a dog!

They ain't got a dog, is that allowed?
 Back home to some greasy chicken and biscuits and a snooze with OTL in the office. You know what? That ferret was still snoring her head off in the new bed!

Relaxed! Really Relaxed!
Lunchtime was OK for walking 'cos the rain had stopped but the wind was still blowing in off the sea. I for one will be glad when it warms up a bit and OTL can take Snowflake out for a run with us!

Now that will confuse the Two Legs when they see her!

Come on! I'm Ready for our Game!
We had a bit of a chase and a sniff then back to work for OTL and he hasn't been out of the office all afternoon!

This Working Thing is sooo BORING!
Poor lad, but if he wants to keep us in Doggy Scoff and chews then he has to do it!

He put a big box down and some of his stuff in a big plastic bag.

Mmmm! What's This?
 You know, the next thing we see is Snowflake trying to pinch it all and hide it where she keeps her squeaky toys!

Do you think he will notice they have gone?
That was it, back into Snowy Heights she went and as soon as she got there, she showed off 'cos she wanted to come out again!

Well, maybe later when all the work is done!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake ex SAS (Steal & Stash)