Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Haircut and a Bath put off for a whole month!

Hello All,

The Princesses Daisy and Holly are back among you again!

We've had a funny old day today, first of all there was Old Two Legs going potty in the office trying to get all the paperwork sorted and stuff manufactured and ready to dispatch.

Plus all the stuff that comes in, only to be repacked and shipped out again!

We went out with him delivering and visiting the accountant and we were expecting a good run in the New Park!

No such luck, OTL was ducking and diving all over the place and we ended up down at the Riverside Park.

That was OK, not as long as a visit to the New Park, but we got to run about and chase a seagull or two!

While we were out OTL tried to get us booked in for a hair cut and bath as we have not had one since December last year and we are getting a little 'Hairy'!

Well, when he telephoned and the earliest they would do it was the 10th June!

OTL tried all the 'Old Charm' then he tried the 'They can't see where they are going' tale, then there was the 'But we are such good customers' but none of it worked. We are still going on 10th June!

One of the down sides of leaving the hair cut bit so late is that we need more brushing to keep the knots out of our fur, so we get the normal brush in the morning and now, we're getting a much longer brush in the evening.

The brush in the evening is much better, you see OTL has a little more time to spend gently getting all the knots out and we, full of dinner, just lay back and enjoy being pampered!

I mean, you don't know what luxury is until you've had your belly brushed with a smooth brush!

Holly normally gets done first because she is down with OTL trying to mug some shortbread and I'm upstairs on the bed having a pre night time snoozett!

Holly says that when OTL has brushed her, she feels just like a 'Princess', all brushed and the bits of 'garden' removed from her 'important places'!

I know what she means, I feel super clean and ready for bed after he has finished and my fur feels silky smooth!

So, us two little Princesses are off to bed early  'cos we got lots more to do tomorrow and we hope to get to the New Park as well! All before lunch time and in the afternoon, we going over to see The Boys 'cos The Missus has got to do her Baby Sitting, Ooops! No, it's 'Child Minding', duties!

Nearly got caught out there!

Bye Bye for now you Woofers,

See you tomorrow!


HRH's Daisy & Holly