Saturday, 30 November 2013

What A Day Today Has Been!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, late but very happy!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a Day!

Old Two Legs was up as soon as the alarm went off and he did his thirty minutes on the rowing machine and sort of got carried away 'cos he managed eleven hundred strokes by the time the half an hour was showing on the clock!

Then it was a quick rush around to clean the cage up before heading off to the Sea Wall.

I must say that we didn't hang about too much, you know, a quick wee and a poo, three holes dug and several sniffs before heading back to the car.

One thing that  cheered Snowflake up was the super sunrise, it made us all happy to be alive!

What a Super Sunrise!
 We all headed back to the car in double quick time and Holly and I stayed away from the serious sniffs and didn't roll in anything at all, we were good girls!

Back to the car!
Back home The Missus was waiting and pretty soon we had everything loaded up ready to go!

When we got to the Harrietsham Village Hall there were people there already with cages and loads of ferrets!

The Hall
 Now, I want you to take note of the thing at the bottom of the photo, the one with a dogs lead on top.

It took some time to get everything unloaded and the ferrets in their cage and on the table. We went out with The Missus for a walk and a wee in the park next to the hall while OTL got all settled in and the forms filled out with our ferrets names and what sections they were entering.

The classes available were Albino Jill (Snowflake) Judges Favourite ( Snowflake and Mr B) Sandy Hob (Mr B) Disabled Ferrets (Mr B) Then there were other contests like Cutest Face, Longest ears, Longest Legs, Fluffiest Tail and stuff like that!

After filling in all the forms OTL got a few minutes to go around and have a look at all the other ferrets and take his camera with him.

The first cage he stopped at had a pair of Hairy Tailed Woofer Ferrets!

OK, Very Funny, Now Let Us Out!
It was us! In a cage!

It seems that the people hiring out the hall didn't like the idea of animals running loose around the hall! Us? Running loose? Never!

Luckily for us Roy, who runs the Rescue Centre, had brought along the cage especially for us.

Thanks Roy!

Snowflake and Mr Brambles were getting ready and decided to have a snooze while all the Two Legs were getting themselves sorted out!

Snoozy Time!
OTL was sussing out the competition and was mightily impressed with what he saw like this one who was on a table across the isle.

Just look at those Whiskers!
On the next table there was a ferret who had seen this all before and spent most of the day being cuddled while he was stretched out on his back and having his tummy tickled!

A very Laid Back Ferret!
In the next cage to Snowflake and Mr B there was one all on his own, his name is Frank and his owners are talking about getting him a mate, a bit like our ferrets. We know he will be happy with that plan!

This is Frank, checking out the Jill's!
While he was doing that his owners were chatting to Roy about visiting the Rescue Centre to find him a mate!

Roy 'Having a Chat'!
Now, remember our cage? well, these Two Legs can be very cruel, just look at this. This terrible Two Legs, goes by the name of .........SUE.........! Stood in front of our cage, eating a big Hot Dog in a big roll and didn't even offer us a nibble!

It's more than a Puppy could Stand!
You know we tried lifting our paws up and then I even tried whimpering. Holly said she was starving and feeling faint with hunger pangs but we still didn't get a nibble, not even a sniff!

She is off our Christmas Card List for certain!

We met up with Mick and Nicky who said 'Hello' and told OTL that they always read our blog and have a good laugh at our antics!

Mick & Nicky (Lovely People!)
 Hi Mick! Hi Nicky!

Mr Brambles was getting a bit wound up and that meant he started his 'Let's Kick The Poo Pot' which went flying and the water bowl got a good kicking as well, so, as not to disturb Snowflake, OTL took Mr B out and gave him a soothing cuddle. It seemed to work and he quietened down, especially when we told him we had discovered something about his past!

A Cuddle with OTL.
OTL was chatting to Christine (Roy's better half!) asking about Mr Brambles past and it seems that he is a father of eight but his owner couldn't cope with all the family, so that is why he ended up in the Rescue Centre. The biggest surprise of the day of Mr B's sons was in the hall and OTL was taking Mr B to see him!

Hello Son, how are you doing?
There was loads of sniffing and there was a nose lick as well and it was great to see the look on Mr Brambles face. His son, called Buddy, was saying that he had a great home and was happy.

Mr B commented on the fact that Buddy was even bigger than him and was nearly as handsome!

He couldn't stop talking about him all afternoon!

Around lunch time the judging started, there were loads of classes so it was going to be a long afternoon!

Holly and I settled down and gave into doom and despondency as the ferrets were called for judging.

Long afternoon ahead Sis!
 I'll tell you some more tomorrow, we are both very tired and in need of a snooze!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr (Daddy) Brambles!