Friday, 7 November 2014

Forest Fungi, Galloping Woofers and Scary Cat Brambles!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Wot a Friday!

We were out good and early 'cos Holly got Old Two Legs up at two thirty this morning 'cos she still had a Grumbly Tummy. That means we didn't get back to sleep and The Missus joined in by tossing and turning so much she kicked both Holly and me off the bed!

Well, there was nothing left but to get up earlier than normal!

When we got to the Rabbit Field, Holly said that she could see a load of Galloping Woofers!

Look! Galloping Woofers!
 It was raining, but not too much, so with out coats on we headed for The Beach!

OK, but I'm not going in for a swim!
Mr Brambles said that as the ferrets didn't have rain coats they should get a 'Carry' from the Woofers!

Gissa Lift Miss?
 Holly was trying to negotiate a fee for Ferret Carrying when Miss Snowflake noticed that OTL had crouched down to re tie his boot lace and quick as a flash, both ferrets climbed back into the bag!
Move over, I'm here!
Of course, a bit further on OTL emptied both ferrets out with the instruction to 'Get Out and Walk!'

Mr Brambles headed for the wet grass for a morning wash while Snowflake started to show off 'cos she wanted to get back in the bag!

I'm not going to forget this!
Back home for a game with Holly and then I got to go up in the loft with OTL for a sniff to see if there was anything new!

Lunchtime we were off to do some deliveries and then, 'The Forest'! OTL reckoned that there should be some more fungi showing so he took his Macro Lens to see what he could find.

First off there was a Puff Ball that if you touched the ball, then a puff of smoke came out of the hole in the top!

OTL said it wasn't smoke, instead it was spores, or fungi seeds!

A Puffing Puff Ball!
Holly and I met up with a couple of Two Legs that were out for a walk in the forest and Holly said that she could sniff sarnies, so we tried to mug them but they wouldn't give us anything at all!

Go on, just a little nibble of your sarnie!
OTL was busy snapping away at every bit of fungi he could see. We have seen all the fungi before, so nothing new came up but they had become more numerous!

More fungi under the logs.
 Holly and I were more interested in the squirrels and we spent so much time watching the trees that we both ended up with sore necks!

Why won't they come down to play?
Back home, the Whizz Bangs started again and Holly and I ended up in OTL's office tucked under a couple of fleeces and with the TV volume turned up so it drowned out the noise of the Whizz Bangs. It didn't get rid of the noise but it helped!

So, here we are, under the desk hiding away from those Whizz Bangs, roll on tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.