Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Sun is back!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

It's Half Term Holidays for the young Two Legs around our village. You can see that 'cos with this cold weather, they tend to try to find somewhere sheltered to gather!

We are lucky 'cos we have a soft warm bed to snooze in and a warm office with Old Two Legs pounding away at his computer, well, what ever turns him on!

When we out first thing on The Sea Wall, the tide was out but the wind had dropped and the sun shone and it was very pleasant walk.

Pretty Autumn Colours
We had a look towards Essex just in case there were some rain clouds on the way, but there was sun shine over there as well!

Look Sun Shine over there!
The sniffs were interesting and some were new to us!

Mmmmm! Interesting!

Holly spotted a broken Fork Handle on the beach, she said that the worms must be big if they can bite the end off a garden fork!

Did a Worm do This?
Then we spotted a Wormy Man heading back to the Sea Wall and we could see he had his fork!

This Wormy Man has his Fork!

One of the things about Half Term is that the beach gets visits from Mummy's and Youngsters, but we thought it was a bit cold for a Beach Party!

Can they make a Stone Castle on the beach?
There were some who brought their own tent with them to keep warm!

A Warm Shelter!
We were mooching along when we heard a lot of woofing behind us, it was the Shih Tzu dogs we meet sometimes. This time for whatever reason they were all woofing at us.

We can woof as well!
It must have caught Holly off guard 'cos she suddenly started giving the 'Serious Grumbles' which is a step away from the 'Really Serious Grumbles' which could end up in a real fight!

We don't like that growling!
OTL was crouched down and he held Holly next to his leg, so she was still having a good grumble but OTL was giving her a cuddle so she didn't start a proper fight!

She is still Grumbling!
The Shih Tzu dogs cleared off but kept turning around to see if Holly was coming after them!

 OTL was interested in a flower that was still blooming, he said it was a sort of clover type plant but it was still flowering at the end of October!

Late flower!
 If the weather keeps up like this OTL has promised us a trip down to The Forest and while he hunts for fungi, we can hunt for Squirrels!

Claws crossed for more sun shine!

So, bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Grumbles Over!)