Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Peter Jackson OTL is Not!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day we've had!

It started off this morning when we went out for our normal stroll along the beach. The sun was trying to poke through the clouds and foggy stuff and not making a good job of it. Mind you, Old Two Legs had fun saying he was 'Painting With Light' and was looking for a scene that had an 'Ethereal' look to it!

What ever turns you on! 

 Miss Snowflake was showing off. After her demanding her own Poo Pot, she now wants us all to turn around and face away from her while she has a wee! Well, I mean, I thought I was the shy one but I think she even has me beat!

No Peeking!
 Mr Brambles was in a good mood, charging around, digging holes and showing off his tail! He reckons that the tail may not be as big as Snowflakes but the colouring gives it more 'Depth'.

Holly reckons he has been listening to OTL again, 'Painting with Light'!

It has Class and Style and Depth to it!
 Holly and I were having a sniff on the beach when Miss Snowflake came creeping up the beach towards us. I was a good job Holly spotted her or we would have had her nipping at our heels!

'Fire In The Hold'!
Back home and we found that there was only 'Doggy Scoff' in our bowls, not the best start to the day!

However, things started to get interesting when OTL brought Tripods, Lights, Cables, Camcorder and other stuff down to where The Missus makes her cards.

Then we remembered, TM wants to put a film on You Tube!

It was so funny, TM was supposed to be the 'Star' and OTL was supposed to do the Directing. Well, it started off with OTL saying that TM should do a practise run first and TM telling him 'No', she was going 'Straight in' and that was 'cos she knew what she wanted to do and it wasn't going to take long and for him to 'Get On With It'!

After 'Take 27' she was getting 'Stressed'!

In the end she listened to OTL then said that she had a better idea and did exactly what OTL had suggested and called it her idea!

To cut a long tail short, she finally managed to get a demo done of her making a card and after OTL had messed about getting it on the computer and saving it in the file format that You Tube will accept, they started to load it up.

Now, we live in a 'Rural' part of the world and the telephone lines are not the best or clearest in the world and the Broadband, well let's say that sending a letter by 'Post Haste Stagecoach' is quicker!

The file is being uploaded now but the computer reckons it will take about eight hours to upload!

Eight Hours? It would be quicker to put it on DVD and send a copy out to to the six hundred 'Followers' she has on her blog!

Lunch time came and we were off to the beach again, the sun had crept out from behind all the mist and fog but out to sea Southend on Sea was still covered!

Southend on Sea In Fog!
 While we were walking along the beach we noticed a strange set of waves coming ashore, OTL reckons it could be the wash from a passing ship that finally arrived on our beach!

I see no Ship!
 So, that's our bit of fun, let's hope the sun keeps shining and makes the ground dry and gets rid of all the mud!

By the way, when the film uploads, you should be able to see it on:-


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!