Thursday, 12 December 2013

TM's Got The Sniffles and Mr B Escapes!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

The last few days have been frosty and very misty and today is no exception! Old Two Legs came out of the house with us on our lead and Snowflake in her travel cage and because we were pulling a bit, he skated the whole length of the path!

It was a good job the car was there or he could have ended up half way down the road!

We were OK 'cos we got 'Four Paw Drive' plus special 'Snow & Ice Grips' (Claws to You!)

Down on the Sea Wall the mist was not so thick as on the road going there, and the sun lit up the trees and the mist.

I see no Rabbits!
Miss Sneaky Snowflake had done her sneaky trick of getting into OTL's pocket again but this morning she had left her tail hanging out!

My Tail feels Cold!
 Down on the beach we tried to get the that super sniff and have another roll but OTL spotted what we were doing and came charging down the beach growling at us! So that was 'Good Bye' to that sniff!

We couldn't see Sheerness across the water but we could hear it, there was one ship that kept on sounding the fog horn but the shore based fog horn was silent, for a change!

A sort of Dickensian Scene, now, where's Magwitch! 
 Snowflake wasn't too impressed with the scene, all she could do was complain about the cold wet sea shells and how it all was just too cold on her tummy!

I Don't Do Cold & Damp and this beach is Cold & Damp!
Back home we greeted TM back from the Parlour and went Ooooo! and Aaaah! and Sooooper!

What did we get in return? ....................... DOGGY SCOFF!

It is bad enough having to cancel a trip to see Alun & Glynis that was planned today. We can't go 'cos TM has a rotten cold and is sniffling and sneezing all over the place. So, not wishing to give it to anyone, the visit is called off until next year!

We are all staying away from her 'cos we don't want to catch anything nasty before Christmas and the ferrets are running away to hide every time she comes into the office 'cos they can catch a cold from the Two Legs!

Mostly we are staying away from her 'cos she has served up DOGGY SCOFF, YUK! YUK! YUK!

No cuddles for her today!

Mr Brambles is full of life today and has been chasing around the office, in and out of the drawers in the office, throwing everything out onto the floor! Then he's getting lost behind all of OTL's photography stuff, tripods and lighting stuff!

OTL has got a big cardboard box that once he has emptied of stuff, he will make into an 'Adventure Playground' with inside tunnels and secret rooms to hide in and places full of scrunched up paper where the ferrets can bury themselves! Just in case though, the roof will be able to be opened, in case the ferrets get stuck or lost!

As if!

Come our lunch time walk, Mr Brambles was bashing on his door and saying that he is going crazy stuck in the cage all day. So, OTL relented and said that if he was a good boy then he could come out with us for a walk.

Having been told how to by Snowflake, he was soon trying out the 'Pocket Trick'!

I suppose it will be OK if it rains!
 Down on the beach he had a great time running over the sea shells and sniffing all the sniffs he has missed for the last week and a bit!

....and this one...and this one....and this one!
 Then he joined us in a 'Dig', Holly and I found a soft spot and were going like the clappers, so Mr Brambles decided to have his own hole and proceeded to shovel sand for all he was worth!

I've really missed hole digging!
 We were steaming and even OTL had to admit it was a 'Serious Hole'!

This is a Two Doggy Hole!
 On the way back to the car Mr Brambles was almost beside himself with pleasure, running and jumping all over the place, even his tail was up in 'Super Fluffy' mode!

You don't get fluffier than and Excited Ferret!
He said he couldn't remember the time when he had been so happy having a run! You know, he even chased us along the path laughing all the way!

Back home we all crashed out for a 'Before Dinner Snooze', not sure what is on the menu but what ever it is, it's just got to be better than Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Free at Last!)