Sunday, 8 December 2013

Snoozy Sunday and Snowflake gets Sneaky!

Hello Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We do enjoy a day with Old Two Legs, mainly because we can bully him into doing what we want!

Today was no exception!

We had to take The Missus up to the village hall for another one of her Master Classes, we think this is the last one before Christmas. Then off we went down to the Sea Wall for our morning stroll.

First of all Miss Snowflake did her bit of bullying, she wriggled around until she could get into OTL's inside pocket and there she stayed until we got to the beach! Sneaky or wot?

Down on the beach she called me over to her and said that she wanted OTL to get down so she could run up his leg and into the pocket again.

Call OTL over and pretend you got a thorn in your paw!
Well, I joined in the scam and called OTL but he was too far away from Snowflake for her to do the 'Sneaky Move'!

What's he doing over there?
 I was dismissed as 'Trying to Pull a Fast One' and told to 'Go dig a Hole'!

Miss Snowflake wasn't about to give up though. This time she refused to move and she stayed still, looking up and down the beach as though she was scared of something.

Now, that always gets OTL's sympathy, he doesn't like to see us scared, for whatever reason and as soon as he walked over to Snowflake and crouched down to give her a reassuring stroke....She shot up his leg onto his lap and up inside his jacket and into his pocket as quick as a flash!

Oh! OTL, I'm Frightened!
 OTL laughed at her trick and let her stay in the pocket until we got onto the path, then he scooped her up out of his pocket and she had to run the rest of the way back to the car!

By the time we got back home there was no time to cook our Chicken Breakfast 'cos Mr Brambles had an appointment, so Holly and I got up onto the sofa and had a snooze while Mr B went off to get his jab.

The vets place was a long way away but Mr B enjoyed the drive 'cos since not feeling too well he has been 'Confined to Barracks' and has been bored out of his brain! He says that even going out to get stabbed by the vet is exciting!

Rather him than me!

When he got there he was weighed and he is still 1.08kg, so no increase in weight from yesterday but he is a lot brighter and is eating and drinking as he should and his poo is getting more 'Ferret Like', so the vet was pleased with that!

OTL got out the bottle of Ferretone and the vet says 'Wossat?' and OTL says 'When he is licking this you could saw his leg off and he wouldn't notice, so get on with the injection!'

The vet did and was mighty impressed, Mr B carried on slurping and didn't even do his 'What the Woof!' bit but carried on slurping!

The vet says 'I'll have to get some of that!' and makes notes on the computer!

Back home we get OTL cooking and up comes Chicken, cooked to perfection, cut into doggy sized mouthfuls all warm and super!

Holly and I were both 'Nose Down & Tail Up' and didn't come up for air until the bowls were licked clean!

Then it was time for our midday walk, so off we went and you know what? It was warm! The sun was out and the tide was coming in! A delightful walk!

Holly spotted that the Old Fort had been messed about with. A few days ago there was a film crew out there with lights and stuff and now they had gone but left some of the scenery behind!

Our Film Set.
 On the way back Holly spots some of our old mates and between the four of us we have a good game of chase, the only trouble was, they were all chasing me!

Save me Daddy!
Back home I had just sat down to do this blog when TM rang to say she was ready to be picked up from the hall, so of went OTL while I finished this off.

Which I have now done, so, see you tomorrow and it's off to mug OTL!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!