Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Woden's Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again with you!

Happy Woden's Day to you! Woden is the 'Top God' of the Angles and Saxons and also the leader of the 'Wild Hunt'. So that means he must have chased loads of squirrels 'cos they get pretty wild when you get going chasing them!

The Boys stayed over last night, so we were up early this morning. Our walk down by the Sea Wall was great, the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze that had the smell of Spring in it!

Needless to say, the most noise came from The Boys as they tried to chase us across the grass, No chance, I mean, they even run like a Pair of Fairies!

They run like a Pair of Fairies!
Then they decided to show us how to fly! I mean, experts like us, taking lessons from a pair of two legs!


Bird Poo #1
Just look, they can't even get horizontal flight, they just dropped like a lump of bird poo!

Bird Poo #2

Now come on, just who do they think they are? We can fly better than that, on just one leg!

Holly found this bit of old sponge type of stuff that Old Two Legs says is a load of old egg sacks, she showed us how to throw it up in the air and catch it again! She was dancing all over the beach with it having a great time!

Playing Catch!
On the way back to the car The Boys had another discussion on sword fighting, so Holly and I legged it 'cos you know what was going to happen...............another fight!

Another 'Discussion' in the making!
Back home to some breakfast and a snooze until lunch time. We decided it would be a good idea to stay away from deep mud and big puddles, so, off to the New Park. They have proper paths for the Two Legs and well drained grass for us dogs and the horses!

The Boys were throwing our ball so Holly and I had a great game of 'Chase'!

On the way to get our ball Holly thought that it had been snaffled by a passing dog, so she asked for it back, only to be told, 'Sminesogerroff'!

Smy Ball!
 Mistake made and Holly backed off, she's not daft my sister! So we went chasing our ball again until this enormous long legged Bichon Frise on Steroids came bounding up to us with it's eye on our ball!

OTL picked up his camera and ran off a couple of shots. The noise it made stopped Lilly (her name) in her tracks!

Hey! Wossat?
 When she had decided the camera and OTL were no danger, in she dived looking for our ball!

Gotcha Ball Girls!
She was a bit bouncy for us but we had a little chase around and finally we got our ball back!

By now The Boys were having 'discussions' again. You know they are worse than us for fighting!

A Rational Discussion!
Tonight we have got some chicken and best of all, everyone else is having chicken, so you know what that means, yep!

Open Season for mugging chicken from Everyone!

Then of course there's OTL's shortbread!

It's going to be a Busy Busy night!

Bye for now, see you on Thor's Day, but that's another story!


Daisy & Holly