Monday, 13 February 2012

Moon's Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's Monday or Moon's Day and here we are again!

We we up good and early this morning, I jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed, gave The Missus a lick on the ear and did the same to OTL!

Holly on the other paw, sat at the bottom of the bed, on the floor, and did one of her 'Excuse me, I need a lift' type of woofs!

Yep, OTL got up and lifted her up onto the bed!

Just for that, she curled around the top of his head and gave his ears and bald patch a good licking!

Then we all went back to sleep and didn't get up until half seven!

Down to the Sea Wall and this time we left our coats at home, it was much warmer out and the snow has almost gone!

Hello Wormy!

The Wormy Men were out on the mud, as usual, and we spotted some Brent Geese, the bunch that always hangs out off the Sea Wall. OTL sneaked up behind the Wave Breaker and popped his camera over the top, only to see Holly paddling in the mud in front of the geese!

Brent Chicken.

He got a couple of shots but the sun was behind the geese, so, no super sharp pictures, just 'record shots' as he calls them!

When we got back home, Holly was on the computer with the pictures, she had enlarged them up to maximum. We could hear her muttering, 'Well, they look like chicken'!

After lunch we had to deliver some stuff, so off we went with him, just to make sure OTL didn't get lost!

Holly had decided that a run around The Farm would be a good idea 'cos there were squirrels reported there last week!

The Chase Starts!

We were chasing in and out of the trees, up and down the hills, OTL joined in the chase, even if he was a bit slow!

Look! There's another one!

We had a rip roaring time. By the time we had finished we were all exhausted!

Back from the Chase!

I managed to see two squirrels up in the trees, Holly said she chased a 'Something' down a hole but wasn't too sure what it was!

When we got home we both had to have a wash down 'cos our legs were very muddy, like yucky!

So, Lambs Heart tonight followed by a snooze in front of the television, just like OTL!

See your tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly