Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Off to see The Boys

Hello Woofers,

D&H here again.

We had an exhausting day today, first of all there was the 'getting up' bit, you know, the transition between waking up and having an 'after get up snooze', but, we're tough little puppies and we managed to find our day bed without too much trouble!

Then there was the going out for 'walkies', first of all with The Missus and then a run along the Sea Wall with Old Two Legs.

After lunch TM took us off to collect The Boys from school and for a change we went down to The Lakes for a run around.

We met up with a Spaniel dog who was chasing a ball being thrown by his owner. Well, we joined in the chasing bit and for about two hours we were chasing up and down the hill. The ball would get thrown and us and Ralph (that's his name)  chased after the ball. We were not as fast as Ralph and he always got to the ball first, but that didn't stop Holly and me from having a go!

Mind you, we are Terrier Types and don't do the retrieving bit like Ralph, we sort of chase after it, bite it and look for the next one to chase.

Us Terriers don't do 'fetch and carry'!

Well, needless to say, after two hours of running around we were tired little puppies and when we got home we decided that an early night would be a good idea, in fact, I was in bed by eight thirty!

So, with another big yawn, it's good night from me and a good night from her!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly