Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wot the Hector was that all about

Hi Woofers!

The Heeland Mob here again! McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Well fans, we have had a proper storm up here in the West Highlands, the storm named Hector came blasting in from The West and sent the caravan rocking and rolling all over the place!
It was a good job that Old Two Legs had put a big strap across the waning to stop it from being blown away!
There was so much rain that there were big puddles inside the awning!

We cuddled up with OTL last night and stayed in the same place all night long!

This morning it was still blowing like mad, OTL says that it was forecast to reach fifty or sixty miles an hour with gusts up to seventy!

Where we are, we are protected by a big hill to the west, so we didn't get the full force of the storm!

First thing this morning The Missus took us out for our morning wee and got all dressed up in the wet weather gear, except, she didn't put her wellies on, instead she went out in her dancing pumps!

Soppy TM came back with soggy socks!

The ferrets were awake and Eric was having fun winding Holly up safe that he was inside the cage!

Who's a Wimpy Woofer?
 We tried not to rise to the bait but Holly did mumble something about Ferret on Fried Bread being just right for breakfast!

Ferret on Fried bread with a couple of slices of bacon and some mushrooms on the side and fried tomatoes!
Because of the rain and wind the ferrets had to have their morning rampage in the the caravan. Now that is not so bad really 'cos Holly and I are put up on the bed while the ferrets charge about up and down the caravan. We leave then to it and as long as they don't climb up onto the bed we are content to just watch them!

Eric trying to help TM do the washing up!
 After the breakfast was served, (Lactose free milk and some Brambles Biscuits) it was then time to rampage around the caravan!

Let's see how fast I can go from one side to the other, without falling off!
 Once all the cages have been cleaned and ferrets reinstalled, it was time for our late morning walk along the beach. The rain had stopped and the wind was still blowing but we were in need of a run and OTL wanted some fresh air as well!

Off we went!

Tide coming in , wind blowing the sand but it's not cold!
 Being a beach, there were loads of sniffs on the sand and well, a woofer  has just got to do wot a woofer has got to do!

This is just great, and OTL hasn't told me to stop either!
 We went for a long walk up the beach, about half a mile, Holly and I were on the watch out for rabbits but they stayed in their warrens, maybe they don't like wind!

Getting close to High Tide
Holly and I are still on this Chicken and Rice diet, no nibbles off of OTL's plate or bits of bacon of TM's plate, it really is hard on a woofer!

Mind you, Holly's Grumbly Tum seems to have cleared up, so the right results have happened!

Now OTL says that Holly has got to loose a whole kilogramme 'cos she is just too porky, well actually it was the vet who said she had to loose weight!

You can really go off vets when they say things like that!

With a bit of luck the wind will have dropped tomorrow so we can all have a run on the beach without getting blown over!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan.