Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mr Brambles gets out first!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

It's been a Lazy Day today, The Missus filled out food bowl with Doggy Scoff, so no cuddles for her today!

This morning Old Two Legs was late in getting up 'cos he turned the alarm off too early and instead of listening to the news all we heard was him snoring again! Mind you, he did complete his half an hour on the rowing machine and managed to get up to one thousand, two hundred and sixty strokes!

The drag level is up to number six and there is only eight levels of drag!

Mind you, the grunting and heavy breathing is something else!

Snowflake decided to go back to bed but Mr Brambles was up for an early morning run along the Sea Wall and rushed into the travel cage before he had even got his harness on!

Down on the Sea Wall there was a competition to see how many worms each fisherman could teach to swim!

We were on the beach having fun digging holes and rolling in some sniffs while Mr B was digging holes up the other end of the beach!

I just LOVE a Roll!
You know, there was one Fisherman who set up his rods just above the rocks that the ferrets love to climb. Lucky for him it didn't interfere with the ferret or he might have had a very upset ferret to answer to!

He could be in trouble!
 Being so late, there were loads of dogs out for their walk, one of the Bozo's by the name of Andy was so interested in Mr B that when he got home and let off the lead he turned around and ran all the way back to the beach for another sniff!

Needless to say, he was in deep trouble and got marched all the way back again!

Back home we spent the morning snoozing until lunch time when we were off again but this time with Miss Snowflake in the travelling cage. On the way down there were rain drops on the car screen, so Holly and I were not too keen about a run in the rain!

When we got there the Fishermen had packed up and were heading off, so that means a good clear run along the Sea Wall without tripping over their stuff!

Snowflake of course was dug deep in OTL's pocket and even attempted to fall asleep!

Wake me later!
 Down on the beach Holly and I had a sniff around but Snowflake didn't really get interested until she had got to the Rocks!

Easy! Easy! Easy!
 Holly was interested in the sniffs around the top of the stairs and declared that it was the trace of Mr Brambles who passed this way this morning!

I know this sniff!
 Once she had got to the top of the stairs Miss Snowflake got into top gear and soon was speeding along and heading for the car and a warm cage!

Out of my way! Ferret on her way through!
Holly and I thought it fun that once she got going there was nothing that would stop our speedy little Miss Snowflake!

Back home Mr B was still fast asleep and within a couple of minutes Snowflake had found the food bowl, had a bite to eat, then a drink, a quick cuddle with OTL and then she was asleep!

She does move fast when she wants to!

As it was raining, that means the garden will have to wait and cleaning the car was ruled out as well!

It was TM who suggested we watch a DVD and have a snooze, which was OK by OTL and I must admit, Holly and I thought it a good idea as well!

So, muggins later and an early night 'cos OTL has to go out tomorrow morning, work again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles