Saturday, 30 March 2013

Snow, Wind & Cold!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you on a rather drafty Easter Holiday!

We were hoping for a bit of sun shine, gentle breezes and a bit of sun bathing. Wot did we get? Wind, cold and snow!

We'll be glad when Spring starts proper!

Down on The Sea Wall this morning we met up with Barney #2, he is a right pickle, tearing around all over the place, chasing Holly and me. Well, at one point I had to get up on Old Two Leg's lap 'cos I was going dizzy!

Hello Ladies!
 I've never seen a puppy move so fast! He was all over the place, we reckon he must get fed on 'Jumping Beans!'

He only stopped once and that was to give us a chance to run away!

Go on, I'll count to five before coming after you!
 Back home there was a super bowl of chicken waiting for the pair of us followed by a brush and a snooze!

OTL was playing with Snowflake who emptied the drawer again and then rolled over on her back, on OTL's lap, so he had a go at tickling her and she did a little chuckle and didn't bite him!

Now, that's progress!

 Lunchtime were were out again but it was even colder! The tide was right in and we met up with a fisherman who hadn't caught anything and what was worse, he had eaten all his sandwiches!

No Fish, No Sandwiches!
 We left him to get on with it but the tide was really rushing up the beach and Holly reckons that before long he will have to fish from the car park!

Chasing Fishermen!
 OTL was alternating between throwing the ball for us and taking photo's of the waves!

Small Splashes!
 While he was waiting for the waves, we were charging up and down the Sea Wall playing 'Chase'. First I had the ball then Holly would get it and it was during a 'Push & Shove' to get the ball, it rolled off the Sea Wall onto the beach.

Neither of us fancied going onto the beach to get the ball 'cos the waves were rather big down this end of the beach, so we decided that if anyone was going to risk getting wet, it was going to be OTL!

I'm sure it's your turn to get the ball!
 We stood for a while and then called OTL over to get the ball and put it in his pocket for safe keeping until tomorrow!

A Big Splash!
 Just around the corner OTL spotted a flock of Sanderling's trying to decide where to land but the tide was right in and the beach had disappeared as well, so they turned around and went back up the other end of the beach!

Come on Lads, it's this way!
 Holly reckons that it would be a good idea to get back home to a warm Day Bed and a snooze!

Snowflake is really moulting now and every time OTL picks her up he gets covered in her hair, you know we don't moult so all the white hair that is found in our house belongs to Snowflake.

OTL says that a moulting ferret is a good sign of Spring, Snowflake says it has something to do with the hours of daylight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake