Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Broad Day

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here!

After we posted the blog yesterday, Old Two Legs asked what was for dinner, 'Salad and Meat' says The Missus, 'Yuk!' says OTL!

Salad to OTL is about the same as Doggy Scoff to us!

'How about a Chinese?' says OTL reaching for his triple locked wallet.

Well, we had some chicken chow summat and King Prawns and some other rice type of stuff.

After the chicken nibbles we managed to mug Holly started on the stuff OTL calls 'Plawn Clackers!'

I only have a few bits of the Plawn Clackers but Holly just loves them!

OTL picked up one, took a small bite and looked the other way, just long enough for Holly to lean over and bite a big lump out of the remaining bit in OTL's hand!

Naughty Holly! Still, it got her a couple of full sized ones to nibble on!

This morning we stayed in bed a bit later than normal 'cos we were tired after yesterdays running around on the beach. When we finally did get up TM told us that we were to 'Clear Off' today 'cos she had plans to play with all her Ally Pally purchases and didn't want us under her feet!

Well, that was it, after our walk in the forest (Holly is still not happy about going in there!)

Holly is Still Moaning!
Then we set off for a RSPB site near to Great Yarmouth.

When we finally arrived at the place, it had gone! I mean, like, there was no sign of an RSPB site, just a factory type building and notices telling us all to 'Clear Off' 'Sounds a bit like TM!' says Holly!

OTL had a look on his SatNav Gizmo Thingy and said there was another site a few miles away, so off we went singing our driving songs!

We landed up at a very small car park and a sign telling us we were at Buckenham Marshes!

This Be Buckenham!
The path down to the waters edge was across a railway crossing where we had to open and close heavy white gates and listen to find out if there were any trains coming, which there weren't, lucky for us!

Off we went past fields full of geese and swans and coots and moor hens and herons and a Kestrel looking for lunch!

Anyone for Lunch?
We ended up stopping at a big river.

The Broads!
OTL said it was called The Broads, a big sort of inland waterway where everyone runs around in boats going Yo Ho! To each other and other nautical stuff they learnt from reading boaty books!

Holly said it all looked pretty daft to her 'cos where could a poor doggy go when they wanted a wee?

What do your when you want a Wee?
We walked for miles along the river bank saying 'Hello' to the fishermen who were trying to teach their worms to swim, as normal!

Another Fisherman!
We woofed at a couple of those inland boaty things and OTL told us if we woofed too much he would throw us in The Broads and make us swim back!

I'm Not Swimming in There!
Yeah Right, just see what TM would say about that!

We came across an old Windmill that had lost all it's windy bits and was now a place where they kept an electrical pump to pump water from the ditches out to the big river.

A Windy Pumpy Thingy!
OTL spotted some egg shells that he reckons are pigeon eggs and they had come from a nest box that looked like it was meant for Barn Owls!

We walked all the way to the end of the path then turned around and headed back to the car. I was getting a bit tired, so I did my 'Pick Us Up OTL' trick and he heaved me up on his shoulder for a while. You know, he is a bit of a wimp, there I was sitting on his shoulder when I started to slip a bit, so I dug my claws in to stop me falling off. The fact I dug them into his neck doesn't really matter, well, I didn't want to fall off!

It's Only One Claw!
When we got back to the car, OTL had a packet of crisps and we had a couple of 'Doggy Sausages' before heading off for home.

Holly and I slept most of the way back, I reckon that my poor feet must almost be worn away what with all this walking lark!

Tomorrow we want a 'Restful Day'

See what happens!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly