Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Big Run Around Today

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you.

We have been all over the place today.

First we went out for our walk this morning with The Missus who took us around the football field, which is a lot shorter than around The Fields, we reckon we got short changed this morning and all because she wanted to make a card!

Not Fair!

We knew how to get our own way though, we just bullied Old Two Legs into taking us out early for our Rabbit Chasing Run along The Sea Wall!

So there!

We bullied OTL so much that he picked up his camera and forgot to check he had put the battery back after charging it!

So, no pictures of us swimming in the sea, wrestling giant rabbits, fighting off sea monsters and woofing at the big dogs! 

Shame really, I'm sure you would have found them interesting!

Back for a quick bite of lunch, we mug some of OTL's lunch then run down stairs to mug TM and wander out into the kitchen to sniff the Doggy Dinner out of the tin. Not very appetising!

Then after lunch we went out to do the deliveries and we were expecting another walk, as normal, but OTL went on a long drive with TM and us. We went all the way to a big town and stopped at a place that had loads of cars for sale. Hey Up! We thought OTL is after another motor!

We were left in the car while those two went poking around all the motors, not even asking our opinion on how comfortable it would be for us puppies!

There are important considerations you know, like where to store the chews, is there a sensible place to hang the lead and most important, where do you put the drinking bowl?

Well we didn't buy a car, which was just as well, 'cos we like the one we are in at the moment.

On the way back we stopped in the Riverside Park and had a run and a jump 'cos we had been good girls sitting in that car for such a long time!

First thing Holly and I did was to rush towards the brambles to see if the rabbits were still around, they weren't!

Off to see the Rabbits!
We went all the way to the end of the path and then decided that it was time for dinner. Now Holly reckons that any time is good for dinner and started to rush back along the path.

This gave OTL a chance to try the old 'Motion Blur' photography and he took a shot of Holly 'On A Mission'!

On A Mission!
It has sort of worked but we think he needs to try a few more shots before he gets it right!

We got back to the grass garden bit and had a super run around until OTL finally caught up with us, he just can't keep up, poor old thing!

A game on the grass before OTL arrives!
All this running around means that we were late getting home, and now late to bed, but as long as it is fun we don't mind!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly.

P.S. Yo Max mate, I bet your vet must charge a fortune, nibbles and treats while having a jab? All we get is 'This won't hurt' but it always does and it makes OTL cry, the bill that is!