Sunday, 4 November 2012

Too Wet to Wee!

Hello Woofers!

A Damp Daisy & Holly here with you again!

It seems that it has been raining all night and most of the day!

We went down with The Missus first thing and stuck our noses out of the door, turned around and went back to bed!

It was raining!

Later, after Old Two Legs had got up, showered and dressed, he uttered those magic words, Walkies!

The excitement dropped away as soon as he got our coats out, coats equal cold or rain and as it didn't feel cold the only other thing could be rain.

We got our coats on and OTL got his boots and coat on, with the hood that keeps him dry and then he put the coat on the camera, the one that keeps that dry.

Then he opens the front door.

It was raining!

We rushed to the car and quickly jumped inside, Holly said that it may stop when we get to The Sea Wall.

It didn't.

It was still raining!

We ran across the Car Park and onto the grassy path.

It was still raining!

We had a sniff and a wee while OTL squelched off down the path to the Sea Wall.

Holly said that she had no intention of getting soaked and wanted to go back home, she'll have a poo later!

I followed OTL down the path a bit but decided to let him know I wanted to go home!

It was still raining!

OTL, I Don't want to go any further!
 OTL stopped, turned around and started to walk towards me, that was the sign, he wanted to go back as well!

I'm off!

Come on, race you back!
 I spotted Holly back down the path and woofed 'Back to The Car'! That was it, she didn't need a second telling!

Back to the car Holly!
 I got closer and she looked around and said 'Hurry up, I can feel the rain trickling down my tail!'

My tails wet!
On we trotted, through the puddles, yuk!

And it was Still Raining!

We don't like puddles!
 Holly turns towards the car park, 'Come on Girl' she calls, I can see the car!

I see the car!
When we got back in, OTL took our coats off and gave us a good rub down with the towel, the back door was open and we stood on the parcel shelf. As we were getting dried, another car parked up and a couple of Terrier types were let out of the car, we could see they were not impressed with the rain at all!

So, we woofed our, 'Hello Woofers!' call and told them they were going to get soaked!

They didn't look too happy about that and still it rained!

Back home to another rub down and a brush before getting our Lambs Heart breakfast' and then off for a snooze before lunch time and the F1 racing!

We watched the first three or so laps of the racing but then decided it would be a 'Good Idea' if we went out again!

This time the rain had stopped, we hoped, long enough for us to get a walk down on The Sea Wall, so, off we went in the car splashing through all the puddles on the road.

When we got down there, we were in for a shock, the local Sea Angling Society was holding a competition on who could catch the most/biggest fish from the shore.

We bumped into the first fisherman who looked at Holly and said 'NO!' Seems like he has met Holly before!

No! Clear Off!
 Oooooo! Says Holly, 'Who's the Grumpy One today?'!

 So we ran down the Sea Wall and stopped at another fisherman who had his bait out on the path. No, as Holly says, 'Anything on the floor is everyone's' and proceeded to sniff it prior to tasting it. But she didn't bite it 'cos it sniffed 'orrible!

 Our Holly is a trier though and at the next fisherman she did the old 'Got any Food Mister?' but he wasn't even going to answer Holly, seems his mate had told him about her quest for sandwiches!

Got any Food Mister?
 Then we turned the corner, there were hundreds of them as far as the eye could see!

Well, loads anyway!

Loads and Loads of them!
There was one who was all friendly and called to us both and then he moved to stroke Holly behind the ears but Holly asked, 'Got any Food Mister?' and when he said 'No' she said,
 'No Food, No Strokes!'

No Food! No Strokes!
We left them to get on with getting cold 'cos the wind had got up, so it was time to get back to the car and the warm heater!

Come on, Home, it's getting cold!

TM said it was a very exciting F1 race, so OTL is going to watch the repeat at seven tonight, after dinner. 

So we have that to look forward to, plus some nibbles I'm sure he will have on the table beside him!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly