Sunday, 20 September 2015

Brambles has gone.

Hello Woofers.

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here.

Sorry about not doing a blog yesterday but there was so much going on we didn't have time to do it before we went to bed.

Yesterday Mr Brambles was not a happy ferret, he was a bit down 'cos he had a Grumbly Tum and he spent almost all day sleeping. Early evening when all the ferret cages were brought in he snuggled onto Old Two Legs arms for an extended cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone. He doesn't normally stay that long in OTL's arms and we put it down to his tum. When he did move it was back to have a nibble and then to bed for an early night.

Early this morning he tried to climb out to visit the Poo Pot, made it but we think he had a heart attack 'cos we found him slumped in the poo pot, dead. He had not long died 'cos he was still warm.

OTL closed Brambles eyes and did a check to see if there was any sign of breathing but there was none..

We have decided to bring him home with us to bury in the garden, where we can visit to tell him all what's going on in the house. OTL says he will select a suitable rock from the beach as a headstone and will use his tools to put an inscription on it.

OTL has washed Brambles back side and he is all clean and dry and wrapped up in a pillow case and two plastic bags and he has taken over the freezer compartment in the caravan fridge!

We reckon Mr Brambles was just over eight years old when he died, he came to us from the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue where he arrived from his last home. We don't know the full story but he has left some children to carry on the Brambles blood line!

We had the honour of him being with us for just over two and a half years in which time we all came to love his gentle ways. He was the perfect little gentlemen and never showed any bad habits. He loved his food and the treats he got to share with Miss Snowflake. He also loved sneaking into the kitchen and eating our 'High Protein Turkey and Fish Biscuits'.

He never once used his teeth on OTL and was more inclined to give OTL a good licking on his cheek!

He is going to be sadly missed by us all.

Mr Brambles.
See you all tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.