Saturday, 31 May 2014

Checking up on Our Patch!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, didn't we sleep well last night!

I started off sleeping at Old Two Legs feet and blow me, I woke up, still there! Holly was on the bed as well and she said she didn't wake up at all, but with Holly Dog, that is not unusual!

OTL stayed in bed for a little extra snoring but in the end he woke himself up and had to get up!

Today has been a day of 'clearing up' and 'sorting out' and catching up on 'The Sniffs'!

Well, you go away for a couple of weeks and what happens? The garden has sprouted loads of flowers, (around the pond). The patch at the back of the garden where OTL scattered a load of 'Wild Flower Seed' is full of weeds and not a sign of a Poppy or even a 'Goats Beard'!

OTL not happy about that bit!

The ferrets were almost beside themselves when OTL let them out of the cage. They were jumping and running and 'dooking' all over the place. When they finally 'Escaped' from the office, well, OTL makes it look like they have escaped but really he lets them out,  they went potty in the bedroom, chasing and chuckling and pouncing on each other , and OTL as well!

They certainly were pleased to be back in familiar surroundings!

Miss Snowflake did a Celebratory Poo on the bathroom floor and when OTL grabbed Mr Brambles, just as he was about to to one as well, OTL got ferret poo all on his trousers and had to wash it all off before putting the trousers in the wash!

That was it, out we all went for a trip down on the Sea Wall to check out the 'Home Patch' and see if there is anything that shouldn't be, if you know what I mean!

Holly and I were covering the 'Doggy Sniffs'

That wasn't there before we went!
 and of course, the ferrets were sniffing out the weasel sniffs!

Now this is new or have you just done it?
 Mr Brambles was well into sniffing out the new stuff and most of the time all we could see was his tail!

What? Yeah, I'm in here!
When we got down to the beach there was a real problem to be solved!

Mr Brambles was ferreting about the High Tide Mark when he came across a strange looking stick. He didn't know what it was , so he called over to me to ask.......

Is this a Woofer Stick?
'I know what this is' I told him, it's a 'DiggerHolleryStickyThing' and Little Two Legs dig holes with it instead of using their paws like wot decent woofers do!

It's a DiggerHolleryStickyThing!
We had some fun trying to make it work but in the end decided that it was never going to catch on and would be better left for someone to find!

Mr Brambles found an old bucket and said that he could get more sand in there that on the  DiggerHolleryStickyThing!

Now, this has potential!
We headed back towards the car and on the way Miss Snowflake found a very well hidden sniff down the crack in the Sea Wall!

Hey! Getaloadathisone!
Miss Snowflake was well into the sniffs today and she even took time to let OTL take a 'Looking Good' shot of her. But she didn't hang around too long!

Looking Good........OK, now I'm Orf!
We found this 'Goats Beard' flower and kept on asking if it looked like any of the plants in our garden.

OTL said that his plants were still growing, 'Yeah, but up or down'!

What a Goats Beard should look like!
 Back home it was down to snoozing until our lunchtime walk and trying to keep out of The Missus way as she was rushing about stuffing clothes into the washing machine and we were making sure we didn't get thrown in there with OTL's socks as well!

Lunchtime we were out checking on the rabbits but they seemed to have gone back to bed for the afternoon!

Me, looking for rabbits!
Well, I decided that if the rabbits weren't going to play, then I was going in for a dip!

I found a stick and OTL tossed it into the water and I went after it! Now, I know that the water isn't as crystal clear as up in Scotland but it is a degree or two warmer!

Wetter and just a little warmer!
Holly and I sat on the beach looking out to sea and she said that although we didn't get any ticks and managed to stay out of too much trouble, the one thing the South has over Scotland..........

Warmer Weather!
After getting home, we had a visit from the postman, 'Hey!' he says, 'Is there a Miss Holly and a Miss Daisy living here?'

You bet, but who is sending us mail?

From Archie Babe!
It was a box of 'Doggy Treats' from Archie Babe! Wow! Wot Super Treats! They do sniff very tempting and TM had to put them up near OTL's Bottle of Malt!

OTL sneaked us out a couple of treats while TM wasn't watching, and they are dead tasty!

So, tonight, we will be toasting Archie Babe and saying a Super Big Thanks and nibbling the treats instead of mugging OTL's Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 30 May 2014


Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again, South of The Boarder and just a little tired!

Last night we finished off a bottle of Bolly together with a Chinese Takeaway from the local 'Take Away' restaurant.

Holly and I especially enjoyed the 'King Prawns in Batter'! You know I reckon we could live on them!

Today it has been a bit boring driving down the motorways, so Holly and I played a game of 'Wee or Poo'!

What we would do was suddenly sit up and woof or whine so that Old Two Legs would pull up at the next service stop and we would keep on hanging on until we got near to the car again and then, and only then, we would both do our business at the same time and the trick would be to do the same as the other!

Some times we were both giggling so much that we didn't do anything and had to get OTL to stop a bit further down the motorway so we could try again!

It was good to get the sniff of home as we pulled into the village and even the ferrets were going potty in the office, checking out all the sniffs!

So, now we are all in need of an early night, so, bye bye for now and we'll see you again tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


OTL has started on the Shortbread already!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aros Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here again!

It's getting crowded down here on the camp site! We have had Motorhomes turn up and fill the horizon. Caravans are now parking in our field so we can't have a wee in our normal places!

It seems that the world has decided to go away on holiday and descend on our little camp site!

Old Two Legs said that it may not be very polite to take the ferrets for a walk around our field and let them poo outside the caravan door 'cos the campers would only get upset!

So, we all pile into the car and head off to our walking path near Loch Frisa!

Now, when the ferrets are with us we don't normally have a long run, distance like. We do however stay out the same sort of time 'cos although the ferrets don't want to run, they do want to, well, Ferret!

They are both prize Ferreters and set to investigating every nook and cranny as well as every hole under every rock around.

Mr McBrambles even managed to fall into one of the small streams as he was ferreting alongside an overhanging rock!

He was a bit shocked and needed a cuddle from OTL and a wipe down before being put down again to continue Ferreting!

Because of the gear OTL has to carry for the ferrets and us he has to leave the camera in the car, so, we don't have any pictures of Mr McBrambles doing his famous dive into the water!

Back at the caravan we all had a snooze while OTL cleaned the ferrets stuff and made their bed for them.

The Missus was having problems with her photos for a blog and had steam coming out of here ears!

To help her calm down we all decided to go to Aros Park again and have another walk around the lake.

It was super sun shine, so OTL said he would have a play with the Infrared Thingy Wossit Camera 'cos it is supposed to produce some super work when the sun is shining.

As soon as we got there, the sun went behind the clouds!

OTL said he would make the best of it and try some experiments with the settings!

We started off at the docks and we had some fun climbing all over the rocks.

Me on the Rocks!
OTL even took another picture of Tobermory across the bay!

Tobermory in IR
Then he took a picture of me 'Looking Good'!

Me, Looking Good!
You see I do a very good 'Looking Good' photo, better than MacHolly I reckon!

Around the corner we arrive at the lake and the clouds made a dramatic reflection on the water, so, Click, Click went OTL and that was another in the bag!

Right up the other end of the lake there were loads of reeds and Lily Pads, so OTL slid all the way down the bank so he could get a shot at water level. Sliding down the bank was a bit dangerous for him 'cos his weight means that his boots had trouble gripping the earth and leaves ans he headed towards the water!

Lucky for him, he managed to stop before doing a McBrambles, you know, 'Splash'!

Then it was just a matter of getting the shot composed and back up the bank again!

Reeds & Lily Pads
As we went further around, we came across a stream that had a bridge over it, so you can cross without getting your paws wet. I decided to be different and cross by wading through the stream. Well, that was the idea until I spotted something under the bridge. It was then a case of a 'Hasty Retreat' and across the bridge so OTL can protect me from whatever it was!

There be Summat Under There!
After the run around, we headed back to the caravan 'cos there were rain clouds on the way and we didn't want to get caught in the open!

Back at the caravan OTL was still playing about with the camera trying out different settings and he caught MacHolly in one of her 'Dreamy' moments!

MacHolly doing and Ethereal!
Mind you, I didn't know he had taken one of me, snoozing on the cushion!

Me, doing a 'Snoozy'
Now, we are off to Gretna Green tomorrow so there won't be any blogs 'cos there is no W-Fi around there!

So, look out for us again on Saturday when by then we should be home and checking all the sniffs!

See you soon!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Aros Park!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here again!

Today has been a lazy sort of day. This morning we went for our normal walk Old Two Legs started off photographing another Fern, but half way through the walk, the rain came down!

Yet Another Fern!
Poor Old Two Legs, he had just crossed the stream and then photographed me crossing one way

Is that Rain I see?
Then MacHolly going back!

I'm Orf!
Mind you that was only after she had done one her 'Look at Me' poses!

A MacHolly Pose!
Mind you, we did get a move on when the rain came down and OTL mentioned we were going back to The Missus!

That means Food!

We had a snooze while TM & OTL went shopping down in the town.

When all of that was put away OTL says 'How About Aros Park'? Now this is the place where he was driving along and moved over to the side of the road to let another car pass, when our car went down the drainage ditch by the side of the road!

So, OTL says that he's not going to do that again!

With that promise ringing in our ears, we were off while TM finished off an 'Art Journal' project she has been faffing about with for the last few days!

First of all we stopped at the small dock which looks back on Tobermory.

Hello Sailor!
We reckon that when all the rhododendron plants are in flower it must look spectacular!

Aros Park.
We came across an old building that MacHolly said some one may have left their sandwiches under the window.

A Sandwich Bar?
There wasn't!

As we headed back out of the park we spotted a Red Deer in the undergrowth, trying to hide from us, but we too good and stopped so OTL could take a picture while we had a woof!

Do You Mind? I'm having a Wee!
We had seen a waterfall on our way in and OTL decided to stop and take some pictures with the Infrared Thingy Camera. We knew just what will happen, he is going to take some Black & White Infrared pictures then add some colour and try to kid us that it's another Ethereal shot!

It's Another One!
We preferred the one that was just Black & White with a bit of 'Misty' in it. Far more Ethereal we thought!

It's Ethereal!
Mind you, we did have a laugh with OTL when he took a photo of a rhododendron, which looked OK.

Except that we kept calling it a 'Rhodadendaron Ron Ron Ron', just like the song!

It's a Ron Ron Ron!
Back at the caravan we crashed out for a snooze while OTL took the ferrets out for a run around the site. Both of them were let out without a lead on! One at a time and Mr McBrambles headed straight back to Snowy Heights to get at the Ferret Nibbles he sniffed before going out!

Miss MacSnowflake had a super time chasing the squeaky ball OTL was squeaky and running backwards at the same time!

When she finally caught up with OTL, he let her have the ball then ran like mad to get back to the long grass before Miss MacSnowflake got there to hide the ball!

Well, it keeps him busy!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!

Monday, 26 May 2014

In the Poo Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here!

We had a really long walk with the ferrets this morning, they were both ferreting about and exploring holes under rocks and even dug up some fresh Mole Hills!

We didn't go very far but rather did some serious sniffing. There was one time when I was so busy sniffing a sniff that I didn't notice Miss MacSnowflake under my paws, that was until she gave me a nip on my back leg!

Saucy Ferret!

By the time we got back both ferrets were ready for breakfast and a snooze. Ferret snoozes are special, they seem to last most of the day!

So, we left them to it and crept out of the caravan site.

We headed off with Old Two Legs for a game on the beach! Now before, MacHolly and I love this beach 'cos there are loads of rabbit holes which hold, loads of rabbits.

MacHolly spoilt it before by rushing off to hunt some rabbit, so, OTL put her on the lead and marched us both off to the sea side.

I was well up for this and jumped into the water and even lay down so I got good and wet!

Me, getting wet!
Then I got this sudden urge, you know, one of those urges that just won't go away!

I Just Needed To Chase a Rabbit!

Me, getting the Urge!
Then I was off like a streak of light!

It was about ten minutes later that OTL caught up with me and I was back on the lead again, Curses!

That rabbit is HUGE!
We had to leave the beach 'cos we were in deep poo!

Next stop was a pretty waterfall that is visited by loads of people to photograph it in the summer time but OTL wanted to have a go in the Spring Time!

The Water Fall.
It was a bit boring!

We also had to wait for him at the top of a very high cliff and MacHolly and I were glad we had our lead on!

It's a long way down there!
Next we got tied to a tree while he took some more pictures!

Just how long is he going to be?
It was a bit much!

Still we managed to get him to get a move on and before long we were off again, woofing at the sheep and the Heeland Coos!

Off to see some Heeland Coos!
OTL wanted to try photographing Ben More with the 'Normal' camera and the 'Infrared Thingy'

Fist in IR.
Not sure which one I like the best, maybe the IR one!

Again in 'Normal Mode'
Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow but whatever they are, it's bound to be fun!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

So where is the Lighthouse Daughter?

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back again!

Boy have we had some fun today! We were out good and early this morning and it was such a rush to get out that Old Two Legs forgot to get his 'General Camera' from the caravan, so the only one in the car that was ready to use was the Infrared Thingy Wotssit Camera!

So, there we were, hunting Nargles, while OTL was trying to remember the controls and what he had to set them on to get a picture!

Then he set to photographing everything, including doing a 'Selfie', well, MacHolly did press the shutter for him while the camera was resting on a rock!

Not very pretty!
We don't think those glasses do anything for him but they do keep the wind from making his eyes water!

Me doing a 'Selfie'
We were looking for Nargles and Eagles when OTL spotted a Sea Eagle but it was too far away to photograph, but we did see the sun shine through his white tail, that's how we know it was a Sea Eagle!

Feeling all proud of ourselves we started to look for his mate but were stopped in our tracks, there, up in the sky, hovering like a big balloon was a UFO!

It's a Mull UFO in Infrared!
MacHolly said that we should all run away but OTL explained that the UFO was the diaphragm in the lens! MacHolly said she doesn't care what he called it, it still looks dangerous!

Back to the caravan to do our chores, well, OTL has to get the ferrets sorted and walked around the field before we can go out!

We stopped off in Tobermory to park the car and OTL tried a shot of the harbour in Infrared, well, it's different!

Infrared Harbour!
After we parked the car we set off for 'The Light House'!

In all the years OTL has never got out to the lighthouse. He nearly made it out one year but The Missus managed to spoil that trip by demanding that they had to go back!

OTL said he would tell us exactly what happened, later!

We finally arrived at the lighthouse and while OTL was messing about with the camera we sat and enjoyed the view of the yachts sailing by!

Sailing By.
Then we went right up to the lighthouse and had a good sniff around but we couldn't find any light house keepers!

Can we be the Lighthouse Daughters?
 Mind you, the housing looks OK but there are no roads to the Light House, so it's all by boat or a walk along the very muddy path!

The Cottages.
Now, on the way back we had to jump onto some plastic crates that have been put on the muddy bit of the path. Many, many years ago, OTL and TM were heading for the lighthouse when they came across these crates that were put there to help keep you out of the mud. All you had to do was to lightly skip across the crates and land on the other side.

Not TM!

OTL crossed half way and turned around to help TM but she launched herself onto the crate and slid off the end and landed, splat, in the mud!

She was not a Happy Puppy and stomped off back to the car to head back to the caravan and showed off!

We all had a good chuckle and MacHolly showed off by dancing across the crates calling out 'Watch Me! Watch Me'!

This where she went SPLAT!
There was a little waterfall we past on the way back and OTL decided to try some 'Slow Shutter' pictures that make the water look all misty!

Possibly another Ethereal?
Not bad, especially as the camera was 'hand held'!

Back to the caravan for chicken and biscuits, followed by a good snooze!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!