Thursday, 27 October 2011

Enuff of Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Not a good night, I had the old Tummy Rumbles that indicate I have eaten something I should have left alone, something I might have picked up in the bushes!

About three this morning I had to woof for Old Two Legs to get out of bed and let me into the garden. Holly came as well 'cos she wanted a wee!

When we went back into the house, there was OTL doing a 'Kit Inspection'.

Well, what he does is to grab hold of our back end and lift our legs off the ground to see if we have the old 'Grubby Bottom' syndrome.

I had the 'Grubby Bottom'!

So there I was, at three thirty last night, up on the sink having my bottom shampooed and towel dried!

I must say that I felt better after it had all been done and we got back to bed, but it was all a bit embarrassing, standing there, with my tail in the air, back legs apart and OTL washing and inspecting the bits that I don't normally let anyone near, except OTL and the vet with his thermometer of course!

This morning all I wanted to do was to have a sleep on OTL's bed where I could still sniff where he was sleeping last night. It's sort of comforting when you don't feel a 100% right.

So I snoozed on all morning!

Lunch time we had a run down to the Sea Wall.

Magpie going home out of the rain!
It was OK but there was a steady drizzle of rain and we got wet and that didn't make me feel any better either!

Wet Innit?
Didn't see any rabbits and even the other dogs we normally see, were tucked up in their baskets at home in the warm.

Y'know we could be at home in the warm!
So, we told OTL we wanted to go back home and off we went, back to a Lamb Mince and Rice Lunch, something light for when we have an upset tummy!

Having our 'after lunch snooze' we didn't even hear OTL go out to do some deliveries!

Still it was good when he got back and we had a little game of 'chase' around the lounge and up and down the stairs!

We hope tomorrow is better and are keeping our claws crossed for our trip down to Canterbury, but only if my tummy has settled down!

Another thing to look forward to is the F1 racing! Brrrrm Brrrrm!

Hey, next Monday OTL says we're off for a 'shampoo & set'..........and I thought it could not get worse!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly