Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rabbit Stew All Round!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was a misty old morning today down here in North Kent. Old Two Legs was wishing for some sort of artistic misty morning so he can take some 'Moody' pictures again but all he got was some uninspiring mist across the Medway!

Just the Mist!
We had a sniff along the beach and while I was engrossed in a rather interesting sniff, Mr Brambles had a bet with Holly that he could creep up on me using his famous 'Commando Crawl' that he had learnt from Army Chum of his!

The Commando Crawl!
 You know I reckon he would have made it if he hadn't sneezed!

 Back home it was chicken and biscuits, all warm and slippery and tasting super!

OTL was playing on the computer again so Holly and I had a snooze and Holly even spent some time next to the pond catching up on her tan! 

 Lunch time was a scream! OTL decided to take the ferrets out again but this time to do our Rabbit Hunting route, just to see what they make of it.

Of course, they were a bit cautious to begin with, a strange new area of sniffs but very quickly they settled down to Rabbit Sniffin'

Holly and I set off to flush any rabbit out of the bushes, just to show them how it's done!

No, none here either!
 Then the ferrets started to investigate the holes the rabbits had started to dig.

'er! I reckon I've found one here! Looks like Rabbit Stew Tonight Lads!
Next thing we knew was he had stuck his head right down the hole and was sniffing like crazy!

Rabbit! Yes! I can Sniff Rabbit!
Then he jumped back with a disgusted look on his face, 'Gawd! It's a Rabbit Poo Trap'!

A crafty rabbit had dug a hole and got all his mates to poo in it, just to trick us!

They're sneaky like that you know!

Mr Brambles was right put out about that and carried on investigating every hole he could find. There was one where he swore that he could see a rabbit looking back up the hole!

I can see one here, he's looking straight at me!
I rushed over to check but it was a couple of shiny stones that reflected the sun light!

No Eye Balls Here, Just Stones!
Mr Brambles was not a 'Happy Ferret' and marched off mumbling something about getting rabbit stew next week!

Down on the beach we found that big lump of wood again and Mr Brambles said we could carve a boat out of the wood here and make a canoe to go fishing.

Will it Float?
What was funny, Miss Snowflake found a bit of wood as well and said we could use it as a paddle!

OTL could fashion a paddle from this bit!
 On our way back we got loads of Ooooo's and Arrrrrrr's from people who have never seen a ferret before. Holly said it was getting a bit boring listening to the same old thing again and again!

Does it smell? Does it bite? How do they get on with the dogs?

OTL says that one day he will say 'Yes! They smell worse than horse poo!' and 'Of course they bite, how do you think they eat their food!' But best of all...........

The dogs love them, they would eat three a day if they could get hold of them from Tesco's!'

Back home the ferrets crashed out and have been asleep all afternoon, mind you, so has Holly and I!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles