Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December Tomorrow!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

It has been a warmish type of day today, we were out early with The Missus across The Fields and the weather seemed quite balmy!

Back for breakfast and a brush before our 'After Breakfast Snoozette', only problem was, Old Two Legs was bashing about all over the place.

He had some orders to get manufactured and was getting into a right state what with all the wire and stuff.

Then, having finished that he was crashing and bashing about in all the cupboards and drawers looking for his Remote Shutter Release!

It appears that he has lost this vital piece of equipment and can't take pictures of fungi and insects and other beautiful stuff, like us!

So, poor old thing will have to buy another one!

We went with OTL to the carriers and afterwards guided him to the New Park. We went on a long route march all over the park, keeping off the made up paths and sticking to the grass paths amongst the trees and bushes.

At one spot we saw a big cave where OTL said that a 'Big Bad Badger' lived and at night he would come out and chase the horses in the fields!

Badgers Place
We didn't hang about!

 OTL said he liked the plant life and the way the sun shone on the young trees, so he took another picture!

Afternoon Sun.
OTL took some pictures and even found a couple of mangy looking fungi that were past their 'sell by' date!

 So he didn't take their picture!

Instead of going around in a big loop as we normally do, OTL crossed the 'Green Lane' and we we crossed the field and suddenly we were in The Forest!

What! This is a seriously long walk! I did notice that OTL was looking around the sites he was photographing fungi, but he didn't find his gizmo thingy.

No Shutter Release Gizmo Here!
We went by the 'Dog Training Area' and OTL said that as it wasn't being used, we could go in and he would teach us how to behave.

Well, we couldn't stop laughing, us, doing all that Stand, Sit, Come By, Away, and best of all 'Stay'!

We told OTL what he could do with all that rubbish!

Don't make us laugh, it hurts so much!
By the time we got back to the car we were worn out little puppies and you could tell that 'cos we slept all the way back home!

Tonight's dinner was Chicken, but we did notice that OTL has got one of TM's home made curries. OTL loves them and we get to have a small bit of Nan Bread dipped into the curry juice, just as a treat, mmmm! Super!

Hey, Tomorrow is December, so that means it is not long until Christmas and you know what that means?

Yes! A whooping great big Turkey and loads of turkey dinners for us! Holly says that we will also get other special stuff like Christmas Pud and Rawhide Chews and Doggy Treats and stuff like that.

Now TM has made us an Advent Calender and behind every door is a treat! We sneaked a sniff the other night when they were asleep and worked out that there is a small biscuit behind every door. Not the most exciting thing to offer a cute puppy like wot we are, but it's better than nothing!

At least we got an Advent Calender!

See you tomorrow, we're off to mug some shortbread from OTL!


Daisy & Holly