Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Real SUNday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & 'Snowflake the Fast', back with you again.

This morning we went out with Snowflake on her training run and she decided, that, for a change, she would try some 'Cross Country Running'. That involves turning sharp left and diving into the long grass and undergrowth to follow a rat or rabbit path up the hill to the next Two Legs path. Then, turning sharp right, she follows that for a short distance then turns left again!

Snowflake thinks it is great fun, so do we, Old Two Legs is not too happy about it 'cos it kicks up all the pollen and starts off his sneezing again!

OTL says that he will put up with it if it means Snowflake wins the race!

There's dedication for you!

This morning was spent soaking up the rays and then moving to a shady spot, next to the pond!

What better way to spend a Sunday!

 Lunch time comes and it's a bit of F1 Racing, not very exciting I will admit but it helps pass the time until our walkies!

Down on the Sea Wall it was packed with Two Legs, loads of them, I've never seen the car park so full!

Oh No! It's The Bozo's Again!
Holly spent time going along the path sniffing at every one of them to see if they had any food left and Old Two Legs kept calling her away!

I on the other paw decided that a quick dip would be the best idea before the tide went out!

Oops! This wave looks big!
Holly ran out of Two Legs to sniff a, so she decided to have a roll on a news paper that once held some of those worms the fishermen try to teach to swim!

Heaven is a Roll in Something Smelly!

OTL was lost chasing butterfly's around the place, this on, a Large Skipper, sat still long enough to get a photograph of it's back!

Large Skipper or Small Skipper?
 Back home to fall asleep while the tennis is on, I mean, what a silly game, knocking the balls about with those bats!

The best thing would be to chase the ball and kill it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake