Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mirages and Rabbits

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

After our Shampoo & Set yesterday, Old Two Legs didn't have much to brush this morning, instead of a big bunch of hair in the brush, there was none! That means a quick brush then off for breakfast!

OTL held us back while he put the 'Anti Flea' stuff on our backs, it is all wet and damp and makes you itch for a moment or two after he dabs it right between our shoulders!

We had a bit of excitement when we went out this morning, first of all the horizon was all wobbling about and then buildings started to appear in amongst the wobbly bits. OTL said it was a 'Mirage' and it happens sometimes when the weather conditions were right. It seemed strange looking at buildings that were not really there, well, not where they appeared to be!

Our first Mirage!
OTL said that you can see some strange sights looking off shore, 'Mmmm' says Holly, we've seen some strange sights sitting on the beach!

Then OTL said that he had found a small flying saucer! A real UFO! Well we wanted to see it and as we looked at it, we realised that it was really a snail stuck up the top of a plant!

Silly OTL!

Take me to your leader!
 On the way back, Holly spotted a couple of rabbits that were just the right size for a good stew, so off she went, doing her 'Chasing Rabbits Howl' but when she got too close the rabbits just disappeared into the bush, again!

Here Bunny Wunny!
 Holly said it was most frustrating, doing all that running and still not get a rabbit. So, I said I would give her a hand looking for the rabbits, unfortunately, we couldn't find any.

You know, says Holly, could those rabbits be mirages and really be in Southend on Sea across the water?

Rabbit Mirage?
 After our lunchtime walk the men came to take away the little car away to be mended, I suppose now that it has gone, we will have to do our walking over The Fields, but that won't be too bad 'cos there is always new sniffs over there!

Mind you, as the fields are full of wheat type stuff, we don't reckon we will see too many bumblebees!

AND, you won't find anyone there with Nibbles!

Go On, Gissa Nibble?
We didn't get any nibbles, but it was worth a try!

This afternoon we spent having our 'Afternoon Snooze' while watching the horses dancing around the arena.

We can sniff that OTL will be having curry tonight, so we will be doing some serious mugging!

Tomorrow we will start to pack the caravan ready for the 'Off' on Thursday, plus, we have one delivery to do for one of OTL's customer who just has to leave every thing to the last moment!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly