Friday, 1 August 2014

We meet a New Doodle Dog!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

It's 'Official', Old Two Legs is in his twenty first year of trading, he is having a celebration treat today, he will finish work early today, five thirty, instead of six thirty!

He does live in the 'Fast Lane' sometimes!

We met up with a new doggy today, he is only twelve weeks old and already he is bigger than Holly or me!

We forgot to ask his name but he is a 'Doodle Dog', half Poodle and half Labrador! Holly asked if that made him a BozoDoodle?

That Holly can be such a Wag at times!

I'm a Labradoodle!
 He was jumping about in a playful way 'cos Mr Brambles was scurrying about at the bottom of the Sea Wall, Miss Snowflake had done a 'Sneaky' and got back into the ferret bag without OTL seeing!

Can't See Me!
When she stuck her nose out the Doodle Dog asked if she tasted like Chicken! So, he can't be so much of a Bozo!

Mind you, being so young he was trying to impress us with some tricks, 'Hey' he said 'Look, I can Lick My Nose'!

I've been practising this trick!
 Finally, off he went and we got down to some serious fun! The ferrets went off in search of 'Something Wet and Slimy' in the sea weed. Holly and I got into digging holes in the sand and were woofing so much that it got the attention of Miss Snowflake!

OK, What Are They Up To?
 It didn't take long before they left the sea weed and arrived at our hole. Mr Brambles dived straight in and had a quick dig while Snowflake stood guard to keep us away!

Go on then, dig some more, I've got them Woofers under control!
Back home, we got a big bowl of Ox Heart for breakfast and both Holly and I were 'Tails Up and Nose Down' until it had all gone!


Then it was off to bed for a snooze to let it all 'Go Down'!

Lunchtime we were off again but this time there were some deliveries to do and afterwards we found ourselves at the Riverside Park!

Pity the tide wasn't in, I could have had a swim, instead there was only mud and OTL kept me out of that!

Mind you, there were some dogs that managed a paddle!

This little six month old woofer was all full of it and was dashing about all over the place. She ran up to OTL and planted her muddy paws on his leg and said........

Guess Where I've Been!
Then she ran over to me to say hello but the only thing I could think of was ........We've got two ferrets who are bigger than you!

Wot are Ferrets?
It was all rather hot and Holly was plodding along the path and every so often we all had to stop for a rest on the seats and as Holly said.......'It's just Too Hot to Chase Rabbits!'

Too Hot!
We were glad to be back home again and soon had found a cool spot to snooze the rest of the afternoon away!

Now, OTL put the 'Garden Cam' out yesterday and hasn't taken it in yet. The Missus spotted it and came stomping up to his office.

'Is that Camera Thing switched on?'


'Well I don't want any video of me on Daisy's blog'!


'Cos this morning it was too hot and I went for a walk around the garden, before I got dressed!'

'Well, that will scare the cats away!'

And that's why he has the black eye!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.