Friday, 2 October 2015

The end of the Good Weather?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

Well, it had to happen, the Weather Man says, 'There will be a change in the weather' which, if you know the 'double speak' they use, means, WE GOT RAIN COMING!

So, we have been out today soaking up the sun and running around on the beach and generally having a good time!

Miss Snowflake was a bit slow to wake up this morning but once she got her paws onto the sandy beach, she was dashing about all over the rocks and snuffling about under the sea weed!

It's a bit misty here as well!
 Old Two Legs pointed out that the high tides had rearranged some of the sea shells so they looked like flower petals!

Sea Shell Flowers?
 Snowflake was dancing along the sea shore, Holly said it looked like a 'Sand Dance'!

Dancing on the sand!
 After she had finished dancing she headed up to that plant she loves and had a good roll in the leaves.

This is how it's done!
 Then we headed off back to the car. We were all looking for sniffs, except OTL, he says he doesn't do sniffs, silly duffer doesn't know what he is missing!

Searching for a sniff!
 Back home Holly and I retired to the bed so the ferrets could have a rampage around the house. The Tesco man didn't know, but he had a ferret watching him from the top of the stairs!

OTL has started on the big pile of paper that has sort of grown since we went away on holiday, but he has got it down to a couple of 'Must Read All of This' bits of paper that will have to wait until tomorrow!

Lunchtime it was back to the beach and Holly and I had a super game of 'Chase'. We started off digging a hole, that is one of us dug the hole while the other raced over to OTL, jumped up and shoved him on his shoulder, then ran back to the hole to kick sis out of the way and then she would dash over!

Over to OTL now!
 I was having a good dig when May came creeping up and dived into the hole, she scared the Woof out of me!

Boo! Woofer!
 That was it, I got shoved out of the way while she had a roll about in My Hole!

This is a Ferret Take Over!
Then she stuck her nose into the sand, just like Holly does and off she went pretending she was a plough!

Farmer May ploughing the beach!
 As we turned back towards the car, we passed the boat bit and there were two rusty metal plates on the back. April said that they looked like eyes, almost like a crab!

A Crab Boat?
 Back home we all headed for our beds and had a good snooze while OTL finished the paperwork and went off to do some deliveries. So, now we are all clear for the weekend!

The Missus is up the Village Hall with her Glue & Glitter Girls, so that means OTL can get his feet up for an afternoon snooze, if we let him!

See you tomorrow and keep your eyes open for 'Red Skies in The Morning!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.