Sunday, 2 December 2012

We Love Sundays!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We hope you have enjoyed yourself today, we have. First of all, Old Two Legs had an extra half an hour in bed this morning 'cos we stayed up late last night and watched a film on the TV!

So, even we over slept as well!

We were on our way to The Sea Wall and there, in the middle of the road, taking up all of the road, on both sides of the road, was the most enormous thing on wheels, loads of wheels!

One Big Transformer!
 Well, nothing could get by the thing so we had to just creep along the road behind it. Now, normally that would be no problem but we were in need of our walk to do all our stuff and being held up by that thing made us, 'Uncomfortable' to say the least. In fact at one time Holly snapped at me for treading on her head!

Once we got there it was OK, off we ran and very soon we were into the sniffin game!

OTL was having fun with his shadow, here girls, he called 'Look Old Tall Legs'!

As Holly says, 'Yes, how very droll!'

We carried on 'Sniffin The Sniffs' and generally having a fun time chasing each other up and down the sea front and we even had time to woof at the Egret who was paddling in the rock pools!

I see a Shrimp!
It was sunny but the wind was blowing a bit and what with the frost as well, it was a bit nippy, so we were glad we had our coats on to keep us warm!

More Frozen Sniffs!
Back home we had Chicken and Biscuits waiting for us after our brush. OTL was supposed to apply the Anti Flea stuff today but he for got, so we will remind him tomorrow morning that we need our 'Fix'!

At lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and the tide was right up to the wall, almost. There were some fishermen sitting there looking at their fishing rods.

We met up with Nanook the Husky, he was looking out to sea and sighing. What's up? we asked and he said that there was snow up in Scotland and he wished it would come down here or better still, he could go up there for a run!

Holly said that it would be best if he went up there 'cos if the snow was too deep down here we wouldn't be able to drive to The Sea Front for our normal morning walk!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Off we went and at one point we could see a fishing rod and a seat but no fisherman!

Holly reckons that the worms have tied him to the fishing line and have thrown him into the sea to learn how to swim and instead of swimming, he has sunk, just like the worms!

Gone Fishin!

Off we went and OTL was ferreting around in the undergrowth looking for fungi and other interesting stuff, leaving Holly and me to do our own bit of ferreting around.

I found a sniff, it was a super sniff, so, because OTL couldn't see me, I had a roll, then I had another roll and because I enjoyed it so much, I had another roll!

In fact, I had so many rolls that I managed to roll my coat off and leave it in the sniff while I had another roll!

OTL was not a 'Happy Puppy' when he saw me without my coat and I will admit, it was a bit chilly!

It took him about fifteen minutes to find the coat, roll it up and march me back to the car, all whiffin of super sniff!

Back home it was a wash down with a doggy shampoo, warm water and a rough cloth to get all the sniff out of me.


Still, I get a cuddle tonight while OTL is watching a DVD and slurping his whisky and of course, I get a nibble of Shortbread as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Clean) & Holly (Little Miss Goody Paws!)