Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Missus is all Giggly!

Hello Woofers!

D&H Here again!

We had a good laugh last night, Old Two Legs spent all evening going Ooo, Ooo! Every time he had to walk around, pretending his ankle was giving him loads of pain. We reckon he just wanted sympathy!

Well, bed time came and The Missus was off early 'cos she'd had a hard time at her Master Class.

Then we went up and curled up on the bed next to her.

OTL was playing on the computer doing some last minute emails to foreign places. He opened up one of his Pain Killer Tablets, Paraceto something or other. He was going to take it just before going to bed to ease the ache in his ankle and allow him to get to sleep quickly.

Problem is, he forgot to take it, went off to bed leaving it on his office desk.

So, after kicking us off the bed and settling down to sleep, he suddenly remembered he'd forgotten the pill!

Out of bed he gets, leaving the light off, 'cos he didn't want to wake TM. She gets all 'Grumbly' if she's woken up in the middle of the night.

Off he walks towards the door and knowing he had left the door open, he confidently headed for the opening.

That was right up to the point where he found the door had swung half shut.

There was an almighty 'Thud', OTL shouted.....'IT!' or something that sounded like that!

Yep, he had run head first into the edge of the door, OTL was not a 'Happy Puppy'

Now not only did he have an aching ankle but now he had an aching head as well!

So now OTL opened up another of his pills and took two, one for his head and one for his ankle!

We had to stick our heads under our cushions to stop him hearing our giggling!

Talking of giggling, it is TM's birthday later this month and OTL being a kind and loving sort has ordered her the latest superduperallsinginganddancingdogsdanglybits iPad 3 that she has been on about for ages. So all day today she has been reading up everything she can find on the Internet relating to the thing and every time she finds a new bit of info, she goes all giggly again!

It's getting a bit too much for us!

No pictures today 'cos OTL has been working too hard in the office, but we did get to go down the Forest this afternoon, looking for squirrels, (didn't see any) Jay's for OTL, (didn't see any) Rabbits for Holly, (didn't see any)!

So we were not doing too good as far as the hunting goes!

On our way back, we dropped into the 'Doggy Shop' (wonderful sniffs in that place!) and OTL bought us some treats and chews and biscuits.

On the way to the checkout we passed the glass box where they keep the pet rabbits, Holly asked if OTL would buy her one, he said that it was very good that Holly wanted to look after a rabbit at home as a pet.

Oh no, said Holly, she didn't want to keep it as a pet, she wanted TM to cook it then eat it for dinner!

Then, she said, Trev could have his 'Davy Crockett Hat'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly