Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Flying Holly!

Hello Woofers!

D&H Back again.

It has been a wonderful sunny day today, it has been almost too hot to run around, but not quite!

This morning we went for a walk with The Missus around the fields and up near the golf course. We were doing well, finding new sniffs and hunting foxes through the brambles.

All of a sudden, Holly stops and starts to grumble, you know, that deep down grumble reserved for things we don't like and are willing to do something about. I looked to where she was looking and was about to join in the grumble when I worked out what she was grumbling about.

It was the most enormous Rottweiler I have ever seen, he was GIGANTIC, I mean he was the size of a horse and he was coming our way with a purposeful look in his eye.

You could see his eye and it almost said 'Breakfast'!

I said to Holly, 'Are you Serious?'

Yes said Holly, I reckon we can take him!

You must be mad I said and if we get out of this alive, your going to the opticians first thing!

TM was a little worried as well and was calling us back to her in a sort of 'stage whisper' that you could hear a mile away!

Well, lucky for him, his master caught up with him and put him on a lead and walked off in a different direction, Holly may say 'Lucky for Him' I thought it was more like Lucky For Us!

That was something to tell Old Two Legs when we got back and he said we were brave little puppies but we should be careful who we have a grumble at in future!

Lunch time came and we went down to the Sea Wall again and went hunting rabbits as normal and as normal, we couldn't find any!

So, walking along the wall, we saw a Boxer type of dog on a lead coming towards us. Holly did it again, 'I reckon we can take him' she said and with that she went into the grumbly mode and headed towards the dog

Now, I couldn't let her take him on alone so I went off with her and we trotted towards him, crouched down and grumbling like we meant it!

As we got closer, he got bigger and I got more worried, I had to think fast, what could I do?

Well I did the only thing I could think of, I gave Holly a shove and knocked her off the wall and onto the beach and while the other dog was looking at Holly, I rushed past him and woofed so he didn't know who to chase!

Another lucky escape!

OTL didn't help, he was laughing at Holly falling off the wall and onto the beach!

I think I deserve my chicken dinner tonight for getting my sister out of deep poo!

And talking of that, TM has just called us for dinner!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly