Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It the vet for Holly!

Hi Woofers,

D&H back again.

We were up early this morning, Holly heard a noise out side and woofed, so I joined in, just to keep her company. Us girls have got to stick together you know!

Seems that didn't please The Missus, she had a grumble at both of us and Old Two Legs, but we don't know what OTL did to upset her, maybe it was his snoring all the way through our woofing!

When we did finally did get up, Holly said her nose was sore and she didn't feel right. So we went to OTL, who had a look and telephoned the vet for an appointment.

Her muzzle looks all sore and TM thinks she has been sticking her nose where it should not be stuck and she was bitten by something. OTL thinks it may be something she picked up on the beach or a form of dermatitis that has attacked her. I think she may have caught it on some brambles.

So, we are going to find out tonight when the vet has a look. OTL says he will take her on his own, which is all right by me 'cos it seems like every time I go in there, it either hurts me or costs OTL a fortune!

Lunch time we went over to the New Park and we had a run around and we also went into the Swimming Hole, I went in as far as my chest but Holly only got her knees wet, she said she didn't feel like swimming and anyway, the sheep dog that was splashing about was just too loud!

On the way back to the car we ran and and jumped around in the grass, so by the time we got back we were both dry. Which was just as well 'cos OTL don't like wet doggies in his car, unless it is raining outside!

The afternoon was spent having our 'after noon and lunch' snoozett, which we spread over five different sleeping places, OTL's bed, our day bed, OTL's desk top, next to TM on the sofa and stretched out in front of the lounge window. It's a sort off mobile sleep, with attitude!

Well, vet time came and Holly got bundled into the car and off she went with OTL and his wallet.

She spent a long time in there and in the end the vet was unsure what caused the sore patch but he gave her some antibiotics and some anti inflammatory pills to take and she has got to go back on Friday afternoon.

The vet said that we may need to take a sample of tissue from her nose to determine what the problem was but Holly would need to be sedated to do that AND have the fur shaved off her nose!

She said that she hoped the pills work!

So, OTL is bathing the patch with warm salt water, which Holly hates. She understands that he is doing it to make her better, but she still hates it!

Let's hope she is in better shape tomorrow.

I'll let you know how she gets on.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (with a sore nose)