Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sunday and Holly is Starving!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

We have been looking at the news and there is a lot of water around the country at the moment, we hope that everyone is keeping dry! Poor Izzy and Hamish, no dry coats to have a snooze on! I think they will have to go on the sofa until it all dries out!

As for Archie Babe, we reckon he did the right thing, I mean, wot Woofer in his right mind would want to go out in the wet for a sniff! Warm cuddles, that's the way!

Being Sunday doesn't mean a thing in his kennel, we were up at the normal time and The Missus was riding her jet powered carpet beating vacuum cleaner thingy wotsit around the house and it was still dark outside!

I mean, how can a woofer get some snoozing time?

TM still has to take us all out in the car, Old Two Legs is still forbidden from driving so he has to sit in the passenger seat and cringe 'cos he reckons he is the best driver in the world and no one else is any where near as good as he is! Still, it gets TM out for some fresh air, mind you, I wonder what would happen if it was raining? Would TM let OTL drive?

It was dry enough this morning and although it was windy, it wasn't cold, not that you would think so with the amount of clothing TM has on!

Do you think she will over heat in all that gear?
 As we got onto the beach, the wind was blowing the clouds across the sky, all sort of black and full of rain. Then, just for a moment the sun came out, Holly said that the weather forecasters called that a 'Sunny Spell'!

A Sunny Spell?
 It didn't last long 'cos withing a minute it had returned to the dark cloudy vista we saw when we first got onto the beach!

Moody Morning
That didn't stop us from having a game of 'Chase' and Miss May decided to carry on with her game of 'Bulldozers' in the sand.

I'm a Mean Bulldozer!
Miss April decided to try and get a lift from TM, so she started to climb up her leg and of course, TM went 'Ah!' and picked her up but it didn't last long 'cos she was wearing gloves and Aprils claws were getting tangled up in the wool!

So she was returned to the beach to 'Use her legs!'

April Blagging a Lift from an Eskimo!
 Back home Fred found a Teeth Cleaning Chew that Holly couldn't have, but it was hidden in the boxes under the stairs, Holly always hides her stash there, Fred, grabbed it and raced back to his cage and hid it under the corner bed until he got put back after his rampage around the house.

Then he decided to have a chew and clean his teethe at the same time!

He says it is easier than 'Flossing'!
I'll have pearly white teeth after this!
 We had chicken and rice for breakfast and then we were offered a carrot as a treat! I mean, I've eaten so much carrot that OTL had to look at my poo twice, it was the colour of carrot!

Enuff of that, I'm sure poo colours have been covered elsewhere!

Lunchtime we took Fred & Wilma out with us and down on the beach I showed Wilma how to play 'Bulldozers' in the sand!

Just don't open your mouth!
Then she had a go and she got the hang of it straight away!

That's the way!
While OTL was watching Fred ferreting about I showed Wilma how to do a good roll on a dead crab!

........and don't forget to wiggle your tail at the same time!
It was great fun but being so small the ferrets get tired quicker than Holly and me so we weren't surprised when we got home that Fred and Wilma crashed out as soon as they were put in their beds, in fact, Wilma went to sleep in OTL's arms!

Wake me at dinner time!
OTL went back to work getting paperwork ready for the 'Month End' whatever that is!

Holly and I just crawled onto the cushions and fell asleep!

That's how to spend Sunday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.