Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scary Night Tonight!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

You know, Old Two Legs promised we could go down The Forest today but it rained, so we didn't go! Mind you, we don't really mind 'cos if there's one thing we don't like is a wet tummy and soggy paws and rain under your collar!

You could see what the day was going to be like when we went out first thing this morning.

Early Morning Rain!
 We had a sniff around but there wasn't any really new sniffs and Holly said that she was looking forward to getting back home 'cos she caught the sniff of Lambs Heart being cooked before we left home!

So, a quick run around and off for breakfast!

Of course, after finishing off our bowl full of yummy Lambs Heart the next best thing is to sleep it off in our day beds!

As we weren't going hunting squirrel Holly suggested we keep fit and healthy by having running races along the Sea Wall. Now, as you know, I am very good at running and I always manage to beat Holly providing she doesn't shoulder charge me off the Sea Wall Path!

So, I was feeling quite confident of calling her a Looser!

Well, we were sniffing along at lunch time when Holly said we should race and to get ready.

We lined up at the corner railings and Holly said I should do the count down.




Can you sniff that?'


Chicken Fillet!

You Joking?



Was that 'Go?'

And off she went while I stood there with my nose in the air looking for the sniff!

It was only after a couple of sniffs that I realised what she was up to and set off in hot pursuit of a rapidly receding tail!

I'm Winning!
 Holly, when she is being sneaky can get a good lick on and today was one of those times. She shot down the Sea Wall and was laughing her nose off at the same time!

Well, in the end she crossed the line and won by just a paws length!

I could see that she wasn't going to let me forget this in a  hurry!

Holly by a Paw!
Of course, all the way around and up on the hill all I could hear was  'Loooser!'  'Loooser!'  'Loooser!'

'Loooser!' 'Loooser!'
 It was getting too much, what was worse, OTL was laughing his head off at my discomfort, I mean, me, loosing a race with Holly!

 I can see I will have to pinch her carrot tonight, just to show her who's in charge!

Before I started hunting  for her carrot, there was a knock at the door and some strange looking young Two Legs stood there going 'Trick or Treat'...... Wot?

Well OTL said Happy Halloween and handed him some sweets and off he went. This happened several time with varying stages of success, there were some who hadn't got dressed up and looked like they normally look. OTL says it shows a lack of effort, but they got a sweet all the same!

After Halloween comes Bonfire Night and those nasty Whizz Bangs that Holly hates. OTL has said that he may take us out for a ride in the car while all that's going on, that should be fun!

At least we won't need to dress up for it!

Bye bye for now, we're off to scare The Missus!


Daisy & Holly (Scary Hounds of The Night! Whoooooo!)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Sun is back!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

It's Half Term Holidays for the young Two Legs around our village. You can see that 'cos with this cold weather, they tend to try to find somewhere sheltered to gather!

We are lucky 'cos we have a soft warm bed to snooze in and a warm office with Old Two Legs pounding away at his computer, well, what ever turns him on!

When we out first thing on The Sea Wall, the tide was out but the wind had dropped and the sun shone and it was very pleasant walk.

Pretty Autumn Colours
We had a look towards Essex just in case there were some rain clouds on the way, but there was sun shine over there as well!

Look Sun Shine over there!
The sniffs were interesting and some were new to us!

Mmmmm! Interesting!

Holly spotted a broken Fork Handle on the beach, she said that the worms must be big if they can bite the end off a garden fork!

Did a Worm do This?
Then we spotted a Wormy Man heading back to the Sea Wall and we could see he had his fork!

This Wormy Man has his Fork!

One of the things about Half Term is that the beach gets visits from Mummy's and Youngsters, but we thought it was a bit cold for a Beach Party!

Can they make a Stone Castle on the beach?
There were some who brought their own tent with them to keep warm!

A Warm Shelter!
We were mooching along when we heard a lot of woofing behind us, it was the Shih Tzu dogs we meet sometimes. This time for whatever reason they were all woofing at us.

We can woof as well!
It must have caught Holly off guard 'cos she suddenly started giving the 'Serious Grumbles' which is a step away from the 'Really Serious Grumbles' which could end up in a real fight!

We don't like that growling!
OTL was crouched down and he held Holly next to his leg, so she was still having a good grumble but OTL was giving her a cuddle so she didn't start a proper fight!

She is still Grumbling!
The Shih Tzu dogs cleared off but kept turning around to see if Holly was coming after them!

 OTL was interested in a flower that was still blooming, he said it was a sort of clover type plant but it was still flowering at the end of October!

Late flower!
 If the weather keeps up like this OTL has promised us a trip down to The Forest and while he hunts for fungi, we can hunt for Squirrels!

Claws crossed for more sun shine!

So, bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Grumbles Over!)

Monday, 29 October 2012

It's Barney Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

This mucking about with the clocks has really messed up our 'Sleeping Clock' why can't you lot leave the clocks alone? In fact, why have clocks at all? I mean, sleep when you get tired, wake up when you have had enough sleep then in between, eat!

Just how difficult can that be?

We were up far too early this morning, about an hour by my reckoning and that meant Old Two Legs got his 'Good Morning Ear Lick' while he was still fast asleep!

See what happens when you mess with time!

We were also out early this morning for our walk along The Sea Wall. We managed to chase a rabbit that doesn't have a clock, so he didn't know he could have had an extra hour in bed!

Then Holly spotted a Heron out on the mud flats, wow, we don't often see herons on our beach!

OK, I'm Here!
We were not sure what he was looking for 'cos there's only cockles out there and the odd worm!

What food is here?
We left him to his searching for breakfast but we think he needs some advice from the Oyster Catchers!

OTL pointed out a Curlew on the beach doing his Tai Chi, Holly said that it would be fun to learn how to do it.

That's OK, but I don't really see Holly getting up early in the morning and doing her Tai Chi exercise beside the pond first thing in the morning, she likes her bed too much!

Tai Chi!
I was having a sniff and heard Holly singing to herself, it went sort of 'Do, Do, The Dog Trot, Yeah!'

Doing The Dog Trot!
I almost burst out laughing, she was free of her coat and you could see she was moving a bit better but I think she has a long way to go before getting as good as me!

I was going to make a comment but all of a sudden we heard,

'Hi Girlieeeees!'

It was Barney on his morning walk!

Hi Girlieeeees!
He was chasing his new ball, the one with two colours and he got close to Holly and asked her if she wanted a chew. 'No Thanks' says Holly, 'I'm not a ball type of doggy'

Wanna Chew of My Ball!
Then he spotted OTL crouching down and went over to say hello and get a tickle behind the ear!

Hello OTL!
Of course, OTL threw the ball a few times for him and I joined in trying to get the ball but Barney is too quick off the mark and he has longer legs than me!

Barney says that he has been practising his 'Posing Stances' you know, the one you put on if you want to be noticed or get away with something naughty! Here he said, how about this for my 'Well?' pose?

Here's another, I call this my 'Sneaky Smirk' it's to be used when I know where the sniff is coming from but the Two Legs don't!

A Sniff? Yeah, Right!
It was about then that we got called to go, so Holly and I tried out different Smirks but OTL wasn't looking, so that was a waste of time!

Back home it was a chicken breakfast followed by a super snooze in the day bed!

We love mornings like that!

We finished off the Chicken and I must say, it was a lot, in fact we could hardly get up on the bed, so Holly stayed with me in the office and we both fell asleep until after our normal 'second walk' time.

See, more trouble when you mess around with time!

When we got down to The Sea Wall and as it's Half Term, there were a load of young Two Legs on the beach with some pretty big looking dogs. 

Who The Woofs That?
So, Holly and I just looked at them and didn't do our normal woofing!

Big Dogs!
 You think we're stupid?

Then it started to rain, not a lot but enough to make our coats wet on the back and give us damp heads! So, when we got to the short cut we got ahead of OTL and legged it up the path!

When we looked back, there were loads of colours over Essex, OTL said it was a Rainbow, which was all very interesting if you're into that sort of thing, me, I just wanted to get back to the car and get the heater turned on!

A Rainbow over Essex
Home just in time, more rain, but we didn't care 'cos we were good and warm and the bed was soft, so, we had another snooze to pass the time until dinner time!

So, the lesson for today is, Stop Messing about with Time!

You know it makes sense!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chilly Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Now how many of you forgot to put the clocks back last night? In our house there is no problem with that as the clocks here are controlled by a radio signal and change automatically during the night. However, that doesn't help Old Two Legs, 'cos he had to be 'On Site' at dawn to make the most of the daylight, so at 06:45hr there he was tools in hand a bashing away!

We don't know if he was awake, but at least he was working!

Poor old thing had to leave home about 05:30hr to get there in time. Of course, we got up and waved him good bye, then went back to bed to continue our night time snooze!

Now, Angela asked where we got our coats from, well that's a long story but we won't bore you with the details!

They are manufactured by 'Timber Woof' and they can be found on

Not that we know anything about this company, but they sell the coats we wear and they got some other really swish coats as well!

The Missus took us out first thing and we went across The Farm and now they have taken in the harvest it is always a problem finding somewhere to 'Do Your Business' , you see, unlike Holly, I like a bit of privacy!

Back home for Lambs Heart, a snooze and wait for OTL to return home. I like sleeping on his pillow or one of his coats when he goes out without us, it's sort of comforting to cuddle up to his sniff!

Back he came around midday and we gave him a super 'Puppy Welcome' with loads of licks and woofs!

Then he settled down to play with a dead mosquito, yep, that's right, a dead mosquito!

We told you about his new toy, well here is his first attempt at macro photography.

This is a dead, dried up, dust covered husk of a mosquito that we found on the window ledge. You see OTL doesn't do any cleaning in his office and that way we can normally find some insect, dead, when he wants to play!

A Very Dead Mozzy
 Then he turned it around on the plinth.

The other side of a Dead Mozzy!
And now for the Yuk bit!

A Mozzy's Stabber!
 By the way, the Plinth is a Kitchen Paper Towel holder he attacked with a saw and the 'Stage' is made of the cardboard he uses to mount his photos. (When he wants to show them off!)

The Stage
OK, That's enough of that boring stuff! We have told OTL that if he wants to photograph insects he should do it when they are around, not when they are dead or hibernating, like wot they are now!

It was raining at lunch time, so OTL put our coats on us. You know, I'm getting used to the elastic that goes under my legs. Holly on the other hand still says it makes her feel funny when she's walking, it sort of 'Grabs' she says.

It still grabs a bit!
I said that she always looks funny when she walks and it's got nothing to do with her coat, more the size of her butt!

.....and, that's when the fight started!

We decided that Holly's coat fitted her best of all, even if the elastic was a bit tight!

A Neat Fit!

Me, being slim had to have the Velcro strap right up to the end and of course, there was a bit flapping over the end!

Slim Line Daisy!
 I have no trouble walking and running but Holly says she feels funny running but she can trot. I said that we could invent a new dance call The Dog Trot!

Holly doing the Dog Trot!
 Of course, me being a better dancer than Holly got going and kicked my legs higher than her!

Me doing a better Dog Trot!
 Holly says that she is almost looking forward to her hair cut next Friday, although our fur keeps us warm but it keeps getting in our eyes!

Holly says that one of the best thing about the wind is, it keeps the fur out of our eyes!

I see you!
 Tomorrow it's back to work for OTL but we are planning a lazy day, you know, snoozing and then napping and even a sleep!

Life's pretty good!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (That's a Dog Trot not a Fox Trot!)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

We've Seen The Snow Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy & Holly!

Guess who woke Old Two Legs up last night, Three Times!!!

Well, I was getting bored with the Night Time Guarding Duty and decided to ask OTL where we were going on holiday next year.

So, I jumped up onto the bed and snuggled down on his pillow and proceeded to lick the top of his bald head and ask where I was going on holiday.

OTL mumbled something about the local kennels and told me to .....ugger Off!

I just love his sense of humour!

OTL put our coats on this morning before going out for a walk, not because it was raining but because it was cold and windy, very windy!

Still White Water!
 Looking towards Southend on Sea, where the wind was coming from!

Holly running into the Wind!
 Holly did her 'Speed Sniffin' trick again but this time she had a go at running for even faster Sniffin!

 This morning it was a clear blue sky but the sea was very Cold and Grey and not inviting!

No swimming today!
As we got to the part of our walk where we turn around to go back, Holly says, 'Listen!'

Then from out of the air we could hear 'Yoooo Hoooo Girliessss'!

Yes, it was Barney!

He had got a new ball and wanted to show it off 'cos it was two colours!

He couldn't stay long 'cos he was going the other way and had his mate with him, so we said good bye and carried on our walk.

Hey Girls, look at my new ball!
 Getting close to the car we saw the Local Birdwatchers hiding behind the bushes, hiding from the wind, wimps!

I see no birds!
 Back home we had our brush and a sniff at the Doggy Scoff The Missus offered us, Yuk!

So, off to bed but before we do, a quick run around the garden to check out any new sniffs. We were head down investigating a hedgehog trail when all of a sudden, it landed on my nose.

A Snow Flake!

OK, I know it was a small one and there wasn't very many of them but it was definitely a snow flake.

The Snow Fairy Has Come Back!

I reckon that we are in for some real fun if it carries on, claws crossed!

Lunch time came and out we went again, after mugging a bit of OTL's lunch! It was still blowing a gale but the sun had come out and the Snow Fairy had cleared off up North.

The tide was trying to go out but the wind kept blowing it back, which seriously upset the sea birds 'cos they were trying to get a meal before it got too dark to see!

In, Out, In, Out!
We saw a Daddy and Son looking out to sea and we said hello as we passed, the little boy said that Holly was a friendly dog.

We didn't tell him that she was only checking him out for sandwiches!

See that, it's wet!

We met up with a Westie on a lead, I went up to him and woofed a 'Hello' but he must have got the wrong message 'cos he went potty with the woofing and jumping up, then he started on Holly but she told him to 'Get A Tail'!

Daft Dog!
 Now these coats that OTL got for us are really super smart but to hold the back from flapping around there are some elastic straps that go under our legs and while they are new, OTL says that they may be a bit tight!

A bit Tight? There are times when I think it must be easier to hop along on three legs! Holly has been working on stretching the elastic by bending her knees. I'm not sure if that will work but she does look funny when she does it! 

Look, it's getting easier!
Still no sign of the Snow Fairy, so we have spent the afternoon watching the birds in the garden.

OTL is off early tomorrow as his work today got put back 'cos the stuff he needs didn't get delivered until lunch time, too late to do anything today!

So, TM will be taking us out tomorrow, that should be fun!

Looking at the weather forecast for the south of the U.S.A. we reckon Mike and Sue should keep their heads down and stay away from the seaside!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 26 October 2012

When the North Wind doth Blow..........!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again on a cold, windy and wet Friday!

This Autumn thing can get a bit draughty you know!

After a very hard night guarding the house from burglars and sneaky Pussy Cats, we had our normal morning snooze, after handing over the guarding responsibility to Old Two Legs and The Missus.

Well, last night it seemed to be one long Guard Patrol, marching all over the house checking under the dining room table and behind the sofa. Then there was the stairs, every step has to be investigated for strange sniffs. After that it is a march around the other rooms, first the kitchen, stopping for a nibble on the leftovers, have a drink, then sniff around for any Two Leg food dropped on the floor!

After that we check the front door and make sure it is double locked!

We carefully check the office, under the desk and the filing cabinet then march into TM's card making store. Now that's a terrible place to guard, there are so many boxes of stuff where nasty's could hide!

Once all that has been done, we march back into the bedroom and report to OTL that all has been done and give him a big lick on the ear!

While doing that our tails give TM a good whack on the head, just to let her know we are reporting to OTL!

OTL took us down to The Sea Wall as normal but this time the wind was blowing in off the North Sea and boy, wasn't it cold and wet!

As OTL says, When The North Wind Doth Blow, then we'll get Cold Wet Tails!

Just listen to that wind!
 Well, we turned the corner and looked at the sea, it was white water everywhere!

White Water!
The wind was blowing pretty hard as well, Holly pointed her nose into the wind and called out, 'Look, Speed Sniffin, Standing Still!

Holly Speed Sniffin!
 I decided it was going to be one of those 'Quick Walks', just about the time when a load of spray got blown up the beach and into my face!

Watch out for the spray!
 We spotted the Buoy from yesterday but it hadn't gone very far, to cold for swimming says Holly!

Buoy, its cold out there!
 Holly and I had a chat and decided that we were going to take the Short-Cut back to the car, a long walk is OK on a summer's day but in this weather, well it could amount to cruelty and we didn't want to get reported for being cruel to OTL!

Listen, I have a Cunning Plan!
We got to the Short-cut Path and Holly and I dashed up there calling for OTL to follow us 'cos we have just seen a rabbit.

We hadn't but he wasn't to know!

Look, rabbits!
By the time OTL had caught up with us, even he had decided it was a good idea to head home!

OTL, Home!
 As we got close to the car a big blast of wind blew the fur on my face all over the place. 'Hey!' says Holly, 'you need a hair cut!'

I think she's right!
 Back home it was warm and snug in our Day Beds and we enjoyed a super breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits before retiring to dream of sunny spring days!

Lunch time we inspected the garden and found that it had stopped raining, so we rushed upstairs, collected OTL and pushed him into the car.

It was still blowing a storm and the tide had gone out but it was still cold!

Here comes the wind!
 We tried the trick of sneaking up the Short-Cut but OTL caught us and made us go the whole walk!

Heading Back!
It was good to be heading back home, back to a nice warm Day Bed!

Come on, keep going!
 Holly was almost chasing OTL like a sheep dog, every time he stopped to look at a little fungi, she got behind him and woofed!

I was going to join in with the woofing but Holly seemed to be doing quite well without me!

I'll woof later, if needed!
Not sure what is for dinner tonight but I'm sure OTL will share it with us!

OTL was going to go out early tomorrow to do some work but it has been put off until Sunday, so that means we can have a cuddle tomorrow but on Sunday he not only won't get a cuddle, but he will miss the F1 race!

Let's hope the rain stays away on Sunday 'cos that won't help OTL enjoy the work!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly