Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Guess What?..........It's Raining!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We got up late today, well, Holly and I had been having a game of 'Chase' last night and then there was the late night chew of our rawhide chews and our normal patrol around the house, checking all the windows and doors.

This morning Old Two Legs was up and about before we had woken, in fact, he carried both our beds, with us still asleep inside, into the office, without waking us!

Now, Holly doesn't do mornings, she is more of a night dog, not a morning dog. I am a morning dog, I love to be up early and buzzing about getting the house to wake up!

This morning, I was just as bad as Holly!

Off we went for a walk with OTL and guess what?

It started to rain!

Now that's unusual!

A Sunny Day in North Kent!
We had just turned to go home when the first big drops of rain started to fall, so it was a quick run back to the car to get inside before we got too wet!

Quick! Back to the car!
Back home it was a a good brush and then breakfast, followed by a snooze in the 'Day Bed'

Later Holly was looking out the back window at the big hole in the garden and she reckons

OTL is not building a pond, nor is he building a reservoir, Holly says he is building an inland sea!

This hole is getting bigger and deeper as the days go by!

It's not as though he has any boats to sail on it or flocks of geese and ducks to swim around all day.

Maybe you know what he has planned?

We went out after lunch to take some stuff down to the carriers, so as we are down this way we popped into see The Forest!

It started off sunny and we chased some squirrels, woofed at a big old Labrador and generally jumped in and out of muddy puddles!

Is That A Squirrel I See Before Me?
 Holly found a spot where a squirrel had stopped to eat his dinner, you can tell by the number of shells on the 'Table'!

A Squirrels Dinner Table!
We got onto a really strong 'Squirrel Sniff' and followed it until we landed on a fallen log, then the sniff just disappeared!

Holly reckons the squirrel jumped onto a branch above us but because we couldn't get up to the branch, we had to give up on the chase!

Well, it came this way!
We went past a spot where a Robin was getting all upset and twittering away at something, OTL says it reminds him of The Missus when she talks to him!

On investigating the cause, we found a Tawny Owl sitting in the tree, in amongst the leaves and being told off by two Robins!

OTL couldn't get a shot of the owl so we just stood and watched it until it got fed up with the Robins and flew off.

That was a first for OTL, he had never seen an owl in The Forest before, although with all the voles and mice you would expect there to be owls!

We headed back to the car but all of a sudden, it started to rain, then the rain turned into lumps of ice. We didn't like that, so we ran even faster to get under the trees for protection!

OTL said it was called 'Hail Stones' and it was nothing to be worried about, yeah, he had a big coat and a hat on to keep him warm, you want to try it with just a few hairs between the hail and your skin!

We got a good rub down with the towel when we got into the car and he turned on the heater so we could warm up on the way home.

Chicken tonight plus whatever we can mug off OTL.

We will have to get him back out to the hole again tomorrow, it has got to be deep enough before the skip arrives!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly