Saturday, 24 September 2011

An Adventure and Sore Legs!

Hello All You Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

What a day we've had! We started off by The Missus taking us for a walk around the Football Field and having a good game of 'Chase The Ball' or as Holly says, 'You chase it if you want, I'll just watch'!

She has decided that she is really too sophisticated to go chasing after rubber balls and that sort of thing should be left to other dogs!

I said that she was just a lazy little puppy who was too fat to get off her bottom!

When we got back home for breakfast (chicken and biscuits), Old Two Legs was packing all his camera gear together and taking it to the car. This looked like our Adventure was about to start, Canterbury here we come!

We got all his gear in then our water bowl and nibbles and some dry biscuits in a bowl, (just for the ride) and off we went!

First stop was the Doggy Shop, OTL left us in the car and rushed in and in a few moments, rushed back out again carrying a plastic goody bag! Yep, as soon as he got in the car we could smell it, Chicken Fillets and our favourite Chew, Chicken and Rice!

While we were having a poke around in the bag, just in case there were any bags with holes in them, OTL was driving towards Canterbury.

Before long we had arrived and it was so good to be back again that we insisted OTL took us for a quick wander around the trees for a sniff and a wee before getting all his gear out!

Pretty soon we were all ready for the start and with OTL in tow, the first stop was the Water Hide. We call it the Water Hide 'cos it has got loads of water in front of it! Before we had seen Herons and Egrets and Fish from here but today there was very little to see, just a snoozy duck who was keeping one eye on us!

Snoozy 'ole Ducky Thing
We waited for a bit and while we were waiting another Two Legs arrived with his camera then him and OTL started having a boring chat about F Stops and Focal Lengths and ISO's, I mean BORING or wot!

That was it, we started to have our play fight all over the hide, making loads of snuffling noises and woofing as well. Well, OTL packed us up and soon we were on the path again!

OTL showed us a tree with a Green Woodpecker that had died and was hanging out of the hole where the nest had been. It was a sorry sight but these things happen, it could be many reasons why it was dead, but it was still a shame.

One that didn't make it!
We went from hide to hide and we walked and ran and played and chased each other alongside the river bank, it was just so good to have a really long run. In fact we were running and woofing and having so much fun that we both were worn out, we were so worn out that OTL first had to carry me on his shoulder for a while until I felt better and when he put me down, Holly asked to be carried 'cos she said her legs were sore!

Good old OTL, he carried us and all his camera stuff and the food and the water. Well, it wasn't too long before OTL said that he was getting tired as well so we stopped by a hide that was shut, but it did have some tables and chairs outside. So we stayed there and had some lunch, real chicken bits TM had packed for us together with some biscuits and water and then we ate a half pack of Chicken Fillets OTL had got at the Doggy Shop!

That was a good lunch! All the time the sun was shining and OTL told us some jokes and Holly sang a song. So by the time we had finished we felt really good and ready for another walk!

After lunch it was onto the Marsh Hide, we like this one 'cos we see geese here and Holly reckons that one day she will catch one and see if it tastes like chicken!

Today there were no geese, but we did see ducks and a Little Egret who was giving a speech on the importance of keeping your feathers clean!

Keep your feathers clean!
Most of the ducks looked like they were bored and would rather have gone to sleep!

As we were all getting bored with the speech, a Mallard suddenly jumped off the end of the platform and started an exaggerated display of having a bath to keep his feathers clean!

Keeping Clean!
Everyone had a good laugh about that, except the Egret, who flew off in a huff!

After we left that hide it was another long walk back and this time Holly asked for another lift.

The way she does it is to stop in front of OTL and lift her front paw up, that way OTL puts his hand under her tummy and lifts her up onto his shoulder where she sits on his back pack and rests up against his head.

Me, I've got a more direct approach, I run up behind him and give him a good shove with my front paws onto the back of one of his legs, then rush around the front and jump up at him.

He then catches me and puts me up on his shoulder!

We love OTL when he does that!

When we got back home this evening, we had a snack and then a long sleep, so did OTL, we were all snoozing and getting over the long day.

We really enjoyed our Adventure and tomorrow there is the F1 racing! Wow! What a weekend!

I'm off to bed now as my eye lids are drooping.

Have a good holiday Max and let's see the pictures when you get back. Oh, and another thing, watch out for the Ticks, nasty little spider things that get caught up in your coat and nibble your skin, OTL brushes us twice a day just to check us all over for Ticks. He says that anywhere there are sheep or deer there are ticks!

It's a good job we don't have sheep or deer down here!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly