Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday? Windday?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know, it was really strange trying to get to sleep last night. Holly and I went up with Old Two Legs and stretched out on the bed, as we have done for the last week, then The Missus gets into bed, you know what? We had to move off the bed, there wasn't enough room for us all!

Not the same with Snowflake and Mr Brambles, last night OTL let them sleep together. As soon as the door was shut they both dived into the bed and cuddled up together!

I think she missed having somewhere to put her cold feet!

We were up early, well TM was 'cos she had to clear away all her card making stuff so we can move around the house!

Just for fun, Holly and I went down stairs to watch her trying to decide where to put the glitter pots!

Snowflake came out with us on our morning run and Mr Brambles got 'The Hump' 'cos he wasn't allowed out yet. He shoved his poo pot all around the cage and also gave his drinking bowl a good kicking as well!

 When we got down to the Sea Wall is was overcast again but the sun did manage to poke through the clouds to shine down on Sheerness across the water.

Another Sheerness Morning.

Snowflake started to play with the large lump of wood she found the other day, first she tried to hide in front of it out of the wind, she said it was warmer there!

This is a warm spot!
 Then she got fed up with hiding and started to have some fun climbing all over it and at one time she tried to look underneath but fell off onto her head!

Look! On me 'ead!
 Back home OTL did some cleaning up of the ferrets house, Snowy Towers, but Snowflake kept on rushing back to the bit OTL was cleaning, then chased OTL out by attacking the cleaning cloth! Both Snowflake and Mr Brambles thought that was great fun! Snowflake even rushed out and ran up OTL's trouser leg and nipped him!

Needles to say, it made OTL jump and he managed to bang his head on the cage!

Great fun!

While OTL was busy TM served up our breakfast..........DOGGY SCOFF!!!!!!!!!!!

That is it, no cuddles for her today, how could she do that to us, all week with proper scoff and now?


Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and now the wind had picked up. Certainly we could feel a chill in the air, a sure sign that Winter isn't too far off!

We saw a Two Legs with a small boat onto which he had mounted some fishing rods, I suppose if your not very good at throwing the worms far enough out, you can always get a boat and take them out!

Carry yer worms Mister?
 All the way around our walk the wind was getting stronger, there was no sign of a rabbit anywhere. Holly even cracked a funny by saying.........

It's Too Windy for Wabbits!
She can be a right Wag sometimes!

After all that was done we got home and settled down to watch the F1 racing and both Holly, OTL and I fell asleep!

Well, it gets a bit boring with the same driver winning all the time!

Snowflake and Mr Brambles have been moving around the ferret house  and sleeping in different places but always cuddling each other, you can tell they missed each other after Mr Brambles operation!

We've got some hard work to do tonight, OTL is getting curry again and TM is into Cottage Pie, all of which is not very 'Muggable', I suppose we will just have to starve again until tomorrow when we might get one of the frozen Lambs Heart that OTL cooked for us.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.