Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wot a Shock, Wot a Night, Wot we going to do with OTL?

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Remember I told you I got some of Old Two Legs left over meat from his curry manufacturing stash? Well, both Holly and I both woofed that down in record time!

So, last night we were both 'Well Full Up Puppies'!

I don't know what it was but last night I got a dose of the 'Upset Tums' and needed to go out about five or six times during the night.

That meant I had to wake OTL up to let me out into the garden, five or six times, starting at one thirty in the morning!

I didn't get too much sleep last night and nor did OTL.

You know, he's not having a good time with all this disturbed sleeping pattern!

So, there I was with a sore butt and a little tired of it all and Holly had given up and gone back to bed after deciding there were no 'Nasties' to woof at!

OTL was up and down the stairs looking like a Zombie!

So, around seven I started to want to go out, but not in the back garden, rather I wanted to go down to the Sea Wall where I could hide in the long grass and do my stuff!

OTL said he had 'Given Up' and got out of bed to get ready to take me out.

He wandered into the office to get his electric razor and, as normal, said 'Hello' to Snowflake who was in her 'Sssh' Sleeping Bag.

Snowflake didn't move.

She was in the bed with her chin resting on the edge of the bag and had her eyes open.

She didn't move.

She still didn't move when OTL stroked her nose through the metal bars.

She still didn't move when he undid the door and put his hand under the bag and lifted her up.

She was sort of 'lifeless'

OTL called to The Missus that he thinks there is something wrong with Snowflake and she could be dead!

He unclipped the bag from the cage and lifted her and the sleeping bag out, she still didn't move.

All this time her eyes were open, but not blinking.

Then OTL put his hand inside the sleeping bag and lifted her out to take a closer look.

She woke up!

She cuddled up to OTL and twitched her whiskers then snuggled back down into his arm!

Talk about a shock!

After she woke up properly, she was dancing all over the place, chuckling like the potty ferret she is and slurping down the Ferretone like it was going out of date!

OTL said he couldn't take much more of this!

You know, OTL didn't even complain when he was eating his 'Rabbit Food' from one side of the cereal bowl and Snowflake was slurping the nice cold milk from the other side of the bowl!

All this happened this morning and before it was even eight fifteen!

We have spent most of the day snoozing in our beds, that is Holly, Snowflake and me, OTL has been working away trying to catch up with the paperwork and stuff, so he has been pretty boring today!

We did get our walks along the Sea Wall and I got my butt washed a couple of times but it seems to have settled down now.

Holly hasn't been troubled with a tummy upset nor has Snowflake, so it must have been something else I have eaten that upset me.

That's what being a dog is all about, continuous testing of food stuffs, even if it does give you the Wobbles every so often!

Today, OTL didn't even take his camera out with him on the walks, he must be bad!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake